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					The Great Magnetism and Glamour of the Vintage Car Show

We all know what car shows are, most every country in the world has them,
and this doesn’t just happen once a year, aside from the big motor shows
that the top car manufacturers participate in, there are also different
car shows put up by car clubs in various places. And for those who have
developed the passion for the cars of the early era, there is the vintage
car show.

Usually, car shows are held to show case the new cars that were developed
by car manufacturers. Sometimes though, there is also some space in the
car shows where vintage and classic cars are given a chance to de
displayed as well. These fully restored vintage cars are presented so
that those car buffs who love the vintage cars will be able to see these
glamorous and historical vehicles.

Car shows started off as somewhat like a car market where people can see
which cars are available for them. Car manufacturers take advantage of
these shows to present their new cars to the public and sell it to them.
What developed from these “temporary” car show rooms became somewhat like
a competition today.

Smaller car shows have also become a contest for people who want to
showcase their vehicles. For vintage car shows, vintage car owners have
the opportunity to compete against other vintage car owners and see which
vintage cars have been restored the best. For car aficionados this is a
big treat as they will b able to see these magnificent cars of the past
and also get the chance to meet the people who owned and restored them
and also, meet new friends and get some information.

In these vintage car shows, each car are meticulously inspected for any
flaws which could determine who will be the winner. Judges would see if
the engine parts are all original, if the cars are clean and rust-free,
do the vintage cars emulate its original characteristics, does every
mechanism work, or if the vehicles are road worthy and can run fine.

Most of the time, vintage car shows are set up by different car clubs. If
you are interested to join one, you can ask the vintage car clubs in your
area, better yet, you can join them so you can be updated always. By
joining a vintage car club, you will be able to get lots of information,
not only with the schedule of vintage car shows, but other pertinent
information which can help you restore and maintain a vintage car.

But a vintage car show is not only for those who have vintage cars. If
you love vintage cars and love going to vintage car shows, all you have
to do is buy a ticket and see these glorious machines which helped start
the automotive industry.

So why do people love going to vintage car shows? With all the somewhat
similar designs of cars today, The hard bodied box type cars of yesterday
emits a certain aura of glamour and sophistication, back then, only a
fortunate few can afford to own a car. These vintage cars are great to
look at and seeing them restored to their full glory is such a thrill for
those who truly love cars.

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