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In the early days of personal computers, in the age of the DOS command-
line operating system, there were viruses that hid their presence from
the users and anti-virus programs. They did it by intercepting some
system calls that were responsible for reading the files, and lied to the
system by filling these calls with fake information. You could view an
infected file right in front of your eyes and see nothing but legit code!
These viruses were called 'stealth' in those days.

When computers evolved, Windows replaced the DOS. Old viruses did not run
under the new operating system, and it wasn't easy to develop simple
hacks to intercept system calls in Windows. But time has passed, and now
there's a new wave of viruses that can work on Windows and hide their
presence even more efficiently than the stealth viruses of the old days.
These new viruses are called rootkits.Microsoft tried to address the
problem by releasing their own Rootkit Revealer.

The Partizan technology is unique to UnHackMe. Microsoft states that
there exists no sure way to know of a rootkit's presence from within a
running system. Instead of trying to combat rootkits on their own ground,
Partizan fools them by booting with the operating system and taking
control before any rootkits can load. Anti virus programs can be very
beneficial to you and for your computer system.

While being a correct concept, this tool fails on too many levels.
Microsoft Rootkit Revealer is intended for use by system administrators
and software developers. The results of its work are not detections but
rather hint that there's something in the system that's hidden. And of
course, Rootkit Revealer does not remove rootkits, making its benefits
questionable at best for a regular computer user. Being the first to
load, UnHackMe can safely watch all stages of the Windows boot process,
effectively detecting and terminating any activities attempted by the

Once there's no rootkit in the computer's memory, detecting and removing
one is a matter of routine. UnHackMe can remove known rootkits by itself
or simply block the rootkit from loading into memory and pass control to
your regular anti-virus.Scanning your entire PC for the presence of a
rootkit with a regular antivirus can take hours of time depending on the
number of files and programs you have. UnHackMe takes scanning speed to
another level by taking only a few seconds every time your computer

Complement your antivirus with a rootkit detection and removal system and
liberate your PC from rootkits! UnHackMe with Partizan technology is
highly compatible and designed to complement other antivirus solutions
instead of conflicting with them. Antivirus and anti-rootkit products
often conflict with each other. Not UnHackMe! You can safely pair
UnHackMe with an antivirus of your choice, providing ultimate protection
against all kinds of anti viruses and rootkits. Good luck and I hope that
your computer experiences get better each time you get on.

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