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					Bangladesh. A independent country. Achieved it 1971 against Pakistan. After
independent this country and people is trying to improve their living style and trying
to increase their facilities. The people of Bangladesh and beside the govt. of
Bangladesh is trying to change the poor condition of Bangladesh. They are working
hard for this. People of Bangladesh was not so educated, but the govt. of Bangladesh
are taking so much necessary steps for improve this condition. Because education is
very much essential for improvement any nation. For this Bangladeshi govt. is trying
to improve this condition. Beside it the Bangladeshi people increase their minded
condition about it. They are trying to change this condition.

After the liberation war of 1971, the economical condition of Bangladesh is not so
good. Then the govt. of Bangladesh was and is taking some necessary steps for
improving the economical condition of Bangladesh. For this reason they give so much
importance about the business side of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh there is not so much
asset and power. So The Bangladesh was on under presser. But the wise people of
Bangladesh was come to change the system and help for the economical condition of
Bangladesh. And beside it foreign country was come to help Bangladesh. They are
giving so many ideas and they are helping by giving money for change the of the
business condition of Bangladesh.

And now the condition of Bangladesh is totally change. So many famous industries is
here and beside it the multinational companies and developed countries are investing
here for their profit and for the improvement of Bangladeshi Business system.

There is so many famous companies now at Bangladesh. Such as Square Ltd, Walton
Group, Baximco Group, Bashundhara Group etc.

At present Bangladesh is a developing country and very soon it will write his own
name on the list of development country by their powerful business system.

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