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					                                       Western Nevada College
                                       Introduction to Painting
                                 General Syllabus – Art 131 (3 credits)

Connie Peng, Instructor
Email: pengc@wnc.edu

Classes meet at Aspen Room 210 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 1:00pm -3:45pm
Note: Class Meets Jun 13 – Jul 19, 2011

No Prerequisite.

This class will introduce basic concepts of painting and traditional and contemporary material.

Behavior in Classroom:
    Respect other students working environment by being considerate in your action and speech; you
       will be asked to leave otherwise.
    Clean up after yourself.
    Absolutely NO cell phone or laptop in class, that includes text-messaging and download music.

Your grade is based on completion of work.

   Attendance and Participation are required.
                    o Maximum of 5 absences allowed.
                    o Critiques and Assignment Lectures will be given on Mondays.

     5-7 paintings will be assigned for the term. Missing and incomplete work will result in lowering
      grades. Each painting should reflect the amount of time assigned.

*If you have a disability for which you will need to request accommodations, please contact the Disability
Support Services office (Bristlecone building, Room 103) 445-3266 or 445-3275 as soon as possible to
arrange for appropriate accommodations.
Material will be discussed the first day of class. You are responsible to have material ready by the second
day of class. Supply packets are available at WNC bookstore.

It is students’ responsibility to acquire
1. Paint. WNC bookstore will have water-miscible oil paint set available for approximately $45.
2. Palette
3. Brushes Class will provide painting supports such as canvas panels, canvas papers.
4. Rags – You must have rags. Get some old t-shirts and cut up in small pieces.
5. A cup or a jar for water.

Due to ventilation limitation of the studio students will use ONLY water-miscible oil paint or Acrylic. (I
recommend the water-miscible oil paint over acrylic, and we will discuss pros and cons of each on the first

1.   Water Mixable Oil Paint in the following colors (all included in the set from WNC bookstore):
         Lemon Yellow
         Cadmium Yellow Hue
         Permanent Alizarin Crimson
         Cadmium Red Hue
         Cerulean Blue Hue
         French Ultramarine
         Phthalo Green
         Yellow Ochre
         Burnt Umber
         Titanium White

Class will provide painting support such as canvas papers and canvas boards.

Week 1 – Values, and composition
        Assignment: Composition studies and Monochromatic still-life Painting

Week 2 – Color Theory
        Assignment: Collage as still-life and Color mixing

Week 3 - Color complexity
         Assignment: Arbitrary color with your own themed still-life

Week 4 – Mix Media
         Assignment: Mix Media with landscape and streetscape

Week 5 – Continue Mix Media and begin Independent Project
        Assignment: Subject Matter of your choice.

Week 6 – Completion of Independent Project and Final Critique.

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