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					                                                                                             January, 2012
                                                                                             Vol. 11-12 Issue 5

                                                   BAY NOTES
    American Association of University Women - Green Bay Area Branch Newsletter
The AAUW mission is to advance equity for all women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research.

                                                 JANUARY EVENTS

                                      Einstein Science Expo
                            Saturday, January 15th 9:00am-4:00pm
                                            Shopko Hall
                              Admission is $5 for children, $2 for adults
Once again as part of our STEM initiative, we are encouraging members to bring or send elementary and
middle school students-- especially girls, to the Expo presented by Schreiber Foods and WPS. The Expo is
packed with hands-on science fun for kids as companies showcase the science behind their businesses.
This is a great opportunity to connect the 7 areas of science featured to the real world and connect science with
career options in the student’s future. Plan to bring a young person – son or daughter, grandchild, scout,
neighbor – to check out all the science related activities and inspire thoughts about a STEM related
career! (If you can’t attend, you are encouraged to sponsor students at your local school or outreach
organization by donating admission fees)

                                  BRANCH Sponsored Public Forum
                                   The New Voter ID Law (WI Act 23)
                                 Wednesday, January 25th 6:15-7:45pm
                               Brown County Central Library-Auditorium
                                       515 Pine St, Green Bay

                                           Presented by Wisconsin’s
                                        Government Accountability Board
                                 In addition to answering your questions, the
                                Government Accountability Board will discuss:
                                      Changes in the ID requirement
                                      Documentation required to register
                                      Documentation required to obtain an
                                           absentee ballot
                                      How to obtain the required voter ID
                              Co-sponsored by League of Women Voters-GGB and Joshua

Looking Ahead... February 29th Branch Meeting 9:30 a.m. at Sandy Melroy’s

MEMBERSHIP                                                                                        Jill Lauritsen 592-9987
Remember now’s the time to get your friends, co workers, family, and neighbors to join!! Dues (national, state
and local) are HALF off until March 15th 2012. That means $37.50!! Remember every member should help
recruit. I have personally mailed 70+ invites to women in the Green Bay area besides emails and I know others
have sent emails inviting people to attend one of our meetings or gatherings. Invite them to our February 29th
coffee to be held at Sandy Melroy’s who has graciously offered her home to us.
With so many different memberships going on, please refer to the most recent Badger Briefs under Finance by
Janet Quail for the full explanation. AAUW is still offering Give a Grad a Gift membership campaign.

By joining AAUW, we belong to a community that breaks through educational and economic barriers so that all women
have a fair chance.
Please welcome our newest member, Kathy Schultz, whose info follows.

Branch Directory Addition
Schultz, Kathy
1256 Benjamin Ct. GB 54311
h:469-8123 w: 469-1600
Occupation: CEO/owner
Lifestlye Health Systems; Interim Health Care NE WI
Kathy Sampson-Schultz is committed to the Green Bay community. She grew up in the Astor neighborhood and
is an East High School graduate. Her education includes a Nursing diploma, NWTC; Associate Degree-
Business, UWGB; Associate Degree-Accounting, NWTC; and BA-Accounting-Lakeland College. She puts all
this education in use as the CEO/ Owner of LifeStyle Health Systems (an Occupational Wellness firm with
another office in Madison) and CEO/Owner of Interim HealthCare NE WI (a Medicare certified Home Health
Kathy has two daughters, Catie, a recent UWGB graduate and Johanna, a UWGB Junior student. In her rare
spare time Kathy enjoys reading, spending time at her Door County home and traveling.

Member News
Congratulations to Dotty Juengst on the birth of her granddaughter, Gwen, in December. Dotty is currently in
LA enjoying her future AAUW member!

AAUW’s New Report Makes Front Page of USA Today
The buzz about Crossing the Line: Sexual Harassment at School continues to grow, with a front-page mention
on Friday, December 2, in USA Today. The new research report was released in mid-November and has
attracted media attention. A Program in a Box will be available by the end of January to help branches share the
report’s valuable information (and best practices) with their local communities. There is also a PowerPoint
presentation online for branches to use.
AAUW Funds Seven Campus Sexual Harassment Projects
AAUW announced the awarding of $28,000 in Campus Action Project grants to seven colleges and universities
around the country. The grants will fund projects designed to educate local communities about sexual
harassment and prevent sexual harassment in middle and high schools during the 2011-12 academic year. The
project teams will use findings and recommendations from Crossing the Line: Sexual Harassment at School
to guide their programs.

AAUW-WI News                                                                      Pat Hinckley, 434-0784
The state board will meet on Saturday, January 21st. We will be finalizing plans for the spring convention April
28, 2012 and decide which AAUW Fund will be the recipient of the convention basket auction proceeds this
year. The convention is being hosted by the Janesville Branch at the Holiday Inn Express. If you have anything
you want brought up at the meeting, please contact me by Jan. 16th.
AAUW – WI is one of 15 states chosen to receive a grant to implement the new *My Vote- I Will Be
Heard campaign. The campaign is based on belief that women will play a crucial role in the 2012 election,
both as candidates and as voters. AAUW will work to educate women, especially millennial (age 18-30) across
the country about the rights and privileges that are at stake in the upcoming election; we will increase the
volume and direction of women’s voices and are committed to getting women to the polls in record numbers.
(*The branch will be participating in this effort! Dotty Juengst and a student intern at UWGB, Portia Georgia,
are currently planning a series of events to discuss voting and women’s issues. If you would like to help with the
informal discussions – called convos – please contact Dotty at 469-1919 after Jan 18 or at
AAUW-WI is again offering 2 scholarships to students to attend the National Conference of College
Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) to be held May 31-June 3, 2012. Branches can nominate students for
these scholarships. (Students attending AAUW partner colleges will be given preference) Deadline has been
extended to Feb. 1st. Contact me if you want to nominate a student. Check out the Badger Briefs article for more
Say No To Bullying! Take Action!
Bullying and sexual harassment have, unfortunately, made big headlines in recent months. After several tragic
suicides, new initiatives aimed at preventing bullying and harassment, and AAUW's ground-breaking report,
Crossing the Line, on sexual harassment in schools, the public and the media are finally paying attention to the
critical issue of bullying. Now is the time to pass strong, meaningful anti-bullying and harassment legislation.

Take action: Ask your senators to cosponsor the Student Non-Discrimination Act (S. 555)!
All students deserve a safe and nurturing environment in which to pursue their educational goals. Yet currently,
there is no federal law that explicitly protects students on the basis of their actual or perceived sexual orientation
or gender identity.
The Student Non-Discrimination Act (SNDA) would do just that. SNDA, which is modeled after other civil
rights laws such as Title IX, would protect students from various forms of bullying and harassment, such as sex
stereotyping and bullying based on their actual or perceived gender identity, and would give students the ability
to enforce protection from discrimination and harassment. AAUW believes it is past time for such a law.
To send a message asking your senators to cosponsor SNDA, visit AAUW Two-Minute Activist at
A Step toward Safe Campuses for All
AAUW is pleased to report that the Campus SaVE Act (S. 834/H.R. 2016) now has more than 40 co-sponsors
in the House and Senate thanks to the hard work of AAUW activists. Many of the provisions from Campus
SaVE have been included in the Violence against Women Act reauthorization.
Senate Approves Greater Protections for Sexual Assault Victims in Military
The Senate approved a bill that will grant victims of sexual assault in the military greater legal protections.
Authored by John Kerry (D-MA), the Senate bill mirrors legislation that was passed in the House earlier this
year. It provides victims of sexual assault in the military the right to legal counsel, confidentiality, and the
opportunity to transfer to another base. Only 8 percent of military sexual assault cases end in prosecution, yet
one in three women service members reported experiencing “some form of sexual trauma” during their service.

Fund Development                                                                     5Stella Frigo 632-4052
Thank You to all who attended the Dec. Brunch at the ARTgarage and contributed to LAF. We collected
$247 as our 2012 branch donation to the Legal Advocacy Fund. Here are the memorials members sent with
their donations:
My LAF donation is in memory of my mother, Leola Jensen Mckie, a tireless fighter for justice on many fronts,
in a wide variety of organizations. She was president of the Omaha, Nebraska, charter f AAUW when I was
born. And since I was the first child ever born to a serving president, all 400 members declared themselves to
be my godmothers! So I guess you could say that here, now, with you, I am sort of fulfilling my "destiny"...
Karen (McKie) Prevetti Kersten
My Aunts--Mona and Blanid Redmond--are an inspiration to the pioneering spirit of women leaving the farm in
Lanesboro, MN and pursuing an education. They were supportive to all their nieces and nephews in their
endeavors. Mona and Blanid attended the Winona Teacher's College. They received their undergraduate
degrees from the University of Minnesota, and their masters at Columbia. As I am writing, it occurred to me
that this family goal started with my Grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Cain Redmond. Grandma, who was born in
1872, was a one room country school teacher. How fortunate I am to know these wonderful women. ..
Estelle Redmond Frigo

A Brief Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) Update
LAF is supporting the plaintiffs in the Cioca V. Rumfeld lawsuit against the military. The plaintiffs want to
reform the military in how they treat soldiers who have been sexually assaulted. Their attorney, Susan Burke,
argued for the plaintiffs but the US District Judge dismissed the case. A 1950 Supreme Court ruling states that
"former and current soldiers could not sue the military for injuries including sexual assault." Attorney Burke
will appeal this decision. The strategy is to keep this case in the courts. The plaintiffs want their civil liberties
rather than being treated as criminals. According to Newsweek: "Women in the military are now more likely to
be raped by fellow soldiers than they are be killed in combat." In 2010 there were 3,158 military sexual assaults
reported by the Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office. The plaintiffs want the
US Defense Department to take responsibility for protecting their soldiers' constitutional rights.
International Women                                                                  Carol Pearson 336-4363
Giving Birth to Progress
For women in Afghanistan's most remote provinces, who face the greatest challenge accessing health care in this
overwhelmingly rural country, midwives serve as a lifeline. Of the approximately 500 birth complications that
occur daily in Afghanistan, 320 happen in those rural areas. Midwives are also active in cities, making home
visits to women too poor or limited in mobility to seek help at clinics or hospitals. Along with saving mothers’
lives, the midwives serve as homegrown role models whose economic strength and earning power are changing
their families’—and their communities’—views on women’s roles. Midwives can earn around $350 each month,
a substantial salary in one of the world’s poorest countries and where per capita GDP is less than $500 per year.
The money matters and is playing a role in shifting male attitudes toward women’s work outside the home.
When women begin contributing economically to the family, they also have a greater say in what happens to
them and to their children.
Moroccan Vote Puts Women's Gains to Crucial Test Morocco's new constitution offers huge hope for gender
equality, including combating a well-documented problem of domestic violence. New members of parliament
elected Nov. 25, along with the king, will determine actual change.
The reformed constitution recognizes that women--in addition to having equal civil and political rights already
laid out in the old constitution--have equal economic, social, cultural and environmental rights. It encourages the
creation of women's rights organizations to help institutionalize change."It's a really important achievement for
women in the Arab world," said Latif Ait Baala, president of Action Internationale, a rights group based in
Brussels, Belgium, in a recent interview outside U.N. headquarters in New York.
Morocco's landmark 2004 family code is a beacon for Arab women's rights. It raised the age of marriage for
women to 18 from 15 and gave wives joint responsibility with husbands in such family matters as property upon
divorce. It also criminalized sexual harassment.
Zahra Chagaf, a politician from southern Morocco, said in a recent interview, "Thanks to the new constitution,
all of women's rights are based on the principle of equality. Before it was just equality between husband and
wife, but now it is principled at all levels of society”.

Dreamers and Doers                                                                Pat Hinckley 434-0784
Nominations for 2011 Dreamers and Doers Award Needed!
Our Branch is now seeking nominations for the 2012 Dreamers and Doers Award. This award recognizes
contemporary women in Brown County who have demonstrated achievement, sustained leadership, and shared
their unique talents to make our community a better place in which to live. A nominee may have contributed
significantly to our community through her professional duties, organizational involvement, and/or volunteer
work. You likely know a woman who fits this profile! Please consider nominating someone.
An Official Nomination Form can be obtained at (put DD nomination in
heading) or download from the branch website (under DD heading at top of
page) Nominations must be postmarked by February 10, 2012 to be considered. Any questions? Contact Janice
McCarthy at .The 2012 Dreamers and Doers Award will be presented at
AAUW’s Dreamers and Doers Luncheon March 31, 2012 at Heritage Hill State Park, Green Bay. Award
winners and their nominators are expected to be able to attend the luncheon to be recognized.
Once again we are asking branch members to solicit ads for the award luncheon program. We count on
these ads, as well as sponsors and donors, to defray costs of the tour, tea and luncheon so that we can raise
enough money to continue our local scholarships and support AAUW fellowships. (see box below)
PLEASE try to get a least ONE ad for the program. It’s not difficult and the price is right - $30 to $120. All
the needed information about the ads – size, cost, where to send, deadlines – will be e-mailed or mailed to all
branch members in a few days (and will be available at the February meeting at Sandy Melroy’s). Info is also
available on our branch website

The branch was able to send $2000.00 to AAUW Funds in December from 2011 Dreamers and Doers
proceeds: $1000.00 to the Educational Opportunities Fund (supports education/lifelong learning
opportunities) and $1000 to the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund (funds research and projects)
$2500.00 (+ $500 from interest in the DD Scholarship Fund at the GB Community Foundation) will be used
to award 3 $1000.00 local scholarships for 2012-13 to area women earning first degrees.
A big THANK YOU to members who have volunteered to help organize the 2012 Dreamers and Doers
Events: Dotty Juengst and Sara Ramaker, sponsors and donors; Jill Lauritsen and Sandy Melroy, decorations,
artist exhibit, bucket raffle and door prizes; Ginnie Erdmann, tea and luncheon catering; Karen Kersten, tour;
Janice McCarthy and Eileen Littig, awards; Katy Rodon, publicity; Wendy Schroeder, reservations; and Nancy
Anderson, treasurer. They would love to have more members join them to help us with ads and volunteers
for the days of the events. Call me if you would like to be part of this great group! We will also sign up
workers for the tours, tea, and luncheon at the February meeting.

Chix AND Flix                                                             Ginnie Erdmann 336-0088
Film mavens should mark their calendars for Friday, January 20th when the group will resume its monthly
movie experience at Bay Park Cinema followed by socializing at a nearby eatery. The show time will be
available on Tuesday evening, January 17. All members and guests are welcome to participate, and you are
asked to call me if you plan to attend. An exact count is needed as dinner reservations are made in advance.

Book Group                                                              Janice McCarthy 497-0252
The group normally meets the 4th Tuesday of each month at Reader’s Loft (Bellevue) from 3:00 -4:30pm. All
members are welcome. Members receive a discount on purchase of books at the Reader’s Loft. Just mention
AAUW Book Group.
2012 Upcoming Schedule
Jan 24        Nine Parts of Desire: The Hidden World of Islamic Women by Geraldine Brooks
Feb 28        Day After Night by Anita Diamante
March 27      Cleopatra: A Life by Stacy Schiff

ARTgarage News                                                                Sandy Melroy 338-8450
The ARTgarage is currently assembling its 2nd annual ART meets Heart Community Mosaic. The BIG
unveiling of this community mosaic will be a Gala at the ARTgarage on Thursday Feb 2nd. Tickets are
available to purchase now - only $12 each for a grand celebration including community mosaic, a silent auction,
a juried art exhibit, live music, and artful appetizers

News from the Neville
Until February 12 The 67th Art Annual
A major, juried exhibition established at the Neville in 1942, this display features some of the finest artwork by
artists currently working in Northeastern Wisconsin or Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
Green Bay Botanical Garden
Soup and Substance begins January 27th and then every other Fri in Feb. and March. Enjoy hiking etc
then 5:30 soup and bread; 6:30 lecture; and 7:00 concert. Check for ticket/signup info.
Applications Now Available for Wisconsin Women's Policy Institute!
The application period for the Wisconsin Women's Policy Institute inaugural class is now open!
The WI Women’s Network is seeking women applicants from a variety of backgrounds who would like to
develop their policy advocacy skills to improve conditions for WI elderly women. The 2012 fellows will focus
on women’s health, safety and economic security.
Applications can be downloaded from WI Women’s Network website. All applications must be received by
WWN by 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 either by emailing the application as an attachment to or mailing it to the WWN office at 612 W. Main St. #200, Madison, WI 53703.

Jan 15          Einstein Science Fair Shopko Hall Bring a young person and enjoy science activities!
Jan 25          Voter ID Forum at BC Library downtown -auditorium 6:15-7:45
Feb. 10         Deadline for 2012 Dreamers and Doers Nominations
Feb. 29         Branch Meeting at Sandy Melroy’s 9:30 am Social and AAUW Update
March 30, 31    2012 Dreamers and Doers Tours and Award Luncheon at Heritage Hill
April 17        Equal Pay Day
April 28        AAUW-WI Convention at Holiday Inn Express in Janesville

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