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					                Forest Service List of Common Acronyms

Acronym              Term
ABCO                 Administrative Billings and Collections
ACCS                 Accounting Classification Code Structure
ACH                  Automated Clearinghouse
ADO                  Assistant Disbursing Officers
AFM (a.k.a. F&AM)    Aviation and Fire Management
AIX                  IBM RS600 Operating System
AL                   Annual Leave
ALC                  Agency Locator Code
AMC                  Administrative Management Council
AMEX                 American Express
AMIS                 Aviation Management Information System
AO                   Administrative Officer
APC                  Agency Per Capita
APHIS                Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
APMC                 Agency Provided Medical Care
AQM                  Acquisition Management
ASAP                 As Soon As Possible
ASC                  Albuquerque Service Center
ASR                  All Service Receipts
ATR                  Agriculture Travel Regulation
ATSA                 Automated Timber Sale Accounting
AWOL                 Absent Without Leave
AWS                  Alternate Work Schedule
B&F                  Budget & Finance
BAER                 Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation
BFES                 Budget Formulation and Execution System
BFY                  Budget Fiscal Year
BIA                  Bureau of Indian Affairs
BLI                  Budget Line Item
BLM                  Bureau of Land Management
BoA                  Bank of America
BOAC                 Billed Office Address Code
BOC                  Budget Object Code
BPA                  Blanket Purchase Agreement
BPR                  Business Process Reengineering
BRIO                 Report Generator (not an acronym)

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          Forest Service List of Common Acronyms

Acronym        Term
BV             Balanced Voucher
CA             Cost Allocation
CACA           Cost Allocation Cost Allocation
CAPS           Corrections, Adjustments, and Manual Payments Systems
CARATS         Cost Allocation Reporting Activity Tracking System
CARS           Comprehensive Accounting Reporting System
CBA            Centrally Billed Account
CBC            Congressional Briefing Conference
CBL            Commercial Bill of Lading
CBR            Client Billing Record
CCLR           Claims Collection Litigation Report
CCR            Central Contractor Registration
               Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation,
               and Liability Act
CETR           Casual Employee Time Report System
CFC            Combined Federal Campaign
CFDA           Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
CFO            Chief Financial Officer
CFR            Code of Federal Regulations
CGA            Continuing Government Activity
CHD            Customer Help Desk
CHKH           Check Header Inquiry Table
CIO            Chief Information Office
CIS            Claims Information System
CO             Contracting Officer
COB            Close of Business
CoL            Center of Learning
COMR           Communication Response Table
COMT           Communication Table
CONUS          Continental United States
COOP           Continuity of Operations Plan
COP            Continuation of Pay
CPAIS          Corporate Property Accounting Information System
CR             Civil Rights
CRED           Gasoline Credit Card System
CRF            Code of Federal Regulations

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          Forest Service List of Common Acronyms

Acronym        Term
               PeopleSoft HelpDesk for HR system (formerly - Customer
               Relationship Management)
CS             Competitive Sourcing
CSRS           Civil Service Retirement System
CWFS           Cooperative Work Forest Service
CWN            Call When Needed
CY             Calendar Year
DO             Disbursement Office
DCC            Department Computer Center
DD             Direct Disbursement
DIR            Direct appropriation funding
DOB            Date of Birth
DoD            Department of Defense
DOE            Department of Energy
DOI            Department of Interior
DOJ            Department of Justice
DoL            Department of Labor
DR             District Ranger
DRF            Deputy Regional Forester
DUNS           Data Universal Numbering System
DW             Data Warehouse
e-QIP          Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing
EAP            Employee Assistance Program
EBLI           Expanded Budget Line Items
EEO            Equal Employment Opportunity
EERA           Emergency Equipment Rental Agreements
EFF–PAY        Emergency Firefighter Pay
EFT            Electronic Funds Transfer
EFTH           EFT Header Inquiry Table
EIDS           Electronic Information Distribution System
EIN            Employee Identification Number
ELT            Executive Leadership Team
EMIS           Equipment Management Information System
EMS            Environmental Management System
EO             Executive Order
eOPF           electronic Official Personnel Folders

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                Forest Service List of Common Acronyms

Acronym              Term
EPIC                 Entry Processing Inquiry and Correction System
EQA                  External Quality Assurance
ER                   Employee Relations
ERFO                 Emergency Relief on Federally Owned Road
F&AM (a.k.a. AFM)    Fire and Aviation Management
FAADS                Federal Assistance Awards Data System (NSF)
FACA                 Federal Advisory Committee Act
FACTS                Federal Agencies' Centralized Trial-Balance System
FACTS                Forest Activity Tracking System
FAD                  Financial Ability Determination
FAQ                  Frequently Asked Question
FAR                  Federal Acquisition Regulation
FCIC                 Fiscal Compliance and Internal Controls
FDW                  Financial Data Warehouse
FECA                 Federal Employees Compensation Act
FEHBA                Federal Employee Health Benefits Act
FEMA                 Federal Emergency Management Agency
FERS                 Federal Employees Retirement System
FFIS                 Foundation Financial Information System
FFS                  Federal Financial System
FHA                  Federal Highway Administration
FISCAM               Federal Information System Controls Audit Manual
FIT                  Federal Income Tax
FLSA                 Fair Labor Standards Act
FLUR                 Forest Land Utilization and Resources
FMIP                 Financial Management Improvement Project
FMO                  Fire Management Officer
FMS                  Financial Management Systems
FO                   Field Organization
FOIA                 Freedom of Information Act
FOR                  Fixed Ownership Rate (usually used in conjunction with WCF)
FPCA                 Budget Fiscal Year Project/Customer/Agreement
FPL                  Forest Products Laboratory
FPM                  Financial Performance Measure
FREL                 Forced Released System
FRRP                 Federal Real Property Profile

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            Forest Service List of Common Acronyms

Acronym          Term
FS               Forest Service
FSH              Forest Service Handbook
FSM              Forest Service Manual
FT               Full Time
FTCA             Federal Tort Claims Act
FTR              Federal Travel Regulations
FTSP             Federal Telephone System Payments
FWS              Fish & Wildlife Service
FY               Fiscal Year
FYI              For Your Information
GA               General Administration
GACC             Geographic Area Command Centers
GAO              Government Accounting Office
GBL              Government Bill of Lading
GenJ             General Journal
GETA             Government Employee Training Act
GIS              Geographic Information Systems
GL               General Ledger
GLID             General Ledger Interactive Description System
GOALS            Government Online Accounting Link System
GOV              Government Owned Vehicle
GPO              Government Printing Office
GREENBOOK        (Part of the USDA Centrally Administered Programs)
GRFS             Graduated Rate Fee System
GS               General Schedule
GSA              General Service Administration
GSBCA            GSA Board of Contract Appeals
GVTS             Government Transportation System
HRM              Human Resource Management
                 Health and Human Services-Division of Payment
HHS-PMS          Health and Human Services-Payment Management System
HIT              Health Insurance Tax
HMI              Home Marketing Initiative
HRIS             Human Resources Information System
HRL              Human Resources Liaison

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              Forest Service List of Common Acronyms

Acronym              Term
HRM                  Human Resources Management
HRO                  Human Resources Officer
HSPD-12              Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12
                     Software used to access National Finance Center (not an
IAP                  Incident Action Plan
IAS                  Integrated Acquisition System (for purchase orders)
IBA                  Individually Billed Account
IBPWT                Incident Business Practices Working Teams
IC                   Incident Commander
ICS                  Incident Command System
IDP                  Individual Development Plan
IITF                 International Institute of Tropical Forestry
IMPF                 Imprest Fund System
IMT                  Incident Management Team
INBT                 Installment Billing and Payment Table
INFRA                Internal Forest Service Database (not an acronym)
INFRA–G&A            Grants & Agreements
INFRA–SUDS           Special Uses Database System
INT                  "Internal, FS accounting centers"
IPAC                 Inter-Agency Payments and Collections
IPC                  Incident Payment Center
IRM                  Information Resource Management
ISO                  Information Service Organization
ISUITE               Name of software (not an acronym)
JCC                  Job Corps Centers
JCNFO                Job Corps National Field Office
JFMIP                Joint Financial Management Improvement Program
JHA                  Job Hazard Analysis
KPI                  Key Performance Indicator
KSA                  Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
LAN                  Local Area Network
LBL                  Land Between the Lakes
LDO                  Leadership Development Opportunities
LE&I                 Law Enforcement and Investigations
LEO                  Law Enforcement Officer

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          Forest Service List of Common Acronyms

Acronym        Term
LMR            Labor Management Relations
LWOP           Leave Without Pay
M&IE           Meals and Incidental Expenses
MASC           Management Accounting Structure Codes System
MEO            Most Efficient Organization
MONARCH        Data Mining Tool
MOU            Memorandum of Understanding
MP&CE          Military Personnel and Civilian Employees’
MPOL           GSA Motor Pool System
MSDS           Material Safety Data Sheet
MSPB           Merit System Protection Board
MTDC           Missoula Technology and Development Center
NA             Northeastern Area – State and Private Forestry
NASF           National Association of State Foresters
NE             Northeastern Research Station
NEO            New Employee Orientation
NF             National Forest
NFC            National Finance Center (in New Orleans, Louisiana)
NFFE           National Federation of Federal Employees
NICC           National Interagency Coordination Center
NIFC           National Interagency Fire Center
NIIC           National Incident Information Center
NIST           National Institute of Standards and Technology
NITC           National Information Technology Center
NLT            National Leadership Team
NOAA           National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NPS            National Park Service
NRS            Northern Research Station
NSF            Non-Sufficient Funds
NTE            Not to Exceed
NWCG           National Wildfire Coordinating Group
OAS            Office of Aircraft Services
OASDI          Old Age Survivors Disability Insurance
OCFO           "Office of Finance, Chief Financial Officer"
OCONUS         Outside the Continental United States
OF             Optional Form

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           Forest Service List of Common Acronyms

Acronym         Term
OFM             Office of Financial Management
OGA             Other (non-USDA Federal) Government Agencies
OGC             Office of General Council
OHV             Off Highway Vehicle
OJT             On the Job Training
OIG             Office of Inspector General
OMB             Office of Management and Budget
OON             Office Origination Number
OPAC            Online Payment and Collections
OPF             Official Personnel Folder
OPM             Office of Personnel Management
OSHA            Occupational Safety and Health Act
OSTIB           Open Systems Technical Information Bulletin
OT              Overtime
OTC             Over-the-Counter Collections
OTRS            OPAC Tracking Reconciliation System
OWCP            Office of Workers Compensation Programs
PA              Permit Administrator
PACS            Payroll Accounting System
PAR             Personnel Action Request
PAYCHECK        Payroll System
PBDIS           Project Budget Distribution System
PC              Personal Computer
PCAS            Project Cost Accounting System
PCBILL          Project Cost Accounting Billing process
PCDIST          Project to Customer Distribution process
PCIDICT         Project Cost Accounting Indirect Cost Transfer process
PCMS            Purchase Card Management System
PD              Position Description
PDL             Public Distribution List
PFT             Permanent Full Time
PIP             Performance Improvement Period
PKI             Public Key Identification (e-authentication/signature)
PM              Performance Measure
PNF             Proclaimed National Forest
PNG             Proclaimed National Grasslands

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          Forest Service List of Common Acronyms

Acronym        Term
PNW            Pacific Northwest Research Station
PO             Purchase Order
POC            Point of Contact
PONTIUS        Purchase System Software
POV            Privately Owned Vehicle
PP             Pay Period
PRCH           Purchase Order System
PROP           Personal Property System
PRPL           Project Planning System
PSW            Pacific Southwest Research Station
PT             Part Time
PWPS           Project Work Planning System
PWS            Performance Work Statement
QSI            Quality Step Increase
R1             Region 1, Northern Region
R2             Region 2, Rocky Mountain Region
R3             Region 3, Southwestern Region
R4             Region 4, Intermountain Region
R5             Region 5, Pacific Southwest Region
R6             Region 6, Pacific Northwest Region
R8             Region 8, Southern Region
R9             Region 9, Eastern Region
R10            Region 10, Alaska Region
RAMIS          Range Management Information System
RD             Ranger District of the Forest Service
ResQNet        Software name (not an acronym)
RF             Regional Forester
RIF            Reduction in Force
RLT            Regional Leadership Team
RMRS           Rocky Mountain Research Station
RO             Regional Office of the Forest Service
ROSS           Resource Ordering and Status System
RTD            Return to Duty
SAC            Special Agent in Charge
SAM            Strategy Articulation Map
SAS            Name of reporting tool (not an acronym)

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          Forest Service List of Common Acronyms

Acronym        Term
SCD            Service Computation Date
SCEP           Student Conditional Employment Program
SCSEP          Senior Community Service Employment Program
SES            Senior Executive Service
SF             Standard Form
SFFAS          Statements of Federal Financial Accounting Standards
SGL            Standard General Ledger
SIBAC          Simplified Inter-Agencies Billings and Collections
SIT            State Income Tax
SL             Sick Leave
SLA            Service Level Agreement
SLP            Senior Leader Program
SLUC           Standard Level Usage Charge
SO             Supervisor's Office of the Forest Service
SOP            Standard Operating Procedures
SOW            Statement of Work
SPN            State and Private Entities providing advances
SPPS           Special Payroll Processing System
SPR            State and Private Reimbursable customers
SRS            Southern Research Station
SSN            Social Security Number
STARS          Sale Tracking Activity Reporting System
STEP           Student Temporary Employment Program
SUSF           Suspense File
TA             Travel Authorization
T&A            Time and Attendance
TDY            Temporary Duty
TELE           Telephone Vendors System
TFCS           Treasury Financial Communications System
TIDT           Travel Interface Document Inquiry Table
TIN            Tax Identification Number
TMC            Travel Management Center
TMS            Travel Management Service
TOS            Transfer of Station
TQM            Total Quality Management
TRAN           Transportation System

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                 Forest Service List of Common Acronyms

Acronym                 Term
TRVL                    Travel System
TSCH                    Treasury Schedule Control Header Table
TSCL                    Treasury Schedule Control Line Inquiry Table
TSDF                    Timber Sale Deposit Fund
TSP                     Thrift Savings Plan
TUMS                    Telephone and Utilities Maintenance System
TVHT                    Travel Voucher Header Inquiry Table
UNAL                    Uniform Allowance System
UNIX                    Information Technology Toolbox

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