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                                   YNNA ERIKKA MERCADO BISNAR
                           # 163 4 St. Espina Village, B. Rodriguez, Cebu City
                                          Mobile # 09331287627

DESIRED POSITION: Secretary General


Year & Course :           BA Psychology- I
Age              :       17
Sex              :       Female
Civil Status     :        Single
Date of Birth    :       June 29, 1994
Place of Birth   :       Cagayan de Oro City

Elementary       :       Assumption College of Davao
                         Ormoc City Sp-Ed Center
High School      :        New Ormoc City National High School
College          :       University of the Philippines Cebu College


University of the Philippines Student’s Active Group Aiming for the Betterment in the
          Academe of the Youth (UP SAGABAY)
University of the Philippines Psychology Majors Association (UPPSYMA)
University of the Philippines- Katilingban han mga Leyteños, Samarnons ngan Biliranons (UP- KALESA)
Nagkahiusang Kusog sa Estudyante (NKE)

“How can you contribute to the student council?”

          If given the chance to be a part of the student council, I would give enough of my time to the
organization because of our busy schedules; I think that it is the best way to show dedication and
willingness to one’s work and responsibilities. I would also put my best foot forward in every way possible.
Daryl Mishka C. Watin

Mishka is an aspiring Iska committed to serve the students and contribute to positive
change in the country. Taking up Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, she offers the UP
Cebu Student Council her talents and unwavering hard work. She sticks to deadlines
and makes sure that her tasks are properly done.

                  University of the Philippines Cebu College,                                                 2010 - 2014
                      ● College Scholar 1st Semester 2010-2011 with 1.5 GPA
                  Saint Theresa’s College,                                                                    2006 - 2010
                      ● Honor student with GPA 88.80, SY 2009-2010
                  Talisay Malayan Academy,                                                                    2000 - 2006
                      ● First Honorable Mention
Work Experience
        ● Online SEO Writer,                            Mrs. Florence W. Siao,                                2011 - present
                  (Search Engine Optimization)          write articles for company online services/products

             ●    Posters Artist,                       Miss UP Cebu                                                  2012
             ●    Posters and Shirt Designer,           5th VUDC,                                                     2012
             ●    Assistant Organizer,                  Human Potential Development Workshop,                         2012
             ●    Executive Committee,                  San Vicente Ferrer Barangay Fiesta,                           2010

              ● International Justice Mission,                                         Justice Advocate (2010-present)
              ● Children of Mary-Talisay,                                              Junior President (2008-2009)
              ● Hippodromo SpEd Learning Center,                                       Committee (2010-present)
              ● Voices of Praise of Carmel,                                            Active Member (2010-present)
              ● UP Tinta,                                                              Secretary (2012-present)
              ● Union of Progressive Students,                                         Active member (2011-present)
              ● Mata ni Oble,                                                          Active member (2011-present)
              ● UP Psychology Majors Association,                                      Member (2010-present)

                   High School
                     ● Student Body Association, IV-B class     Vice-President (2009-2010) &
                                                  III-A class    Asst. Treasurer (2008-2009)
                     ● Sententia Teresiana (Debate Team), Co-founder, Core group (2009-2010)
                     ● Star Magazine (Publication), Writer, Layout Artist, Photographer
                       ●    HS Photography Committee,                                          Pioneer member (2010)
                       ●    HS Glee Club,                                                      Member (2008-2010)
References                 Rowena Villarama-Mende                 Thaddeau Engaling              Leonora Ruiz
                           Cluster Chairperson                    Guidance Specialist            HS Guidance Head
                           UP Cebu Social Sciences                UP Cebu OSA                    STC Cebu
                           09173211375                            09233173433                    09272812770

Contact                                         755 P.C. Canizares St.
                          +63 923 470 8678                                Brgy. Dumlog, Talisay City, Cebu
Valentin Jose Adrian L. Bonite
Contact                            B8, L73, La Buena Vida Subd.,
                  +639471656485                                         Lumbia, Cagayan de Oro City,
                                                                                      Misamis Oriental

Education         University of the Philippines Cebu College,                                       2011-2015
                      Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
                  Philippine Science High School - CMC                                              2008-2011

                  Corpus Christ High School,                                                        2007-2008
                          Third Honors,                                SY 2007-2008
                  Corpus Christ Grade School,                                                       2001-2007
                          Honors
                  Layout Artist,                     UPS Chronicles                                2011-present
                  Camp Team Leader,                  MOVE UPS                                      2011
                              Mindanao Opportunities for Vitalized Education and Upgrading of Science

                          International Justice Mission,               Justice Advocate            2011-present
                          UP Cebu Student Council: 1st Year Representative                         2011-2012
                          UPS                                          Active member               2011-present
                          UP CSG                                       PIO                         2011-present
                          UPDA                                                                     2011-present
                   High School
                          Kalilintad (Yearbook),                       Managing Editor             2010-2011
                          PSHS-CMC Boys’ Dorm                          Vice President              2010-2011
References                 Julius Bungcaras                    Thaddeau Engaling                    Liza Andoy
                           Student Mobilization Head           Guidance Specialist                School Registrar
                           International Justice Mission       UP Cebu                            PSHS-CMC
                           09082817130                         09233173433                        09088740593
                        Romeo Nicolas Bonsocan
                              City Address: #8 Sunset Drive, Lahug, Cebu City
                Provincial Address: Mancao Subd., Awayan, Pob. III, Carcar City, Cebu
                                     Contact No. 0943 436 3136


                To be an OJT trainee in your company to practice and enhance my skills.



                  Programming Languages: C, Java, Assembly, MySQL, PHP

                                                           -oriented Programming, Data
                Structure, and Graphical User Interface.


Project Title           Programming             Description              Involvement/
                        Language                                         Position

Pinoy Extreme           Java                    Hangaroo-inspired        GUI and Tester
                                                Word Guessing
Bathalad                HTML, CSS, MySQL        Database Project         Project Manager,
                                                that allows client to    Web Designer,
                                                customize what they      Tester
                                                want in their website
Calculator              Assembly                Simple calculator        Co-developer, Coder
                                                with basic operations    and Tester
                                                (+,-,*,/) and allows a
                                                6-digit input
Fairy Notes             PHP, CSS                Web Content              Project Manager,
                                                Management               Documentation, Co-
                                                System in the form       analysist and Tester
                                                of a blog

   Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
   University of the Philippines Cebu
   DOST Scholar

   St. Catherine’s College
   High School
   4th Honorable Mention


   Chairperson—TINTA (Official Creative Writing Organization)
   University of the Philippines Cebu
   1st TINTA Literary Awards (August-November 2011, UP Cebu)
   June 2011-present

   Vice-President—DOST SA UP University of the Philippines Cebu
   DOST SA UP Acquaintance Party (August 2011, Jollibee-Ayala)
   June 2011-present

   Cebu City
   BATHALAD Monthly Poetry Reading
   January 2012-present

   Moderator—Balakista (Online Poetry Archive)
   2011 Philippine Blog Award Nominee for Culture and Arts (Visayas and National
   December 2010-present


   Ms. Portia Dacalos
   DOST SA UP Adviser
   Guidance Specialist
   Office of the Students Affairs
   University of the Philippines-Cebu
   Gorordo Ave., Cebu City
   (032) 232 8185

   Mr. Jedaia Joel Lumagbas
   Computer Science Division
   University of the Philippines Cebu
   Gorordo Ave., Cebu City
   0933 469 5886
Applicant, Deputy Secretary for Records
UP Cebu Student Council (SC) 2012-2013

                       AKONG MATABANG
                    SA UP CEBU SC 2012-2013
           Isip Deputy Secretary for Records sa Konseho, kon tugotan sa higayon,
     akong seguradohon nga ang tanang mga papeles ug dokumento sa SC mahipos
     nga sa panahon nga kini kinahanglanon akong mahatag ug mapakita sa walay
     langan. Ug kon kinahanglanon, dili ko magdumili nga mobuhat ug mobulig sa
     Secretary General sa iyang mga buhatonon.

         Isip tinun-an sa UP Cebu, sukad pa sa akong unang tuig dinhi, aktibo na ko
   sa mga buhatonon nga pang-organisasyon. Nabalanse nako ang akong mga
   buhatonon isip estudyante ug opisyales sa nagkalain-laing organisasyon masulod
   o magawasan man sa tunghaan. Sa akong ikaupat nga tuig, ang pagserbisyo sa
   mga estudyante pinaagi sa akong mamahimong posisyon sa Konseho mao ang
   usa sa akong gustong mabuhat.

         Ning atong Konseho, ang mamahimong kabahin ug makaalagad sa
   kinabag-an kutob sa akong mahimo usa ka dakong tahas nga andam nakong
   dawaton kon tugotan sa higayon.
                                     Caren Hope L. Tancinco
                                   BA Mass Communication 3

Gender: Female
Birthday: June 4, 1991
Address: 468 Gorordo Ave. Purok 3 Upper Camputhaw Cebu City

         Hilongos South Central School (2004)
                 Third Honorable Mention
         Grelina Osmeña Christian College (2008)
         University of the Philippines-Cebu
                 BA Mass Communication

   5th Gullas Inter Collegiate Oratorical Contest, finalist
   Grand Champion—Regional Extemporaneous Speech Contest (2008)
   Filipino Literary Editor (2006-2007), Ripples—Official School Paper of Grelina Osmeña Christian
     College (GOCC)
   English Literary Editor (2007-2008), Ripples

   Disc Jockey, 93.9 iFM (dyXL-FM), April 2011 to September 2011
   Rampahan Segment Producer, Spectrum Productions, UP Cook-Out 2011
   Radio News Reporter, y101 (dyIO-FM), October 2010-December 2010
   Administrative Assistant (Part-time)—Marketing Department, Ayala Center Cebu (Cebu
    Holdings, Inc), October 2011
   My Paranormal Romance (Extra/Cast--Student), 2011
   Wired—Production Crew (Host)

   Justice Advocate, Core 6 –International Justice Mission (IJM)
   LIFE Box-UP Cebu, President (June 2010-March 2011)
   UPSTAGE (University of the Philippines Student Theater Arts Guild for Education)
   CommUP (Communicators of UP)
   CAMS (Cebu Alliance of Mass Communication Students)
   UP Luntian
    Has good communication Skills
    A Team Player- Enjoys sharing knowledge and encouraging development of others to achieve
     specific team goals.
    Good at planning and organizing
    Keen in keeping records and documents
    Hosting/Public Speaking
    Writing news and feature stories
Caren Hope L. Tancinco

Serve the Students. Walk the Talk.

       If anyone had told me that I would be applying for this position when I was still a

freshman I would have never believed him or her. Back then, I told myself that I would stay

away from any leadership opportunity because I’ve had enough of it in elementary and high

school. But then I realized that service doesn’t end somewhere at any time. Everyone continues

to serve any day everyday even when he or she is not in a position.

       This time, I am ready to put my abilities and experiences to work and show leadership,

service and excellence to the University of the Philippines-Cebu student body.

       I am applying for the position of the deputy secretary for records because it would be a

great opportunity for me to grow as a person. This would also help me extend my service to the

entire student populace. I hope to be given the chance to be a part of the student council and be

in the forefront in the fight for our rights and welfare.

       I believe in the capacity of the student council and the abilities of all the councilors.

However, I also firmly believe that I can serve as an extra arm to the organization.

       I want to be part of the student council because I want to be part of the greater student

movement. I know it won’t be an easy task. Serving the students is not that easy but I know that

with your great leadership, it will be a worthwhile undertaking.

                               Joni Joy G. Dumasig
                                         Tabaylawom, Tisa
                                       CebuCity, Philippines
                                  Contact No. : +639 333027 875
                              E-mail Address:

Objective: To apply as Deputy for Finance of UP Cebu Student Council A.Y. 2012 – 2013.

          University of the Philippines Cebu                               2010 – present
                Bachelor of Science in Management
                    University Scholar with a GWA of 1.375,
                         Second Semester, A.Y. 2010-2011
                    College Scholar with a GWA of 1.75
                         First Semester,      A.Y. 2010 -2011; 2011-2012

          University of the Philippines High School Cebu                   2006 – 2010
                    Class Salutatorian Batch 2010
                    Second Honors, 3rd year High School
                    Third Honors, 2nd year High School
                    First Honors, 1st year High School

          Mabolo Christian Academy                                         2003 – 2006
                      Class Valedictorian

             Have excellent skills in Basic, Corporate and Partnership Accounting
             Knows how to make and analyze Financial Statements
             Excellent in oral, verbal and written communication
             Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint and knows Basic HTML
             Can work well under pressure and strictly follows schedule


             2nd Place: Junior Finance Executives (JFINEX) Quiz Bowl                    2012
             Became the Finance officer of the Justice Advocates—UP Cebu                2012
             Prepared the Work and Financial Plan worth Php 100, 000                    2012
              for the Young Minds Academy 5 NeGosYOUTH project
             Managed and liquidated expenses of the NeGosYOUTH project                  2012
             Treasurer of UP High School Cebu Batch 2010 Yearbook Committee 2010
                                  Seeing, Fulfilling
                                       Joni Joy Dumasig

       One important lesson that I have learned in Management is scanning the
environment. When one scans his or her environment, one sees the needs of it and one has
the opportunity to fulfill those needs or leave them unfulfilled.

       When the news of the Student Council opening the applications for the Deputy for
finance, I immediately thought of it as an opportunity to serve my fellow students through
applying what I have learned as a Management student for 2 years.

       I believe that learning is not confined in the four corners of a classroom. Rather, it is
a never-ending process that every person experiences every single day as long as one has
an open mind for it. I believe that being admitted to the Student Council as the Deputy for
Finance will not only make me grow as a student but will also be an chance for me to be a
part of an institution that protects and upholds the rights of my fellow students. I will be
able to serve them by properly managing and liquidating the 6-peso student council fee
that they pay. It is but important for every student to know how and where their funds are
used in order to ensure them that every peso is spent wisely, gearing towards the
betterment of the whole student body.

       Managing and liquidating funds is definitely not a piece of cake. But this daunting
task will not hinder me from taking my chance to serve the students. I see the need for a
better financial management in the school and I am willing and ready to fulfill that need.
                                       TRICIA GARRIDO TAMBAGO
                                  2 St. Doña Rosario Village, Mandaue City
                                            Mobile # 09336595830

DESIRED POSITION:          Deputy Secretary for Finance


Year & Course :           BA Psychology- I

Age              :       17

Sex              :       Female

Civil Status     :       Single

Date of Birth    :       October 21, 1994

Place of Birth       :   Cebu City


Elementary           :    Jose Zurbito Sr., Elementary School

High School          :   Cebu Normal University – Integrated Laboratory School

College          :       University of the Philippines Cebu College

3 Year High School Representative (S.Y. 2009-2010)
4 Year High School Representative (S.Y. 2010-2011)


University of the Philippines Psychology Majors Association (UPPSYMA)
Nagkahiusang Kusog sa Estudyante (NKE)

“How can you contribute to the student council?”

        If I were to be appointed as the Deputy Secretary for Finance, I would contribute to the student
council by fulfilling my duties and responsibilities. I will give my full attention and enough effort. I will also
do the work that will be given to me seriously and with dedication.

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