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If your heart is a system, then I will scan you to know

which ports are open so there is no doubt when I c: \> nc-l-o-v-e to

your heart, but I only dare to ping behind the Anonymous proxy, is this
what it feels to fall

love so that makes me feel like a loser or whatever I was real loser!

If your heart is a system,

I think I want to take advantage your vulnerabilities, using PHP
injection Then l ls-la;

find /-perm 777-type d, so I know if in your heart there is a folder

or is there a free space for me?. What I have to plug backdor “Remote

Shell “so I stay waiting for a connection from you alone, let me not
languish like this.

If your heart is a system,

when all accepted my request I will continue stay in bugtraq to know

your latest bugs then I’ll patch n pacth continue, I’ll keep the service
you do not

crash n I’ll be I’ll plug your firewall ports entry, and setting error

your page “The page can not be found Coz Has Been Owned by Someone get
out!” I promise not

miscellaneous going there a hidden program or service, because I’m very
affectionate and

love you.

If your heart is a system,

Never say “You do not have permission to access it” for me, if you don’t
want to be ping flood DDos Attack Or huff i don’t want ….! You must be
the angel savior.

If your heart is a system, …?

But unfortunately your heart is not a system,

You are the angel of my dreams, who had screwed my system!
Someday I’ll come n say if my heart had been infected with the virus

the sweep, none anti virus that can exist apart …how a pity you are to be
the hackers, and finally, after all this time the

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