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					Job Title: Associate Provost

Department: Academic Affairs                                           Status: Exempt

Job Purpose:
The Associate Provost provides assistance to the Provost and works with the Deans’ Council regarding
faculty personnel issues, comprehensive program reviews, and curriculum issues as well as faculty and
administrative searches. The Associate Provost works with the directors for the Center for Excellence in
Teaching and the Regents Center for Learning Disorders. The Associate Provost also serves as the
accreditation liaison.

Duties and Responsibilities:
    •   Responsible for overseeing faculty personnel issues including the pre-tenure, post-tenure, tenure,
        and promotion reviews.
    •   Manage the comprehensive program review process.
    •   Facilitate submission of curricular items to the Board of Regents as well as substantive changes to
    •   Facilitate the search process for faculty and administrative positions.
    •   Supervise the directors of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and the Regents Center for
        Learning Disorders.

Minimum Requirements:
   •  Earned doctorate or equivalent terminal degree from an accredited institution.
   •  Experience demonstrating the ability to manage, direct, and lead professionals.
   •  Ability to think creatively, analytically, and strategically.
   •  Communication and interpersonal skills, which enhance interaction with diverse constituencies
      within the University as well as to the community beyond the campus.
   •  Style of leadership that facilitates strategic planning, team building, and organizational
   •  Experience working with accrediting bodies and accreditation procedures.
   •  Familiarity with curriculum processes in higher education.
   •  Understanding of the importance of diversity in the attainment of academic distinction; ability to
      promote, and function successfully in, an environment of collegiality and diversity.
   •  Knowledge of trends and issues challenging higher education.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
   •   Earned doctorate or equivalent terminal degree.
   •   Demonstrated skills in leadership, management, and organization.
   •   Strong computer skills.
   •   Excellent communication skills.
   •   Ability to work with diverse campus population.

Working Conditions:
Position may require hours in excess of the 40-hour work week (8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday)
with some travel anticipated. Stressful situations, sometimes urgent, may affect the employee’s quality of

Reports to: Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

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