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					Every motorcycle we see around seems just a machine designed in some unique
manner by the manufacturer. But there is always a style and performance
characteristic behind different pattern of bikes. It’s easy to distinguish between bike
patterns when we are known to the aspects that govern their production. It also helps
to opt for a new bike when we know our desires and demands from a two wheeler
ride. Whenever we are on a set to go for a new bike, we only choose from a lot of
upcoming models looking for basic features like engine capacity, torque, mileage,
graphics and style. That is not enough if you really wish a bike that fits your passion
and need of ride. In this article we will have a look over different categories of
motorcycles, there main characteristics and what they really impart to a man riding its


This is the most known category to people around. The main characteristic of such
bikes is that they are capable to maintain balance and stability on winding roads as
well as at high speeds. These bikes are designed with multi cylinder engines that help
to produce enormous power and high speed. Body of the motorcycle is framed by
aluminium alloy and suspensions are highly stiff for better handling. Brakes are
powerful to show control on extreme speeds and accompanied by high grip tyres
which support steady braking feature. Another thing to notice about sport bikes is that
this kind of motorcycle is designed in such a way that rider has to lean towards fuel
tank for adjustment but this is very useful as it helps to reduce the resistance provided
by wind.

There is also another type of sports bikes which are low in visual appeal and graphics
but provide same performance as that of sports bikes. They are usually termed as
Naked Bikes or Street Fighters.


Street bikes show high level of comfort for their riders on streets. But they are two in
their kind. These are cruisers and touring motorcycles. Both are designed in some
what same manner but what differs is seating and upper body. These bikes are always
street ready and to explore and ride heavy roads. Moreover, they have all the
equipments like a heavy horn, mirrors, high beam lights and a muffler attached to
them. Street bikes never fail to rule wet as well as dry roads. The tyres have a very
good adhesion towards street.

If a bike is needed for long distance, touring motorcycle suits best. They have a
fairing included i.e. a streamlined part to reduce drag while riding. They also have an
aerodynamic wind guard which is engaged round the headlight. It helps to enhance
touring style. They are incorporated with very comfortable seats and to carry few
extras on trip, saddle bags are available.
On the other hand, cruisers, unlike touring motorcycles don’t have aerodynamics wind
guard but more laid-back look. Handles are in different designs but most popular
amongst is swept-back handlers. Other amenities over this type of bike are casual
riding position, forward set pegs and low seats.


Off road bikes are not usually meant for street but for those who are freak about
freaky biking. Dirt bikes and motocross bikes fall both in this category. They have
much capability to uphold any obstacle like bumps and jumps. They can be seen
mostly on race tracks and very low in number in India. Some of the basic
characteristics of such bikes are,

      An advanced system for suspensions
      Lighter and narrower frames
      An increased ground clearance

These bikes don’t have a kick starter to maintain lighter frame and tyres with high
traction to avoid skids.

As a matter of fact such bikes are not having battery system that means no lights and
horn and besides that muffler is not available on silencers. This makes it unsuitable
for streets and hence illegal.


Traditional bikes which are also known by the name of standard bikes came into
existence after Universal Japanese Motorcycle model built in early 1970’s. These
bikes were set for all purposes and could manage any sort of ride. Today’s Standard
bikes try to manage same adaptability and candid design.

We can first choose a category to go for a bike then the most suitable falling in it. In
India, we don’t see much variety in domestic market but still it’s growing with time. It
can be observed after new cruisers from Royal Enfield are launched in Indian market.
Besides, Sport bikes can also be owned after paying a huge amount of custom on cost
price. Usually all the bikes we have this time in domestic market like Karizma ZMR,
Pulsar 220DTS-fi, Yamaha R15 etc are replicas of some super bikes and machines
like we had Yamaha Enticer and we have Bajaj Avenger are based on Cruiser design.
I have not seen any Touring bike in India yet but a mechanic residing in my
neighbourhood had modified his Cruiser into a Touring one. Traditional ones are not
been manufactured these days with standards but I can never forget RX-100 from

As a survey, there are more than200 million motorcycles on roads worldwide i.e.
almost 33 motorcycles per 1000 person when population is taken in consideration.
And in world, its Asia were most of the motorcycle are found in use. That’s round
about 58% from seven continents. And in Asia, it is India which is observed to be
home with largest number of motorcycles in world. But still we don’t have variety in
our market to own. Let’s hope for the bright future in our motorcycling world.

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