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					                                              St. LouiS Center
                                               2010 AnnuAl RepoRt

                                     For 50 years, a caring, residential living and learning environment
                                     providing for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of
                                     children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“We endeavor to safeguard the least ones so that no one be neglected in life…”
                              fr. louis guanella, founder of servants of charity
                        a Message froM father enZo addari, adMinistrator

        Thanks to You the Good Work Continues
To Our Generous Supporters                care workers specially trained in        • investment in our facilities
and Valued Stakeholders,                  children’s issues.                         included: Chapel roof repairs
                                                                                     and the groundbreaking of

    am pleased to report that            • Knights of Columbus Hall,                 the new Family orientation
    St. Louis Center was blessed           Fr. Guanella Hall, and                    and Welcome Center.
    again in 2010 with the support         St. Joseph Hall are homes for
needed to provide the special              our adult men and women with            • eight successful fundraising
care, facilities and services required     intellectual and developmental            events were held during the year,
by those admitted to our program.          disabilities functioning at various       raising more than $400,000 toward
For the 50th consecutive year we           levels of ability. these homes            our operating expenses. Fund-
have been able to provide for the          provide them with a family                raising expenses remained below
physical, emotional and spiritual          living environment and a                  30% of contributions for a very
needs of several dozen individuals         general freedom of movement               high return on investment.
with intellectual and developmental        within our campus.
                                                                                   • Contributions were generously
disabilities. Highlights of the past
                                         • We continued to exceed                    given by more than 9,000
year include:
                                           the license requirements for              individuals. We were also blessed
                                           staff to resident ratios in every         with more than $250,000 (2009-10)
                                           residence, thereby providing a            obtained through grants.
                                           superior level of structured
                                           supervision 24 hours a day,             • our successful initiative to secure
                                           365 days per year.                        higher per diem rates paid by the
                                                                                     State of Michigan for state placed
                                         • We continued to serve residents           residents continued to help rev-
                                           without discrimination on the             enues keep pace with rising costs.
                                           basis of race, religion, national
                                           origin, color or sex, including
                                           individuals from 14 Michigan
                                           counties, northern ohio and
Mark, Joey, and Charlie enjoy              indiana. our goal remains to
the Annual Recognition Dinner.             operate our programs at capacity
                                           in order to serve as many families
                                           and individuals as possible.
• We continued to operate our
  four licensed group homes and          • 2010 saw 8 new admissions with
  offer a wide range of residential        six of our residents returned to
  support programs:                        their families. Also, three residents
                                           were placed in other treatment          Fr. Enzo receives check from
• St. Louis Center’s main building         facilities, and another returned to     K of C State Deputy
  for the care of children, ages           the Father’s House. Sadly, many of      Thomas A. Marcetti, Sr.
  6 through 17, as a Child Car-            our residents have no biological
  ing Home within the guidelines           families, making us the only family
  of Michigan Public Act 116, as           they will ever know. nonetheless,       While 2010 was a year of
  amended, operates within a               several successful life transitions     accomplishment and celebration,
  family environment using direct          were achieved this year.                it was also a year of challenges.
                                                   Jerry & Alice D’Adamo
                                                           are recognized
                                                          by Fr. Enzo and
                                                          Norm Neuman.

As you will see from our financial
report, our revenues were up slightly
from the prior year, but our expenses
                                           New Challenge Sparks                     Welcome Center, as well as the
also rose to a level slightly above
                                           New Initiative                           Village at St. Louis Center, to
those revenues. Due to adept
                                                                                    provide homes for aging adults.
financial management, this gap was
                                           it is a sobering fact that as the        the result will be a Continuum
significantly smaller than it was the
                                           population in general grows so does      of Care Model – a visionary road
prior year, but it was necessary to
                                           the number of individuals with           map for people with i/DD, their
tap our modest endowment fund
                                           intellectual and developmental           parents and their caregivers – that
to cover unfunded expenses. Gifts
                                           disabilities (i/DD). today, the ever-    provides for individual choice, self
in kind were also instrumental in
                                           growing need for residential care is     determination, and professional
allowing us to keep service levels
                                           also compounded by the aging of          support through all phases of life.
high in spite of rising costs. As in the
                                           our population, including those
past, more than 75% of all revenues                                                 of course to make this vision a reality
                                           with i/DD and their caregivers.
were invested directly into program                                                 will take considerable resources.
                                           Consider the following:
services for residents.                                                             toward that end, we are launching
                                                • the life expectancy of adults     a new Capital Campaign to raise
                                                  with i/DD grew from 59 years      funds needed to develop critically
                                                  in the 70s to 66 years in ’93…    needed housing and programs to
                                                  and this trend is expected to     meet this new, growing and ever-
                                                  continue due to advances in       lasting challenge.
                                                  medical care.
                                                                                    At the conclusion of this year, i hope
                                                • one quarter of caregivers for     to report to you that great progress
                                                  adults with i/DD are over 60      has been made on this additional
                                                  years of age…and 75% of all       front, as we continue to follow the
                                                  individuals with i/DD currently   example of our founder, Fr. Guanel-
                                                  live with their families.         la …”to love in a special way…
                                                                                    the most abandoned and suffer-
                                                • the result of these trends is
                                                                                    ing…those who are tired most in
Mary Galasso and Louise Dudy                      that the number of people
                                                                                    body and spirit…we endeavor to
share a moment with Stephon.                      with i/DD over age 60 is
                                                                                    safeguard the least ones so that
                                                  expected to double by 2030
                                                                                    no one be neglected in life...”
                                                  to 1,065,000.
in summary, our 50th year was
                                                                                    With Sincerest thanks and
a fulfilling and productive one.           Who will care for people with i/DD
                                                                                    God’s Blessing,
For that we sincerely thank all            when their parents are gone or no
our supporters, volunteers and             longer able to care for them and
our partners in the mental health          their families may be hundreds
profession. now it is time to              of miles away? this is the new
focus on the coming years and              challenge St. Louis Center hopes                          Fr. enzo Addari,
an added challenge.                        to meet with your help.                                   SdC

                                           our vision is the development                             St. Louis Center
                                           of a new Family orientation and                           Administrator
Financial Review
St. Louis Center comparative
financial statements for the               Support and Revenue*                         2010                   2009
fiscal years July 1- June 30,              Agency payments                        $    1,749,552          $   1,649,591
2009 and 2010                              Contributions and Grants                      566,894                415,568
                                           Fundraising events                            427,085                407,022
                                           other                                         214,725                251,095
                                           Total                                  $ 2,958,256             $ 2,723,276

                                           Program Services                       $    2,179,758          $   2,186,212
                                           Management and General                        534,309                441,514
                                           Fundraising Projects                          124,323                107,155
                                           Depreciation                                  158,139                153,982
                                           Total                                  $ 2,996,529             $ 2,888,863
                                           *Figures are based on audited financial statements.

 our History

     t. Louis Center was founded by the Archdiocese
     of Detroit in 1960 as a “school for boys” and
     has been operated by the Servants of Charity
Congregation of priests and brothers since its inception.
    the Servants of Charity are also known as Guanel-
                              lians and were established
                                  by Blessed Fr. Louis
                                  Guanella in Como, italy
                                 in 1908. Fr. Guanella will
                                be canonized by Pope
                                Benedict XVi on october
                               23, 2011. Fr. Guanella’s            When “mainstreaming” of those with mild disabilities
                              mission was to care for              began in public schools in the early 80s, St. Louis School
                             the “poorest of the poor,”            dropped its classroom program to focus exclusively on
                             especially persons with               residential care. the 70s era expansions within the 180
                            intellectual and develop-              acre campus included a chapel, administrative offices,
                            mental disabilities and the            and priests quarters. the 80s saw the addition of St.
                           frail elderly.                          Joseph Hall for young adults aging out of the children’s
Statistical Review
    At the end of 2010, St. Louis Center had 47 residents,             Residents on December 31, 2010                47
    17 of whom were children and 30 adults. 45% of all                 New admissions                                     8
    residents were privately placed. Another 37% came
                                                                       Returned to family                                 6
    from county departments of human services and 18%
    were foster placements from the State of Michigan.                 Placed in other treatment facilities               3
    Many of our privately placed residents are charity cases           Deceased                                           1
    who have no other families outside of St. Louis Center.

    Total Residents Served 2010       58             County of Origin
    Youth (0-10 years)                 2             Wayne                    21            Kalamazoo                     1
    Teens (11-18 years)               23             Washtenaw                13            Livingston                    1
    Adults (19-64 years)              33             ingham                    4            Monroe                        1
                                                     Jackson                   4            Oakland                       1
                                                     Saginaw                   4            Roscommon                     1
    Private                           28
                                                     Macomb                    2            Tuscola                       1
    County Agency                     17
                                                     Berrien                   1            Out of State                  2
    State                             13
                                                     Genesee                   1
    Total                             58

F o u n d e d 1960

program and Fr. Guanella Hall which was built for the          others have been able to return home as adults to
more physically challenged residents.                          rejoin their families. today there are 50 residents from
                                                               fourteen counties and two additional states who call
the 90s focused on new forms of programming and                St. Louis Center their home. the Servants of Charity
community outreach, including the addition of the              are hard at work developing their blueprint for the next
Snoezelen therapy room for residents with autism.              50 years, including an expansion into the critical and
in 2002, a women’s program began under the                     growing need for elder care of those with intellectual
banner of our Lady of Providence.                              and developmental disabilities.

in 2006, St. Louis Center achieved national
accreditation through the Commission for
Accreditation of rehabilitation Facilities (CArF).
this distinction was also achieved in 2009.

in 2010, St. Louis Center celebrated its 50th
Anniversary. During these 50 years more than 700
residents have been served. Many have grown
into young men and women who have been
able to move on and care for themselves, while
Enabling A Richer Life For All Our Stakeholders

       hown on these pages are                                           our Snoezelen therapy room is a
       selected photos and facts that                                    state-of-the-art program that uses
       we hope give you a sense of                                       color, light and sound to engage
how St. Louis Center enables a richer                                    those with sensory disabilities and
life for our residents, their friends                                    helps them interact with their
and families, our staff and our many                                     environment. this therapy is used
volunteers and supporters. our                                           for individuals who have great
“community” extends far beyond                                           difficulty participating in sports,
the St. Louis Center campus and,                                         crafts or other activities. it provides
we believe, our impact extends well                                      an alternative that improves the
beyond our residents and into the                                        quality of life for those with Down
broader community.                                                       Syndrome, Autism, and nervous

                                        A child with Autism enjoys his
                                        time in the Snoezelen Room.
                                                      A very valuable part of our therapeutic program
                                                      is the Family integration Calendar for home visits,
                                                      scheduled throughout the year on dates that do
                                                      not interfere with programming.

John and Jan at the Center with
son, Jordan.

                                                                                              Mom Debbie shares a
                                                                                              dance with Brian.

                                                                 dessert to his
                                                Antoine serving
                                                friends in the Day

                                             Welcome Center
Lisa and Joey sh                                 ceremonies –
                 ow off gift items        September 19, 2010
during the Fall Au

the Michigan WorKS training
Program prepares residents for
employment, and networks with area
businesses to find job opportunities.
this program also includes a volun-                                                               Lee receives
                                                                                                  recognition from
teer component for residents unable
                                                                                                  the Chelsea
to secure permanent employment,                                                                   Kiwanis Club.
but able to contribute and learn in
other ways.

our residents keep busy through
our Community Activities Program,       Community involvement brings a            ment of health programming, and
which offers Special olympics,          special dimension to the lives of our     measurement, control and distribution
Saturday Morning Challengers            residents.                                of medication. Staff and residents are
Bowling League, Kiwanis Aktion Club,                                              trained in areas such as CPr, First Aid,
and “Fitness for Life” at the Chelsea   our health care program provides          Bloodborn Pathogens, Hygiene, and
Area Wellness Center.                   physical problem diagnosis, develop-      other health related topics.
Giving opportunities

Funding of the ongoing work and capital investments           Options for giving include:
of St. louis Center is largely dependent upon the             • Cash Donations
generosity of individuals and foundations. They agree         • In-Kind Donations
with our Founder’s belief that “a human life has              • Multi-Year Pledges
value because it is a gift from God and it cannot be          • Gifts of Stocks and Securities, and
measured by its achievements…the ‘good children’              • Giving via life insurance proceeds, wills and trusts.
we care for are our most precious gifts.”
                                                              Please contact Peggy Cole at 734.475.8430 or
Gifts of all types are greatly appreciated and critically for referrals to financial
needed for day-to-day operations and development              advisors, tax attorneys or estate planning attorneys
of our planned Family orientation and Welcome                 within the Center’s community of supporters for help
Center and the new village at St. louis Center to             in determining your giving plans.
provide homes for aging adults.                               St. Louis Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

         St. Louis Center
16195 Old US 12 • Chelsea, MI 48118

  CommuniTY AdviSoRY CounCil
              2010-2011 members                                          HonoRARY membeRS
Larry Doll, Chair                 George Mallison                  Jerry D’Adamo                  Dr. Walter niemann
Frank Grohnert, Vice-Chair        Kathi neuman                     Don Doll                       Stan Starkey
Paul Frisinger, Secretary         norman neuman                    Mary F. Galasso                rev. Dr. William J. turner
Marlene Cunningham, treasurer     tom nowatzke                     Jerry Hammerschmidt            eleanor M.unterbrink
Julie Ballow                      tim Patton                       Charles H. Koenn               Donald J. Walker
Joseph elekonich                  Andrew A. Shmina                 richard McCloy                 Alexander Zangara
tom Forbes                        Kenneth unterbrink               Gloria G. Miller               Patricia H. Zangara
Willard Johnson                   thomas A. Marcetti, Sr.,
Allen Knight                        Mi State Deputy, K of C

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