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									Economy is the root of a country. It builds the instruments of a country up very easily.
For getting establishment for a country, it is very necessary to be strong. Many
countries especially Europe have achieved establishment for being strong in this
sector. That the economical condition of a country is not well is known as poor
countries to all over the world. Bangladesh is a small country the condition of which
very weak. This country gets behind many rich countries due to being well in this
sector. So, Bangladesh is well known as a poor country to all the rich countries.

At present the whole economic condition of the world is not very well that’s why the
world is facing a lot of problems for the present time. It stands as challenge the world
in this time. Because of these problems, like poor countries are suffering from more
disasters than the rich countries are. The riches countries are trying to rise up their
condition. For this reason, poor countries are supporting more from the rich countries.

All the times for being a poor country, the economy of Bangladesh is structured by
that of a developing country as known as a rich country. The per capita income we
show is lower than other countries. In 2008, the income of Bangladesh was US$1,500
where Pakistan and India achieved average of $10,497. Bangladesh in 2008 got the
rank number as the 48th largest economy by IMF called International Monetary Fund
with a gross domestic product of US$224.889 billion. The economy has increased at
the rate of 6-7% p.a. more than for a few years. Half of the GDP is going to the
service sector in Bangladesh especially in the agriculture sector, with RMG, fish,
vegetables,      leather     and        leather      goods,      ceramics,    rice.

Bangladeshi are increasing the Remittances working overseas, mainly in the Middle
East. It is becoming the major source of foreign exchange earnings for Bangladesh
and others are exports of garments and textiles for foreign exchange earning. GDP's
rapid growth due to sound financial control and regulations have also contributed to
its growth. However, slowly foreign direct investment is increasing very significantly.
Bangladesh is introducing herself all over the world to make major steps in its human

Bangladesh are playing a very significant role in the economic sectors like
Agriculture, Manufacturing & Industry and Textile sector. They are discussed one by
one                                                                          below:


Most of Bangladeshis manage drive their family from agricultural sector. Rice, Jute,
maize and vegetables are the main crops for earning money to drive their family very
well. Wheat is the another crops growing well in this country due to the expansion of
irrigation networks. Tea is grown in the northeast. Because of Bangladesh's fertile soil
and normally ample water supply, these crops are grown paddy three times a year in
many areas and wheat one time a year, and also jute a time a year and vegetables all
the year etc. Because of a number of factors, Bangladesh's labor-intensive agriculture
is going ahead to steady increases in food grain production in spite of the often
rubbish weather conditions. They are trying to support better flood control and
irrigation, a generally more efficient use of fertilizers, and the establishment of better
distribution and rural credit networks. It is becoming helpful for Bangladeshis farmers
living            well             in              the           proper              way.

Manufacturing                                  &                                Industry

Many opportunities giving new jobs to Women help Bangladesh increase their ready-
made garment industry at double-digit rates through most of the 1990s. By the late
1990s, about 1.5 million people got the opportunities in the garments sector as well as
Leather products specially Footwear(Shoe manufacturing unit). In 2002, Bangladesh
earned from export sector from ready-made garments reached $3,125 million,
representing 52% of Bangladesh's total exports. Bangladesh went ahead India in
apparel exports in 2009, its exports stood at 2.66 billion US dollar, ahead of India's
2.27 billion US dollar. So, this sector is managing most of the families of Bangladesh
to    support     and     give      job     opportunities   and     doing     well-off.

Textile                                                                            sector

The position of The textile sector of Bangladesh is very well all over the world. In this
sector, Bangladesh is getting introduced all over the world as a famous country.
Bangladesh's textile industry including knitwear and ready-made garments along with
specialized textile products is gaining the familiarities because of being welfare in this
sector. Bangladesh has become one of the export earners, accounting for 80% of
Bangladesh's exports of $15.56 billion in 2009. Bangladesh has achieve the 3rd
position in the sector of Textile exports in the world.

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