reply by lover by opaperpkdotcom


									Sorry, I never use the default port. And Im using the protocol2 secure.

so you will never get plain text when you’re trying to do the sniffing
about me and C: \ nc-l-o-v-e that you give only the mere thought of as

Although you use an anonymous proxy, it continues to trace me, until I
found the original IP

you as a loser who can not be in the count

Sorry, bugs my vulnerability   that you find only a honeypot to trap

losers like you.

My antivirus detect and to remove have you as a trojan which threatens

Although you managed to install php shell backdoor in my heart but sorry,
.. My tomcat server jsp support only.

Freespace that there was only a drive swap is very important to me,

and give you permission whoever occupied it.

Although you managed to tether Netcat as a “Remote Connect-Back Shell,”
useless, ..

My father’s proxy will never allow me to connect with another.

Sorry, for now you will only receive a “Request timed out” from me.

Because my heart is “Sorry, server maintenance”

You need not keep me, because my father has fix me up with a civil
servant (not

Civil Servants but Professional Network Security)

Sorry, for now “Destination unreachable”

Never say “You do not have permission to access it”

At some point you will receive a “Reply from me” with TTL = never. But
only to the extent

friend, do not expect much response from me.

because my admin might suspicious and block access to the reasons
classical of APP Rules.

You’re right, I’m not a system, and im not your angel

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