How to make fried rice easily by chen31


									How to make fried rice easily
Many of you looking for “how to make fried rice easily?”, actually I’m not a chef I just food lover
but I’m good on fried rice cooking, even my brother the one and only person who prove it well , OK
back to topic, How to make fried rice easily?. This is some easy steps you must do;

    1.   I prefer use vegetable oil rather than palm oil to fry the rice, or you can use margarine as oil to
         fry your rice.
    2.   Wait until your oil has enough heat then ready to fry the garlic.
    3.   How about the ingredients? I always use chopped garlic, salt, egg (optional), soy sauce and the
         most important is chili, for vegetable I like cabbage because it has rigid texture, and easily to
         find it near my house in Indonesia :D .
    4.   After garlic well done and become fried garlic, put your egg stay away from the garlic, don’t
         mix them yet.
    5.   After your egg well done, put other ingredients and vegetables into the pan slowly.
    6.   Hey your ingredients smells good, let’s prepare your rice.
    7.   Put your rice on it, mix them carefully then wait until all rice grains become brown colored.
    8.   Your fried rice ready to served. Hot serving better than cold (come on everybody know it

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