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HSBC Life (International) Limited
HSBC Life (International) Limited (“the Company”) is incorporated in Bermuda
with limited liability, and is one of the HSBC Group’s insurance underwriting

Registered office
Canon’s Court, 22 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM12, Bermuda

Hong Kong SAR office
18/F Tower 1, HSBC Centre, 1 Sham Mong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

The Company is authorised and regulated by the Hong Kong Commissioner of
Insurance to carry on long-term insurance business in the Hong Kong SAR.

WholeLife Protection Plan is underwritten by the Company.

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (“HSBC”) is an

insurance agent authorised by the Company.

The information shown is intended as a general summary. Please refer to the
insurance policy for the detailed terms and conditions.

May 2011

Issued by HSBC Life (International) Limited

WholeLife Protection Plan

No one can predict the future                                      The	benefits                                      Savings with a guaranteed
and what it holds for us. But                                                                                        return...and more
whatever lies ahead, it's natural                                  If	you’re	looking	for	a	flexible	and	
                                                                                                                     •	 You	are	certain	how	much	you	will	get	
that you want to provide the                                       comprehensive	way	to	protect	your	family	
                                                                                                                       back	as	the	plan	builds	guaranteed	
very best for yourself and                                         and	build	up	a	cash	sum	to	enjoy	in	the	
security for your loved ones.                                      future,	you’ll	find	that	WholeLife	Protection	
                                                                   Plan	comes	with	a	host	of	attractive	             •	 On	top	of	guaranteed	savings,	the	plan	
With its combination of
                                                                   benefits.                                           may	also	pay	non-guaranteed	annual	
life insurance and savings
                                                                                                                       dividends,	which	you	can	select	with	
opportunity, WholeLife                                                                                                 great	flexibility	to	cash	out	or	reinvest	to	
Protection Plan could help you                                     Comprehensive protection
                                                                                                                       boost	your	savings.
achieve both.                                                      and complete peace of
                                                                   mind                                              •	 By	the	time	you	retire,	you	will	have	built	
                                                                                                                       up	a	cash	sum,	and	according	to	your	
WholeLife Protection Plan is                                       •	 WholeLife	Protection	Plan	gives	you	             needs	you	could	choose	either	to	cash	
designed to help you in two                                           whole	life	cover	so	your	family	can	be	          in	the	plan	to	pay	off	your	mortgage,	
very important ways. First,                                           financially	secured.	Were	you	to	die,	           or	supplement	your	pension	during	
it ensures your dependants                                            the	proceeds	could	be	paid	without	              retirement.
are well provided for should                                          probate,	which	could	save	your	family	
anything unfortunate happen                                           unnecessary	delay	at	difficult	time.
                                                                                                                     Flexible payment options
to you. And secondly, it acts                                      •	 You	can	choose	additional	cover	against	
as a secure long-term savings                                         other	life	uncertainties	such	as	accidents,	   •	 WholeLife	Protection	Plan	offers	flexible	
                                                                                                                       payment	options	tailored	to	your	
plan that delivers a guaranteed                                       major	illnesses	and	disability,	which	
                                                                      could	result	in	financial	hardship	for	your	     individual	lifestyle	and	budget.	You	can	
sum that you can take any
                                                                      dependants.	                                     choose	to	pay	for	5	years,	10	years,	25	
time when you think your
                                                                                                                       years,	or	until	you	reach	the	age1	of	65	or	
protection needs are reduced.                                                                                          99,	or	make	a	single	payment.
This means you can plan for
your future with confidence.

We appreciate that everyone is
different and that we all have
our own unique circumstances
and goals. With options for
the level of protection and the
choice of additional covers
such as major illnesses,
disability and hospital cash,
you can tailor WholeLife
Protection Plan to suit your
precise requirements.

1	 The	policy	anniversary	at	which	you	reach	the	specified	age	based	on	age	at	next	birthday.

WholeLife Protection Plan

How	does	WholeLife	
Protection	Plan	work?
WholeLife	Protection	Plan	is	a	whole-life	
insurance	plan	which	is	designed	to	deliver	
comprehensive	protection	throughout	your	
life,	plus	guaranteed	savings.	Here	are	
some	of	the	features:	

                                                                                                    Premiums: increases based on the increased sum insured
Your protection                                                                                                                                                            3
                                                                                                    Sum insured: 5% increase every year for the first 10 years or up to age 50 or 55
                                                                                                    Total cash value
Life cover
•	 The	plan	will	pay	out	the	sum	insured	as	
                                                                    Death benefit options for single payment policies
    well	as	any	dividends	accrued	should	you	
                                                                    If	you	pay	a	single	premium,	you	can	select	from	the	following	two	death	benefit	options	and	
    pass	away	before	the	age1	of	99.
                                                                    choose	the	one	which	best	suits	your	circumstances:
•	 With	the	Enhanced	Protection	Option2,	
    you	can	choose	to	increase	your	sum	                            Option A – Enhanced protection                                       Option B – Basic protection
    insured	by	5%	each	year	for	the	first	
    10	years	or	until	the	age3	of	50	or	55	                            Level of           Maximise	the	protection	                          Level of            Pay	out	at	least	the	sum	
    (whichever	is	earlier),	without	the	need	                          protection         cover                                             protection          insured	

    for	further	underwriting	after	such	                               Total death        Sum	insured	                                      Total death         Sum	insured	
                                                                       benefit            +	accumulated	dividends	                          benefit             +	accumulated	dividends
    option	takes	effect.	Premium	and	policy	
                                                                       amount             +	balance	of	single	payment5                      amount
    value	of	the	increased	sum	insured	are	
                                                                       Suitable for       Those	who	are	looking	for	                        Suitable for        Those	whose	family	
    determined	according	to	your	age4	at	the	                                             both	protection	and	savings	                                          protection	needs	have	been	
    time	of	the	increase.                                                                 and	want	to	ensure	the	                                               taken	care	of	and	who	are	
                                                                                          family	is	well	taken	care	of	in	                                      looking	for	extra	guaranteed	
                                                                                          case	of	premature	death                                               returns

1	 The	policy	anniversary	at	which	you	reach	the	specified	age	based	on	age	at	next	birthday.
2	 The	option	is	applicable	for	standard	policies	with	payment	terms	“to	age	65”	and	“to	age	99”	only.
                                               ,	the	Enhanced	Protection	Option	will	expire	on	the	policy	anniversary	at	which	you	reach	the	age	of	55	and	50	respectively,	based	on	age	at	
3	 For	payment	terms	“to	age	65”	and	“to	age	99”
    next	birthday.
4	 Age	means	your	age	at	your	next	birthday.
5	 The	single	payment	option	allows	you	to	pay	all	the	required	premiums	at	a	discounted	value.	The	money	will	be	locked	into	an	investment	to	ensure	the	premiums	paid	and	the	projected	
    investment	return	will	be	sufficient	for	future	payments.	Therefore	you	cannot	withdraw	the	balance	of	a	single	payment	unless	you	surrender	the	policy;	a	surrender	charge	will	be	imposed	
    before	the	refund.

Extra protection                                                   Optional benefits
With	WholeLife	Protection	Plan,	you	are	                           To	ensure	you	have	the	plan	that	suits	
afforded	further	peace	of	mind	as	you	are	                         your	requirements,	WholeLife	Protection	
covered	for	other	misfortunes.                                     Plan	gives	you	the	choice	of	additional	
•	 Unemployment Benefit	–	were	you	                                optional	benefits,	including	cover	for	total	
  to	become	unemployed	for	at	least	30	                            and	permanent	disability,	major	illnesses,	
  consecutive	days	before	the	age 	of	65,	     1                   accidental	death	and	dismemberment,	                     Year 20       Age 1 65        Age 1 99

  you	can	defer	payment	of	your	premiums	                          hospital	cash	and	female	diseases.	Further	                        Accumulated dividends

  for	up	to	365	days	and	you	could	still	                          information	can	be	found	in	the	Additional                         Guaranteed cash value

  enjoy	the	full	protection	of	your	policy	                        protection leaflets.
  during	that	period.                                                                                              When	you	reach	retirement,	you	can	
                                                                                                                   choose	to	reduce	the	sum	insured,	which	
•	 Terminal Illness Benefit	–	this	benefit	                        Your savings
                                                                                                                   enables	you	to	take	out	some	cash	from	
  will	pay	your	plan’s	death	benefit	in	                           An	integral	part	of	WholeLife	Protection	       the	policy	to	provide	an	extra	source	of	
  advance	were	you	to	be	diagnosed	with	                           Plan	is	its	long-term	savings	element,	which	   funds	for	your	retirement.
  a	disease	which	is	likely	to	result	in	death	                    is	made	up	of	the	following	key	parts:
  within	one	year.
                                                                   •	 Guaranteed cash value	–	your	policy	
•	 Waiver of Premium	–	we	will	pay	future	
                                                                                                                   Your premium options
                                                                      is	designed	to	generate	a	guaranteed	
  premiums	on	your	behalf	until	your	full	                            cash	value	which	increases	gradually	        At	the	outset	you	will	know	exactly	
  recovery	or	until	the	end	of	the	premium	                           throughout	the	policy	term	and	will	be	      how	much	you	have	to	pay	into	your	
  payment	term	(whichever	comes	earlier)	                             equal	to	the	sum	insured	when	you	reach	     WholeLife	Protection	Plan	policy.	You	
  if	you	become	temporarily	disabled	for	at	                          the	age1	of	99.	                             either	pay	a	one-off	premium	or	pay	a	
  least	six	months.
                                                                   •	 Dividends	–	the	policy	pays	non-             fixed	premium	monthly	(or	annually)	that	
•	 Payor’s Benefit (for a child’s policy)	–	                          guaranteed	annual	dividends	which	can	       is	guaranteed	not	to	change	over	the	
  you	can	take	out	a	policy	that	covers	the	                          be	taken	as	cash	whenever	you	like,	         payment	term.	
  life	of	your	child	provided	that	he	or	she	                         accumulated	according	to	the	plan	to	        For	the	regular	payment	option,	you	can	
  is	aged4	18	or	below.                                               boost	your	savings,	or	used	to	purchase	     pay	your	premium	over	5	years,	10	years	or	
	 If	you	become	temporarily	disabled	for	at	                          paid-up	addition	insurance	to	enhance	       25	years,	or	until	you	reach	the	age1	of	65	
  least	six	months,	your	future	premiums	                             your	protection.                             or	99.
  will	be	waived	until	your	child	reaches	
  the	age1	of	25	or	until	you	recover,	
  whichever	is	earlier.	If	you	were	to	die,	
  the	premiums	will	be	waived	until	your	
  child	reaches	the	age1	of	25.

1	 The	policy	anniversary	at	which	you	reach	the	specified	age	based	on	age	at	next	birthday.
4	 Age	means	your	age	at	your	next	birthday.

WholeLife Protection Plan

                                                                   In	brief

                                                                       Policy term                  Up	to	age1	99

                                                                       Payment term                 •	5,	10	or	25	years
                                                                                                    •	Up	to	age1	65	or	99

                                                                       Currency                     HK$	or	US$

                                                                       Issue age   4
                                                                                                    15	days	to	age4	65

                                                                       Minimum sum insured          HK$200,000/US$25,000

                                                                       Premiums                     Single,	monthly	or	annual	payment	through:
                                                                                                    •	HSBC	bank	account
                                                                                                    •	HSBC	credit	card	(not	applicable	to	single	payment)
                                                                                                    •	Cheque/cashier	order

                                                                   How	do	I	find	out	more?
                                                                   If	you’re	looking	for	financial	security	that	comes	with	essential	life	cover	and	a	guaranteed	
                                                                   savings	return,	then	WholeLife	Protection	Plan	may	be	suitable	for	you.	Your	Wealth	Management	
                                                                   Manager/Premier	Relationship	Manager	are	happy	to	help	review	your	current	and	future	
                                                                   needs	and	help	you	decide	if	WholeLife	Protection	Plan	is	the	right	product	for	your	individual	
                                                                   To	arrange	a	financial	planning	review	meeting,	you	can:

                                                                   Call 2233 3131
                                                                   Go to
                                                                   Visit any HSBC branch

1	 The	policy	anniversary	at	which	you	reach	the	specified	age	based	on	age	at	next	birthday.
4	 Age	means	your	age	at	your	next	birthday.

Frequently asked questions

Is WholeLife Protection Plan a saving plan with                          What if I change my mind after purchasing the
free insurance cover?                                                    plan?
No.	WholeLife	Protection	Plan	is	a	life	insurance	plan	that	gives	you	   As	with	all	life	insurance	plans,	you	can	review	your	policy	and	decide	
protection	for	your	whole	life.	In	addition,	it	has	a	savings	element	   whether	the	plan	is	suitable	for	your	needs	within	the	Cooling-off	
that	provides	you	with	a	guaranteed	cash	return	so	you	can	achieve	      Period.	If	you	decide	not	to	take	out	the	plan	within	the	Cooling-off	
your	long-term	target	savings.                                           Period,	we	will	refund	all	premiums	you	have	paid.	In	the	case	of	a	
                                                                         single	payment	policy,	the	refund	will	be	adjusted	by	the	amount	that	
When do I get my return and what happens if                              the	value	of	the	investment	for	this	single	payment	has	fallen	by	the	
                                                                         time	your	cancellation	letter	is	received	by	us.
I need to access some cash?
You	can	access	the	policy’s	cash	value	when	it	matures.	However,	        If I choose to make a single payment, can I
you	are	able	to	withdraw	any	accumulated	dividends	whenever	you	
                                                                         withdraw the balance of the single payment
want.	In	addition	you	can	borrow	from	the	plan	before	it	reaches	
maturity,	provided	that	the	amount	does	not	exceed	90%	of	the	total	     during the term?
value	of	the	plan,	less	any	previous	unpaid	borrowed	amount.	The	        The	single	payment	option	allows	you	to	pay	all	the	required	
interest	rate	will	be	advised	at	the	time	of	borrowing.                  premiums	at	a	discounted	value.	The	money	will	be	locked	into	
                                                                         an	investment	to	ensure	the	premiums	paid	and	the	projected	
How much can I get back if I surrender the policy?                       investment	return	will	be	sufficient	for	future	payments,	thus	you	
You	can	get	back	the	guaranteed	cash	value	plus	any	dividends	           cannot	withdraw	the	balance	of	a	single	payment	unless	you	
accrued	(plus	the	balance	of	a	single	payment	subject	to	a	surrender	    surrender	the	policy;	a	surrender	charge	will	be	imposed	before	the	
charge	for	single	payment	policies).	Please	note	that	if	you	cash	in	    refund.	You	are	therefore	advised	to	choose	at	the	time	of	
the	entire	sum	or	surrender	your	policy	before	the	maturity	date,	the	   application	the	payment	term	that	best	fits	your	financial	
amount	you	get	back	may	be	less	than	the	premiums	you	have	paid.	        circumstances.

How is the insurance charge for the policy                               What happens if I miss a premium payment?
determined?                                                              There	is	a	30-day	grace	period	for	premiums	that	are	due.	If	you	
                                                                         cannot	make	the	payment	within	the	grace	period,	we	will	treat	the	
The	insurance	charge	is	determined	by	factors	such	as	your	age4,	        cash	value	of	your	policy	as	a	policy	loan	to	cover	the	payment.	When	
gender	and	whether	you	smoke	or	not.	                                    the	net	cash	value	is	not	enough	to	cover	the	outstanding	premiums	
                                                                         and	no	other	available	option	is	chosen,	the	policy	will	then	change	
How is the dividend determined? Is it guaranteed?                        to	Extended	Term	Insurance	and	all	extra	protection	and	optional	
                                                                         benefits	will	terminate.	The	policy	will	terminate	at	the	end	of	the	
The	dividend	is	declared	by	us	annually,	based	on	the	Company’s	
                                                                         term	of	the	Extended	Term	Insurance.
overall	business	performance	and	investment	return.	Therefore	it	is	
not	guaranteed.
                                                                         How can I keep track of my plan?
What documents should I take note of?                                    You	will	receive	an	annual	statement	showing	the	updated	policy	
                                                                         values.	You	can	also	access	the	details	of	your	policy	and	submit	
Your	Wealth	Management	Manager/Premier	Relationship	Manager	
                                                                         policy	service	requests	online	at	if	you	are	a	
will	go	through	the	following	documents	before	you	apply	for	the	
                                                                         HSBC	internet	banking	customer,	or	call	2583	8000.
plan.	It	is	important	to	read	these	documents	and	understand	the	
product	before	making	your	purchase:	
                                                                         Can I change the frequency of payment after the
•	 A product brochure	(this	booklet)	which	describes	the	key	benefits	
                                                                         policy becomes effective, eg monthly to annually
   and	features	of	the	plan.
•	 A proposal illustration	which	shows	both	the	guaranteed	and	non-
                                                                         or vice versa?
   guaranteed	cash	value	and	the	required	premiums	of	the	plan.          Yes.	You	can	change	your	payment	frequency	at	the	time	of	the	
•	 A Financial Planning Report	with	suggested	plan	and	rationale	for	    regular	payment	due.
   the	recommendation.
•	 The	Terms and Conditions of the policy.

4	 Age	means	your	age	at	your	next	birthday.

Important notes

Cooling-off Period                                                           Policy loan
WholeLife	Protection	Plan	is	an	insurance	plan	with	a	savings	               If	you	need	access	to	ready	cash,	you	might	consider	borrowing	from	
element.	Part	of	the	premium	pays	for	the	insurance	and	related	             the	plan	provided	that	the	amount	borrowed	(including	any	previous	
costs.                                                                       unpaid	borrowed	amount)	does	not	exceed	90%	of	the	total	cash	
If	you	are	not	satisfied	with	the	policy,	you	have	a	right	to	cancel	it	     value.	You	will	be	advised	of	the	rate	of	interest	at	the	time.
and	obtain	a	refund	of	any	premium(s)	paid,	subject	to	any	market	
                                                                             Policy surrender
value	adjustment	(applicable	to	single	payment	policies),	by	giving	
written	notice.	To	cancel,	you	must	sign	on	such	notice,	return	the	         If	you	surrender	your	policy	before	the	end	of	the	policy	term,	the	
policy	(if	received)	and	ensure	that	such	notice	and	the	policy	must	        amount	you	get	back	may	be	less	than	what	you	have	paid.
be	received	directly	by	the	office	of	HSBC	Life	(International)	Limited	
at	18/F,		Tower	1,	HSBC	Centre,	1	Sham	Mong	Road,	Kowloon,	Hong	             Dividends and interest rates
Kong	within	the	Cooling-off	Period	(that	is,	21days	after	the	delivery	of	   The	annual	dividend	and	interest	rates	earned	on	any	accumulated	
the	policy	or	issue	of	a	Notice	informing	the	availability	of	the	policy	    dividend	are	not	guaranteed,	and	we	may	adjust	the	dividend	scale	
to	you	or	your	representative,	whichever	is	the	earlier).                    and	the	rate	of	interest	at	any	time.
After	the	expiration	of	the	Cooling-off	Period,	if	you	cancel	the	policy	    Whether	dividends	are	paid	and	the	size	of	the	dividends	to	be	paid	
before	the	end	of	the	term,	the	projected	total	cash	value	may	be	           depend	on	how	well	the	Company	has	performed	with	regard	to	
less	than	the	total	premium	you	have	paid.                                   investment	returns	on	the	assets	supporting	those	dividend-paying	
                                                                             policies,	as	well	as	other	financial	factors	such	as	claims,	persistency	
Eligibility                                                                  and	expenses.
WholeLife	Protection	Plan	is	generally	available	to	anyone	aged4	65	
or	below	and	is	not	applicable	to	customers	(including	proposed	             Applicable law
policyholder	and/or	life	insured)	with	Japanese	nationality.                 The	laws	governing	the	policy	are	the	laws	of	Bermuda.	However,	
                                                                             in	the	event	of	any	dispute	arising	in	the	Hong	Kong	SAR,	the	
Policy currency                                                              non-exclusive	jurisdiction	of	the	Hong	Kong	SAR	courts	will	apply.
WholeLife	Protection	Plan	is	available	in	Hong	Kong	dollars	and	US	
dollars	and	both	premiums	and	benefits	will	be	paid	in	the	selected	

4	 Age	means	your	age	at	your	next	birthday.


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