iPhone Keyboard Tips and Tricks

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					iPhone Keyboard Tips And Tricks

Every time that you have a new technology it requires you to learn how to
use it. However, this can sometimes be extremely difficult, especially
when there aren't very many resources to help you learn new techniques.
A great example of this is with the new Apple iPhone. When you first
purchase an iPhone, than you have probably spent many hours getting
familiar with the various technologies that are inside this amazing cell
phone, however, there are some tips that aren't learned by simply playing
around with the phone. In order to learn about these tips, than you must
first learn them, and one of the best tips concerns the keyboard.

When you have such a unique feature as the touch screen keyboard, than
there are several tips that you must know in order to keep your messages
flowing. When you follow these tips than you will be able to type
quicker and error free, as well as being able to type easier than ever
before. The first of these tips concerns actually typing the letters
into the iPhone. When you want to enter a letter, you tap on it;
however, the letter isn't placed onto the screen until you lift your
finger off of it.

Thus, if you touch the wrong key than you can simply fix this error by
sliding your finger to the correct letter. Then when you have found the
right letter or number, you can lift your finger and the letter will be
placed onto the screen. This tip helps fix the majority of errors, and
will save you time.

Many people have found that the auto-correction feature within the
keyboard is a great way to keep your writing clear and easy. However, it
is very easy to accept a word that you didn't want to type. If you want
to steer clear from this confusion than you need to learn how to accept
and reject a suggested word. When you want to accept a word than you
will want to tap either return, space or tap a punctuation mark.
However, if you want to reject a suggested word, than you will simply
want to finish typing the word you want and then you will have to tap the
completed word.

A reminder, if you write a full word out two different times, and then
tap on them both times, the iPhone will actually add the word to its
dictionary. It takes a couple of weeks to store all of your most used
words into the dictionary, however, once you have done this typing on
your iPhone will be extremely fast.

The last tip has to deal with the capitalization of words. If you want
to capitalize the first letter of a word, you simply tap the shift key
and then tap the letter you want capitalized, but what happens when you
want to capitalize the entire word? This is very easy, and doesn't
require you to tap the shift key before each letter. You will want to go
to settings and then tap general after that tap keyboard. From there you
will tap "Enable Caps Lock," and then when you double tap the shift key
it will light up blue, and now you will be able to type in all caps.

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