Linear & Digital Integrated Circuit University Previous Year Question Paper

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       (only above code to be shaded in the Answer book #)                    12. (a)Derive the expression and explain in detail about instrumentation
              Bharath University, Chennai-73                                  amplifier.
             B.Tech,E&I,V Semester ,Nov 2010
     UEI504 (2006 & 2007 batches)-BEC508(2008 batch)                          (b).Explain in detail about square and triangular wave generator.
             Linear & Digital Integrated Circuits
Time:3 Hrs                                           Maximum:100 Marks
                                                         (10 x 2)= 20         13.(a) With neat block diagram, explain Half adder & Full adder with its truth
                                      Part A                                  table.
                                  Answer All Questions                                                             (OR)
1. Why Oxidation process is called Thermal oxidation?                         (b) Design a RS flip-flop using synchronous sequential circuit.
2. What are the two process of Lithography?

3. List the ideal characteristics of an Op-Amp.
                                                                              14. (a Explain any two manufacturing process of CMOS IC.
4. Mention any two application of IC555 timer.                                                                    (OR)

5. List out any two Sequential logic circuits.                                (b)Explain about inter connect level in packaging IC.
6. Define PLA & PAL.

7. What is the use of deposition?                                             15.(a) Explain any two types of DAC.
8. What are the most common materials used for Packaging?
                                                                              (b)Explain the applications of Astable mode.
9. List out the integrating type of ADC.
10. Give one example of Voltage-to-frequency converter.

                                    Part B                  (5 x 16 = 80)
                       Answer either (a) or (b) from each question

11.(a) Explain about any three basic planar process with neat diagram.


(b) Explain in detail about active and passive components of IC’s with neat

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