Secret Tips To Get Job From ODesk Part 2

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					          Secret Tips To Get Jobs From ODesk (Part 2)
In this document, we will discuss about My Public Profile.

Profile Access: Do you want your profile would be Public or Private? In this section you
can select that. If you keep your profile public, then all people can see your profile. And
if you keep your profile private, then only buyer can see your profile. Another members
or workers can’t see your profile. My advice is, keep your profile public, so that, search
engines can find you.

Display Name: you can select here, which part of your name would be shown.

Primary Role: You can define your Primary Role according to your type of jobs you like
best. As an example: programmer/developer, Data Entry Professional, Technical Writer
etc. you can mention here.

Title: about Title we discussed in my previous article.

Weekly Availability: You have to mention here, how much hours you can do work with
oDesk. As an example, if you can do job for oDesk around 3 hours a day, then mention
here 3 x 7 = 21 hours.

Years of Experience: if you don’t have any exparience, but, you have to mention at least
2 years here.

English: here you have to mention your English Proficiency Level. If you can read and
write english, then mention here level 5.

Objective: Here you have to mention of your aim and objective of your freelancing


Here you have to select your job categories you like best.


Here you have to mention about your skills about certain subjects. You may mention
here any projects you completed before. My secret tip: you can make a good blog about
any subject with Then show this as your completed project.

Employment History:

You have to describe here, with which institute you did jobs before. You can mention
For get knowledge, you can visit this site and do some little jobs here. You can gather
expariences. (I should mention here that, in these sites, you will get jobs without any
expariences. But, here you will not get enough payment. In one hour, you can earn
maximum $0.40. Not more than that.)


Here you have to mention your Academic Education Records. You have to mention
minimum graduation.

Portfolio Projects:

This part is very important to get jobs from oDesk. Portfolio means the jobs you
completed before. New people, which want to do Web Development jobs, but, you didn’t
do any job before, you can make a demo project and keep it into surver. Add this here
and you have to give the link into the cover letter of bid.


If you have any professional certificate, you have to mention here. It will help you to get
jobs. You can get Brainbench Certifications from here.

Other Experiences:

You may mention all anothe experiences here. Example: web programming, Marketing,
Graphics Design etc. you can mention here.

Now start doing jobs with oDesk. Soon you can earn an handsome amount from your
own home. Best of luck.

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Description: Here I described how to get jobs from oDesk. How to complete 100% profile and how get get jobs from buyers.