First Time Provisional Certificate Renewal by tangshuming


									  First Time Provisional Certificate Renewal
What to Know:
     1. You are not required to renew your Provisional Certificate before
        applying for your Professional Education Certificate. You are
        encouraged to apply for your Professional Education Certificate when
        you have met the requirements. However, if you are currently teaching
        please make this decision in consultation with your district.

     2. To renew your Provisional Certificate for the first time, you need to have
        completed either:
           a. an approved master’s degree from any university at any time, or
           b. 9 semester credit hours in an approved planned program (Options 1 – 4)
              after the issuance of your initial Provisional Certificate. At least 5 of
              your 9 planned program credits must have been taken at OU.

     3. Please return to for “Approved
        Planned Program Options 1 – 4”

     4. State Board Continuing Education Units (SB-CEUs) cannot be used for
        Provisional Certificate renewal.

     5. Once you have completed the requirements for a first time Provisional
        Certificate renewal (all grades must be posted), go to and apply for your new certificate.

     6. If you are using coursework from another institution to renew your
        provisional, you will need to drop off an official transcript in a signed,
        sealed envelope or mail it to:
                               Continuing Certification
                         363 Pawley Hall, Oakland University
                                2200 N. Squirrel Rd.
                                Rochester, MI 48309

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