5 Reasons Why You Should Read to Your Child by frankielita


									Time spent with children at home is the most precious time for all parents. These times will never come back. It

helps to make it a daily program to read to your child. In fact bedtime reading is perhaps the most significant and

happy event of childhood that one recalls as an adult. There is something more in bedtime reading than just the

stories. They help transport both the reader and the child to the world of fantasy. Such excursions are most

enjoyable and build a bond between the parent and the child. When children begin to enjoy stories and reading

time, they grow up to be happy and secure individuals.

Here are the reasons why it helps if you make it a regular habit.

1. Children love stories and it helps grow their imagination

When you start reading different stories to your children at bed time or at a particular time in the day, it helps

children become more imaginative and helps them in their thinking process. It also helps them learn about the

external world and broaden their perspectives.

2. Children pick up language skills faster

When you start reading daily to your child, you will find the child picking up the language skills and learning to talk

faster too. They will automatically learn the language faster because of the daily reading.

3. Daily discipline of reading helps children cultivate and continue reading habit when they grow up

If you cultivate the habit of reading to your child every day, the child will build and continue the same habit

automatically as he grows up. As they say, books are the best friends and you are giving your child a good habit

to grow up with.

4. Helps you spend quality time alone with your child

Reading to your child, spending the time with your child helps strengthen the bond between you and your child

and makes the child feel happy and secure. The children love the warmth and cosy feeling of spending time with

parents listening to stories.

5. Children learn values from the stories that you read to them

As parents you wish to instil the right habits and values in your child. Reading is one easy way of teaching your

child the right values through examples and stories. Moral lessons learnt through the stories heard in childhood

are usually retained by children at all times and never forgotten.

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