Motivation for Learning English by addody10


									                 MOTIVATION FOR LEARNING ENGLISH

                   planting english on a fertile land

if i say the English competency is like a tree which can grow
naturally. isn't that cool? yes ,it is.
I am not telling a myth, being an English major myself, it was not
several months before I found that my English competency in
speaking, listening and writing actually 'grew' to a much higher
back in senior high school, I had all the experience in reciting
words and lifeless grammar rules, and doing exercises until early
next morning! this was really a pain in the neck .
now for the first time , I have gotten rid of this pain. now, English
is a piece of cake! just follow me!
first , get into the habit of autosuggestion -- tell yourself several
times a day: " I love English! It is the easiest language in the world,
and without a doubt I will master it!"
then try to imagine that you have already become an expert in it.
Do not hesitate to use your imagination to fuel your burning desire!
Remember you can never make it until you have faith in it .
the second step is to carry it out: make a list of the most urgent
resources or abilities you need and then make a plan to attain
them. Try to find the interesting elements in the language. Build
up an amiable environment by making foreign friends and partners.
It is also very helpful to make english novels or other reading
materials as your lifelong companions.
It is the same with language learning. English is your basic system.
Just plant your life in it, and next fall, harvest it!

    - mellie -

                    Build Your Interest in English

Learning English requires one's interest. If unfortunately, you did
not have it, you had better build it. For myself, I truly came to
enjoy learning English only after I entered university.
In China, all high school students are busy cramming for exams.
Their highest goal is to get high marks in the Entrance Examination.
This also happened to me. The moment I became an English major
I suddenly realized I hadn't truly learnt English before. I found that
my classmates managed to speak English more fluently and readily
than I. Thus I began to re-double my efforts.
First, I had to make myself interested in it. Thanks to the help of
the people around me, like foreign teachers and friends, I felt it
was really wonderful to speak excellent English. Such a feeling of
achievement made me all the more interested in it.
The next step was to build up my vocabulary. Although small
words always could meet everyday use, sometimes I found it very
hard to find the right word, although I knew there was a word
almost coming up. This was the so-called "tip-of-the-tongue"
phenomenon. What I could do was to extend my vocabulary and
make my memory of the words connected.
Later I discovered another problem. I had memorized GRE words
and got them readily for use. However, I could not use them in a
native way. One can easily tell that I am speaking Chinglish.
I used the method introduced by my friend-to recite some
beautiful sentences and dialogues. In this way some of the fixed
structures imprinted deeply in my mind.
Of course practice is what cannot be neglected. Try to seek every
chance to open your mouth, you will find something wonderful is

- Michelle -

                Diligence Rather Than Intelligence

I took it for granted that only intelligence was needed to learn a
foreign language. Thus, I spent little time on English learning. All I
did was simply take the class and after that I did nothing. But my
scores were not bad. I even excelled in English over my
In the university, I took part in the English-Chinese Interpretation
Contest. Before the contest, I found out that my competitors
were all doing well in English and that they were preparing very
hard. Thus, I thought maybe I should also do something for the
contest in order not to lose.
Compelled by their hard work, I began to read books, learn the
basic skills for interpretation, listen to cassettes, and do exercises.
A sense of achievement seized me and I quite liked it. What's more,
I discovered drawbacks which I had neglected for so long. They
could not be dismissed at once, but only after much work. What
busy but joyful days those were. I did not waste my time and
English was more interesting than ever before.
Consequently I won the second prize in the contest. But this is not
the best prize I got. I learned that diligence played a more
important role in learning a foreign language. And this has been
guiding my English learning and helping me get through many
difficulties and dilemmas concerning English learning.

- Jo (Qiaohong Lian) -

                         Necessity Motivates

I didn't like Japanese language. It was routine for me to have
Japanese classed and take Japanese examinations. But this
situation It has changed since I first met a Japanese teacher at the
beginning of this semester.
A Japanese-major student asked me to help to fix his teacher's
computer. I promised and we went to his teacher's home together.
There I found I had to learn Japanese. The teacher was quite nice
and greeted me politely, but I stood stupidly before her and didn't
know how to reply. At the time I introduced myself, I made
mistakes. Two girls giggled. And moreover, later on my friend
talked happily with his teacher, leaving me alone noodling around
the computer. Sometimes I wanted to open my mouth, but I didn't
know how. How awkward! Since then I have decided to learn
Japanese well.

- Lawrence -

                My First Spark for Learning English

Believe it or not, it was my first English teacher that inspired me
to learn English well. She was a pint-sized teacher, but her English
teaching performance was beyond most people's expectations. It
was surely rare in the rural area to see an excellent teacher such
as her.
On the first day of junior middle school, I was appointed to be her
assistant. I was both excited and nervous because I heard that she
was a very demanding teacher and it was not easy to win her
appreciation. As her assistant, I had more chances to contact her
than other students. During the class, she always encouraged me
to be as active as possible. After class, she often gave me
instructions on English learning.
At first, I didn't achieve much. Gradually, with the help of my
respected English teacher, I became interested in English. The
more I worked on it, the more fascinating it turned out to be.
From then on, I have been determined to learn English well. I said
to myself that English should be a must for me.
Now, nine years have passed: nine summers and nine winters. I
have come across many English teachers during these years.
However, my first English teacher will always remain in my mind.
She was the first spark for me to learn English.
 - Silver –

                    Motivated By a Foreigner

When I was in grade two in middle school, my English had
apparently become awful and so was my interest in English.
Owing to a dreadful teacher, I did nothing but daydream in English
classes. And in my spare time, though I wanted to make some
progress, I couldn't help throwing the English materials out of the
window as soon as I touched them, all of which brought to mind
the nauseating teacher. In short, I was sick of English. Until one
day a stroke of luck changed all this.
I still remember it was a fall night. I was wandering in the night
market with my friend Betty when we came across a foreigner, the
first foreigner we had ever seen, an old guy. He was sitting in the
corner surrounded by men and women and speaking fluent
Chinese. Full of curiosity, we stood beside him, listening. There
was a young boy around nine years of age wanting to talk with him
in English, so the old man spoke some simple English.
Aha! His English was so euphonic, definitely different from that
disgusting teacher. His voice seemed to come from heaven, like an
angel's. I was so attracted to his voice that I was eager to talk with
him myself. Unfortunately, I was so familiar with my poor English
ability, especially oral English, that I did not have enough courage
to lose face in public. As a result, I just stood there, listening, but
without talking. We stood there for a long time, until he was ready
to leave.
On the way back to the school, I swore to learn English well,
especially oral English. Ever since then, I threw my English teacher
away and have studied by myself. However, there was still a hope
in my mind, that was to talk with the old guy and hear his
beautiful voice once again. I learned that he was teaching in
Zhejiang University at that time, so I applied for the English major
in Zhejiang University. However, he was not there any more when
I entered.

- Bonnie -

                           Stop for Awhile

I have been studying Japanese for two years. At the very beginning,
I was stimulated by interest, so I could learn it well. Gradually, I
found my passion for it had faded and I could get nowhere
however hard I tried. The more I wanted to remember, the
quicker I forgot. At that time I was very worried. I blamed myself
for squandering the precious time and money without any
I was in such anguish for a week. Finally I made up my mind to stop
making any effort. For the next two weeks, I didn't even touch
any Japanese books. My mind, which used to be restrained, was
Then one day, I picked up my Japanese book to see if I could still
recall any Japanese. To my surprise, it seemed as if he was my old
friend with whom I had lost touch for years.
I think when we reach a plateau in our study, we can stop for a
while instead of making vain efforts. After a few days' rest, maybe
we canlearn it more efficiently. After all, interest is the best
- Rainbow 庄彩霞 (Zhuang Caixia) -


When I was six years old, I began to go to school. The first school
which I attended was a primary school. There were many subjects
which were taught in the school, such as Chinese, arithmetic,
history, geography, drawing and so forth. Since I first became a
student, I studied very hard. My parents were quite proud of me.
After I had studied there for six years, I entered a junior high
school. When I was fifteen years old, I became a student of a
senior high school. I still studied very hard. Except for sick leave, I
was never absent from class. Everybody looked upon me as a
model student.
However, after finishing my junior high school, I did not really
know what to study and what I wanted to do in the future. In short,
I had no plan for my future. I didn't know what I learned before
entering the university. All that I knew was how to be a good
student with high scores in any courses.
I chose English for the following reasons:
In the first place, English has become an international language. If
you know English, you can make a trip around the world without
being misunderstood.
In the second place, most valuable books, newspapers and
magazines are written in English. If you wish (hope) to get
knowledge, you must learn English.
Nevertheless, I realize it was my greatest fault in the past twenty
years. Without enthusiasm, I did not learn it as well as I expected.
However, I won't forget the happy time which I spent in the
  - Jeff -

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