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									Are you stressed thinking what you are going to feed your baby? Do you cringe at tasting jarred baby food and

you only give it to your baby because you think he or she doesn't know the difference? Then learn how to make

nutritious homemade baby food recipes and you will not only give him the healthy benefits but will also help you

save a lot of money.

According to experts, a 4 month old baby can start solid foods in combination with breastfeeding. However, some

say that it is safer to start it on the 6th month of your baby's age. Baby food recipes to ideally start are rice

porridge, mashed potatoes or bananas, or pureed apple. The recipe includes simple easy-to-digest foods such as

cereals, fruits and vegetables.

Foods other than milk are really not important during the early months of his life. So there is absolutely no hurry

to start solid foods. It is also ideal to create your own baby food recipes just like what you did when you were

making your pregnancy diet plan to save money.

What You Should Not Forget When Making Baby Food Recipes

     Always wash your hands, clean cooking utensils thoroughly, disinfect the preparations surface and wash

      the ingredients. Cleanliness is a must since the one who will eat the food preparations still has a sensitive


     Give your baby the same homemade baby food for 4 days to test for allergies. So don't give more than 1

      type of food at a time.

     Don't prepare solid foods that can cause aspiration. Some examples include raw vegetables, peanuts,

      popcorn, candies, meat, and grapes.

     After feeding, air can cause discomfort to your baby and may cause reflux or vomiting after feeding. Avoid it

      by carrying him safely against your shoulder with your hands firmly supporting his head and back then

      gently rub his back. Another way to this is by positioning him on his stomach on your hand supporting his


     The safest thing to do before introducing solids to your baby is to discuss this with your paediatrician.

Additional Tip: After a continuous breastfeeding or bottle-feeding to your baby for more than 1 year, weaning may

be necessary. It is important that you do it gradually to make it easier for your body and baby to cope with the

changes. Weaning can be done by initially replacing one to three breastfeeding sessions a day with a bottle of

formula milk or a bottle of fruit juice if bottle feeding (fruit juices should not be given to babies younger than 6

months old).

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