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									                                                                                          Activation Laboratories Ltd. Work Order No. 25939 Report No. 25860B

'Near Total' Digestion Analysis: TD-Pb
 SAMPLE                                 Pb
 TORRINGTON                            272
 ELK MTN                             6748
 JEFF COUNTRY                        1132
 JEFF COUNTRY                  /R    1094
 IVELAND                             1439

 AL-1                                   4.5
 AL-I                                     3
 SDC-1 cert                              25
 SDC-1                                   19
 DNC-1 cert                             6.3
 DNC-1                                   -3
 SCO-1 cert                              31
 SCO-1                                   25
 GXR-6 cert                            101
 GXR-6                                   99
 GXR-2 cert                            690
 GXR-2                                 643
 GXR-1 cert                            730
 GXR-1                                 768
 GXR-4 cert                              52
 GXR-4                                   43

 Note: Certificate data underlined are recommended values; other values are proposed except those preceded by a "(" which are information values.

 Clients are advised to obtain assays for Ag>100 ppm and Pb>5000 ppm due to potential solubility problems.
 Values for Cu, Ni, Zn, Mo greater than 1% should be assayed if accuracy better than+/-10-15% is required.
 Values above 1% are for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for promotional or ore
 reserve calculations.   Assays are recommended for this purpose.
 Sulphur will precipitate in samples containing massive sulphides.

Negative values indicate less than the reporting limit                                                                 Page 1 of 1
99999 indicates greater than 10%                                                                                        4/15/2012
                                                                                                                         7:54 AM

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