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									Realstone Ultra - More than a wall finish, it’s a
complete thermally insulated interlocking stone
cladding system
Ultra uses less than 10% of valuable material than does solid stone wall construction
resulting in significant savings on the planets natural resources.

Ultra does not require as substantial and expensive concrete footings compared to some
other systems creating savings, and the carbon footprint offset relative to the cost
associated with concrete production.

Ultra is available in many natural stone types, colours and textures sure to please the
most discerning of clients.

Ultra does not require expensive masonry substrates to be affixed to, resulting in major
savings in resources, labour and money in both the carbon footprint for the manufacture
of cement and brick.

Ultra is easily installed direct to timber or metal framed structures with our patent
pending EasyFix channel system.

Ultra is totally waterproof when fixed according to the specification manual.

Ultra provides a system insulation factor without other wall insulation thus saving on
additional insulation material and installation costs.

Ultra insulating board is a closed cell product that is completely vermin and rot proof.

Ultra is around half the weight of most other stone veneers in the market place.

Ultra is perfect for upper, multi story builds and extensions due to its lightweight features
at 30-35kg a sq metre.

Ultra installation process is clean and dry compared to wet fix mortar based fixing

Ultra requires very little maintenance.

Above all, RealStone Ultra looks absolutely stunning on any project whilst adding real
value and charm to what is generally your most significant investment.

     Realstone Ltd, Wingerworth, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S42 6RG, England
                   TEL: 01246 - 270244    FAX: 01246 - 220095
                    sales@realstone.co.uk www.realstone.co.uk

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