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How not to be perceived as a spam or a scam.

A successful online marketing campaign should be designed to make you stand out.
Internet users are wary of spam and scams and will not trust you unless you
establish yourself as a trusted professional. This article is here to help you
create a good reputation for yourself.

Get your customers to help you promote your online business. You need to create a
dynamic online community on a message board or social networks to stay in touch with
your customers. Organize contests or reward people for writing reviews of your
products. Hand out promotional material: T-shirts with the URL of your site printed
on it for instance. Work on your branding to create a real identity in connection
with your brand or products. Your customers will want to spread the word about your
business if they perceive it as a way of getting the kind of status they want in the
eye of their peers.

Good customer service is always a good sign. If people call your customer service
and are not being treated well, or do not get good answers to their questions, they
are not going to trust you and buy your products. Encourage people to get in touch
with you by email or to call you. Hire someone to help you if you are getting a lot
of requests. Do your best to be available and answer questions quickly and
thoroughly. Being polite is a plus: treat everyone with respect, even if you know
they are not likely to buy anything. And remember: the customer is always right.
This means you should offer refunds for damaged or lost products.

Give your business legitimacy by adding genuine reviews to your site. After you make
a sale, send out an email to thank your new customer, encourage them to stay in
touch with you and to write a review of the product they purchased. Give people
discounts or free samples for writing reviews. You could also organize a contest for
the most creative review: ask customers to send their own videos, pictures and texts
about their opinion of your products. Get in touch with internet gurus specialized
in your industry and send them a few free products: maybe they will write reviews or
make a video about your products.

Quality video content is a good way to gain legitimacy. Film yourself talking about
your products or your business. Demonstrate your products and film yourself at work.
Give an exclusive behind the scene tour so that your potential customers can see
that you are a serious business owner. Filming the products is a good way to help
customers visualize what they are buying and get a better idea of what to expect.
Post your videos on YouTube so that everyone can share them on social networks and
comment on them. Create a YouTube channel and add your logo next to your videos as
well as a link to your site. You should also create a template for your videos,
including a title sequence and credits to make your productions look more

Developing a good online marketing campaign could make a difference between a
struggling business and a successful one. Use what you learned in this article and
do more research about online marketing to develop a comprehensive campaign.

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