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									SOUTH KOREA – FIRM PROFILE                                                                    SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION


THE FIRM                                                         M&A

          ITH more than 30 years of experience as South          The firm has consistently led the market in terms of
          Korea's leading law firm, Lee & Ko's extensive         number and value of M&A transactions it has advised,
          practice groups and specialized teams have             including domestic and cross-borders acquisitions,
consistently been ranked among the best in the field for         acquisition of privately held companies and publicly listed
relevant markets and practice areas by leading Korean            companies, tender offers and hostile takeovers, defense
and international professional associations and                  of hostile takeovers, formation of holding company
publications.                                                    structure, equity transactions and business/asset
    Being founded in 1977, Lee & Ko is the one of the            transfers.
largest full-service law firms in Korea and has a widely
recognized and long-established record of excellence in          Banking, Finance & Securities
providing expert legal advice to and representation of its       The banking and securities experts at Lee & Ko have
diverse clientele in domestic and international matters          earned utmost respect among Korean practitioners, in all
involving all areas of legal practice. With the resources        aspects of banking, finance and securities transactions
and expertise of more than 370 professionals (including          including secured and syndicated loan transactions and
lawyers, patent attorneys and CPAs) in Seoul and Beijing,        guarantees, offshore and onshore IPOs, offshore
the firm offers clients high quality yet practical and           issuance of securities, structured finance, project finance,
sensible legal solutions in the following four main practice     aircraft and ship finance, leasing and tax-based finance.
groups: (1) Corporate (including mergers and acquisitions,
restructuring, foreign investment, anti-trust, tax,              Intellectual Property
employment, anti-dumping and environment); (2) Banking,          Lee & Ko's intellectual property team, in cooperation with
Finance & Securities (including general banking,                 over 70 patent attorneys and highly specialized experts,
securitization, project finance, leveraged finance,              has consistently defeated the competition in the most
asset/real estate finance, private equity, capital market        prominent intellectual property litigations, thereby
and securities and derivatives); (3) Litigation & Arbitration;   placing the firm in the position of unequivocal leader in
and (4) Intellectual Property (including patent, trademark,      this area. Also, First Law Lee & Ko, the IP prosecution
copyright, unfair competition, technology license and            arm of Lee & Ko, is the established leader in Korea in the
franchise). Lee & Ko’s solid reputation in the market as a       field of IP prosecution.
top-tier Korean law firm (as consistently recognized by all
major legal publications including Asialaw, Chambers Asia,       Litigation & Arbitration
Legal 500 and IFLR 1000) is a testament to its technical         The firm's litigation and arbitration team is led by former
excellence, practical and results-oriented approach and          Supreme Court Justices and other high-ranking members
dedication and commitment to providing only the top              of the Korean judiciary. Lee & Ko is internationally
quality advice. The firm’s solid reputation coupled with its     renowned for its proven ability to deliver optimum results
extensive global network (including across the North             to its foreign clients in the most high-profile and complex
American region) and strong focus on teamwork and                disputes. Litigation and arbitration experts at Lee & Ko
collaboration will continue to earn Lee & Ko recognition as      ensure that foreign clients are fully informed with the
a leader of the Korean legal industry that drives most           progress of proceedings at all time so as to enable them
value for its clients.                                           to make informed decisions.

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE                                           Telecommunications, IT & E-commerce
Corporate                                                        Lee & Ko advises foreign clients on all
Lee & Ko represents foreign companies in the full                telecommunications, IT and e-commerce related issues.
spectrum of their corporate activities in or relating to         With market-leading experts and highest ranking former
Korea, including mergers and acquisitions, cross-border          government officials in the area as its members, Lee & Ko
investment, foreign exchange control, bankruptcy and             is the established leader among Korean firms in this
company reorganisation, antitrust and fair trade, joint          burgeoning field, and is committed to delivering the
ventures, corporate governance, licensing and                    optimum results to its foreign clients in all IT-related
distributorship, tax and human resources.                        transactions.
SOUTH KOREA – FIRM PROFILE                                                                SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION

                                      Tax                    restriction cases. Lee & Ko has also acted on behalf of
                                      The firm's tax team    foreign companies in numerous cases involving trade
                                      is staffed with a      disputes with Korean parties.
                                      former Vice
                                      President of the       Product Liability
                                      National Tax Service   As the leading litigation firm in Korea, Lee & Ko has
                                      who is an expert in    successfully represented foreign clients in a multitude of
                                      transfer pricing and   product liability litigations, including claims alleging
                                      corporate tax          defects in automobiles and aircraft, which often involve
                                      matters, CPAs, tax     complex mechanical issues.
                                      litigators, and an
                                      outstanding group of   Energy
                                      tax attorneys. This    Lee & Ko has represented and currently represents major
                                      practice group also    power producers in dozens of power plant projects, in
                                      boasts a tariff        Korea and abroad, including construction, acquisition and
                                      speacialist team,      operation of nuclear, steam supply, solar, wind and
                                      including a former     hydroelectric power plants. Lee & Ko has also advised
                                      officer of the Korea   extensively on oil and gas development and pipeline
Yong Suk Yoon, Managing Partner Customs Service.             projects mining projects for uranium and other minerals,
at Lee & Ko in Seoul                  With such leading      as well as numerous contracts and projects involving LNG
                                      members, Lee & Ko      carriers.
is broadly experienced in providing advice on tax/tariff
audit assistance, tax planning, tax/tariff advice, and       White-Collar Crime
transfer pricing matters.                                    Lee & Ko's team of white-collar crime lawyers consists of
                                                             former prosecutors including those who have held the
Human Resources & Labour                                     highest offices. The team leads the Korean market in
Lee & Ko advises foreign clients on every aspect of labour   handling the highest profile cases of corporate crimes
and employment law, which represents an important            and other business offenses. The team also works closely
aspect of a foreign-invested company's operation in          with corporate lawyers to provide the very best of
Korea. The highly competent human resources and labour       assistance to foreign clients involved in criminal matters
attorneys at Lee & Ko have set various leading precedents    in the course of their operations in Korea.
of the Supreme Court in this area.
                                                             Maritime & Aviation
Antitrust & Competition                                      Lee & Ko has traditionally been the market leader in the
Lee & Ko's antitrust and competition team is staffed with    field of maritime and aviation, having advised the leading
leading experts and prominent former officials of the        airlines, shipping companies and insurance companies of
Korean Fair Trade Commission, and provides advice and        Korea since the 1970s. Lee & Ko has represented
representation in all areas of monopoly regulation, price-   shipowners, P&I clubs, underwriters and cargo claimants
fixing and unfair trade matters. The team advises and        in countless cases of ship collisions, marine pollution,
represents foreign clients on regulatory aspects of M&A      charterparty and bill of lading disputes, as well as the
transactions including merger filings, as well as            most prominent aircraft crash cases.
investigations into unfair trade practices and antitrust
matters, often in association with the white-collar crime

Real Property & Construction                                 Lee & Ko
The real property and construction lawyers at Lee & Ko       Managing Partner: Yong Suk Yoon
lead the market in urban reconstruction projects,            Number of lawyers (excluding patent attorneys): 295
including residential reconstruction projects. Lee & Ko      Number of patent attorneys:75
also boasts a wealth of experience in large infrastructure
and building construction projects in Korea and abroad.      18 Floor, Hanjin Main Building
Lee & Ko represents developers, construction companies       118, Namdaemunno 2-ga
and lenders in relation to such projects.                    Seoul 100-770
                                                             South Korea
International Trade                                          Tel: +82 2 772 4000
Lee & Ko has successfully represented foreign clients in     Fax: +82 2 772 4001/2
numerous cases involving issues of anti-dumping and          E-mail: mail@leeko.com
countervailing duties, as well as customs and import         Website: www.leeko.com

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