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                                                                               The FM Opportunity

The FM range of quality, affordable fragrances and toiletries offers everyone the opportunity to build their own home-based business,
working flexible hours to suit themselves, and the needs of their family.

The FM opportunity is based on the age-old principle in marketing – “ People buy people first “. It is for this reason that many
companies pay well known celebrities millions of pounds every year to endorse their products. Rather than rely on celebrity
endorsement, the FM products are marketed by a network of independent distributors.

As an independent FM distributor you will earn money by enthusiastically recommending the FM products to others, and, by
introducing others to the opportunity, you will earn additional commission based on their sales.

In the U.K. the FM Cosmetics opportunity has been designed to comply with the provisions of the Fair Trading Act 1973 (as amended)
and the Trading Schemes Regulations 1997. FM Cosmetics UK Ltd is the promoter of this trading scheme in the United Kingdom.

The goods and services which are sold under this scheme are perfumes and related goods and services.

Most experts agree that when considering joining a network marketing opportunity there are three criteria which are essential for

    1. A well established and financially secure company with a proven track record and the potential for massive growth.

    2. High quality, low cost, repeat consumable products which have mass market appeal.
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    3. A marketing plan which is simple and easy to explain.

FM Group World began trading in Poland in September 2004, its headquarters being in Wroclaw.

The massive interest shown in its products during the first year of trading led to requests to establish bases in other countries. The UK
operation began in January 2006, and in August 2007 FM Group Canada became the twenty-third branch to open. Future plans
include opening branches in USA, Turkey, Macedonia, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

The products offer a choice of over 100 fragrances, carry a 30 day money back guarantee, and are NOT tested on animals.

We believe that the FM Group Marketing Plan offers a fair reward for every distributor irrespective of the level they choose to operate
at. You decide how you want to participate. Whether you choose to create an additional part-time income through retailing, or work full
time in the business – you control your own destiny.

FM Cosmetics UK Ltd is a product driven company, any and all commissions and bonuses are based on the sale and consumption of

The FM opportunity is available in over 20 countries worldwide, which gives you the opportunity to build an international business.

Please note :
    1. It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits
       from getting others to join the scheme.
    2. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.
FM Cosmetics UK Ltd began in January 2006 as a partnership between Anita Sieniuc and her father, trading as FM Group UK.
Following rapid expansion the limited company was incorporated
in April 2007, and relocated to larger premises in July 2007.

The company operates under a franchise agreement with FM
Group World, based in Poland.

FM Group World is enjoying rapid expansion in the perfume
market. It is operated by a dynamic management team, and is
able to respond quickly to the needs of both its customers and its

Red – countries already operating – United Kingdom, Italy,
Germany, Poland, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Slovakia, Czech
Republic, Croatia, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus,
Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Australia, Canada, Nigeria,
Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine

Grey – countries coming soon - Russia, USA, Israel, France,
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia

The idea of creating an exclusive cosmetic range was born during Artur Trawiński’s annual visit to Australia. Artur is a director of FM
Group World, and CEO of FM Group Poland. On his return to Poland he set about making his dream a reality. Although Artur had
offers from a number of companies, he decided to work with a company he knew well, Perfand.

Perfand Company was established by Artur’s father, Andrzej Trawiński, in 1995. The company initially operated on the Polish market,
and then expanded into the rest of Europe. The company is debt free and owns the production plant in Wroclaw. Their products are
based on fragrance compositions created by the internationally well known and respected German company DROM Fragrances
International KG.

Drom can trace its history back to 1911 when Bruno Storp set up his own company. In 1921, in partnership with Dr O. Martens he
established Dr O Martens & Co KG, becoming the sole owner a year later. The third generation of the family are still involved in the
management of the company to this day.

Today the company has production centres in Germany, France, China, Brazil, Libya and the USA. On the Eastern European market
Perfand are the biggest customers for Drom products. Drom owes its success to the high quality standards of its processes for
manufacturing fragrance extracts. The internal quality control system allows the composition of fragrances according to an identical
recipe in each of their six production centres.

Artur Trawiński considered many ways of marketing and distributing his new range of fragrances. After consulting with specialists in the
Network Marketing field, he decided to use this method. FM Group World began trading in Poland in September 2004, its
headquarters being in Wroclaw.

The massive interest shown in its products during the first year of trading led to requests to establish bases in other countries. The UK
operation began in January 2006, and in August 2007 FM Group Canada became the twenty-third branch to open. Future plans
include opening branches in USA, Turkey, Macedonia, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

FM’s primary goals are to ensure that products are always readily available at the best possible prices, to give total satisfaction to both
customers and distributors and to be always able to respond to our customers ever-changing needs.

Anita Sieniuc, and her colleagues at the FM Cosmetics UK Ltd office in London, aim to offer all distributors a fast, friendly efficient

                                FM Group produce a wide range of fragranced products for both ladies and men, and even children.
                                The market for these products is enormous, catering for all age groups and tastes.

                                FM has created a wide range of Parfums for Ladies, and Eau de Parfums for men, with shower gels,
                                roll on and spray deodorants, body lotions, hand and nail creams, aftershave and shaving foam in
                                matching fragrances. Because these products are so affordable, you can create a large customer
                                base, who purchase the FM products from you on a regular basis.

                                FM Group products are high quality, but affordable, for the following reasons. Our packaging is classic,
yet simple, therefore the customer is not paying for fancy, bespoke, bottles and boxes. We do not spend money on advertising on TV,
in newspapers, magazines, or on billboards, which adds to the cost of the products you normally purchase in High Street shops, nor do
we pay celebrities to endorse our products, but rely on satisfied customers to recommend them to others. Extra costs are not added by
wholesalers and retailers, as our products are shipped directly from the Company to our Distributors. Therefore, we can offer our
customers a range of top quality products, at prices they can afford.

All FM products are guaranteed, and are NOT tested on animals. With the products now being sold in over 20 countries worldwide,
with new countries being opened all the time, their popularity has already been proven, internationally.

FM are constantly introducing new products to their range, which retains the interest of customers, and with such a wide range of
fragrances to choose from, there is literally something for everyone.


All products are shipped to you by CITYLINK, and if you order and pay before MIDDAY, your order will be shipped overnight, and be
with you the NEXT day. If products are ordered on a Saturday, they will be shipped to you on Monday, and received Tuesday.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Delivery time to Ireland is 3-4 working days.

                                                          SHIPPING COSTS
                                                                                    Wales and               Ireland
            1 – 10 bottles, or orders of less than 280 points                        £5.00                    €37
            11- 20 bottles, or orders between 280 - 559 points                       £3.00                    €28
            20-30 bottles or orders between 560 - 839 points                         FREE                     €15
            30-40 bottles or orders between 840 - 1119 points                        FREE                      €7
            Over 40 bottles, or orders of 1120 points or more                        FREE                    FREE

Orders can be placed by TELEPHONE or ONLINE. All orders must be paid for at the time of ordering. The company accepts payment
by most major credit / debit cards (NOT Visa Electron). PAYPAL, or by cash paid into the company bank account.

Stage One – Retail Profit
As an independent FM distributor you will be
able to purchase the full range of FM products
at wholesale prices. Every distributor
purchases the product at the same wholesale
price, and, whilst the company suggests a
recommended retail price (RRP) for each
product, you are, of course, free to set your
own retail prices. You earn the difference
between the retail price and the wholesale

The table below shows the current wholesale price and RRP for each product. It also shows an example of the retail profit possible
when the products are sold at the recommended retail price. Should you choose to vary the retail prices, you will need to adjust these
figures accordingly.

                                                        Wholesale          Recommended                 Retail           %
                  PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
                                                            Price             Retail Price             Profit         Profit

           Ladies 30ml Parfum Spray, Mens 50 ml Eau
                                                            £5.99                £8.99                 £3.00           33%
           de Parfum Spray

           Ladies 30ml Parfum Spray, Mens 50ml Eau
                                                            £6.99                £9.99                 £3.00           30%
           de Pafum Spray Pheromones

           Ladies Luxury 50ml Parfum Spray, Mens
                                                            £8.99                £12.99                £4.00           31%
           Luxury 100 ml Eau de Parfum Spray

           Mens 50ml Aftershave                             £3.70                £5.30                 £1.60           30%

           Children’s Fragrances                            £3.99                £5.99                 £2.00           33%

           Children’s Shower Gel                            £3.20                £4.20                 £1.00           24%

           Deodorant Body Spray 75ml Ladies                 £2.99                £3.99                 £1.00           25%

           Roll On Deodorants 50ml Ladies / Mens            £3.99                £5.49                 £1.50           27%

           Ladies / Mens Shower Gel                         £2.99                £3.99                 £1.00           25%

           Ladies / Mens Body lotion                        £3.99                £5.49                 £1.50           27%

           Hand and Nail Cream                              £2.99                £3.99                 £1.00           25%

           Shaving Foam                                     £4.49                £5.99                 £1.50           25%

Thus if you were to sell one bottle of perfume every day each month at the recommended retail price, you would earn a retail profit of
30 x £3, a total of £90 per month. If you were to personally sell 100 bottles of perfume at RRP you would earn 100 x £3, a total of £300
per month. Remember all examples are for illustration purposes only, and do not represent actual or guaranteed incomes.
Stage Two – Volume Bonuses – The Magnolia Club
                                                                                    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                Points

Volume Bonuses allow you to earn an additional income each            Ladies 30ml Parfum Spray,                           28
                                                                      Mens 50 ml Eau de Parfum Spray
month, not just on your own personal sales (Personal
Volume), but on the sales of all the distributors who form part       Ladies 30ml Parfum Spray Pheromones,               32.6
                                                                      Mens 50ml EDP Spray Pheromones
of your group (Group Volume).
                                                                      Ladies Luxury 50ml Parfum Spray,                   37.0
For the purposes of determining the level of volume bonus             Mens Luxury 100 ml Eau de Parfum Spray
achieved each product is allocated a points value, as shown           Mens 50ml Aftershave                               17.3
in the table opposite.                                                Shaving foam 400ml                                  20
Each month all the points accumulated by the distributors in          Hand and nail cream                                 14
your group, including your own personal sales, are totalled.
                                                                      Body lotion                                        18.6
The level of bonus paid is determined in accordance with the
table shown below.                                                    Childrens Perfumes                                 18.6

For the purposes of calculating the volume bonuses, each              Deodorant Body Spray 75ml Ladies/Mens               14
point is given a value of 17.5p                                       Deodorant Roll On                                  18.6

                                                                      Shower Gel                                          14

The calculation is made as follows: -

Number of points accumulated x point’s value (17.5p) x percentage level achieved.

Thus having reached the 3% level, the calculation looks like this:-

300 x 17.5p = £52.50 x 3% = £1.58. This equates to approximately 1.64% of the retail sales required to accumulate the 300 points. The
calculations for the other levels are shown in the table below:-

   Level                                                     Total Retail Sales        Points Value                   Equivalent
                  Points accumulated         Equivalent                                                  Bonus
  Achieved                                                     Of Group in             Of Group in                       To
                 in group each month             In                                                      Earned
      %                                                            Month                  Month                            %
      3%                    300                   11                    £96                 £52.50          £1.58         1.64%
      6%                   1200                   49                   £385                  £210          £12.60         3.27%
      9%                   3600                  129                  £1156                  £630          £56.70         4.91%
     12%                   7200                  258                  £2312                 £1260         £151.20         6.54%
     15%                  12000                  429                  £3853                 £2100         £315.00         8.18%
     18%                  20400                  729                  £6550                 £3570         £642.60         9.81%
     21%                  30000                 1071                  £9632                 £5250        £1102.50        11.45%

Please note that all figures are approximate and are for illustration purposes only.

On your personal sales you will receive the full volume bonus for the level at which you qualified. As soon as your personal sales are
300 points (11 bottles), or more, you qualify for volume bonuses.

As the people you have introduced into your team begin to build teams of their own, they too will qualify for volume bonuses. For each
of them you will receive volume bonus calculated at the difference between the % level they achieve, and the % level you achieve.

There is NO minimum order requirement each month – you order as and when you need to, BUT in order to qualify for your Monthly
Volume Bonus, you must personally order product with a minimum points value of 56 points
Stage Three – Leadership Bonuses – The Orchid Club
Overview                                                                                  One 21 % leg in your group, plus a
                                                                                          minimum of 20,000 volume points in the
The Orchid Bonuses are designed to encourage
                                                                                          rest of the group,
and reward distributors who provide ongoing              Pearl Orchid
support and training for the other distributors in                                                           OR
their group, thus enabling them to develop their
own individual businesses. Every month all                                                Two 21 % legs.
distributors have the opportunity to share in up to
8.5% the global turnover points of the FM Group          Amaranth Orchid                  Three 21% legs
in proportion to the performance of their group.
                                                         Golden Orchid                    Three separate legs with a qualifying
Monthly Qualification                                                                     Orchid. This need not be on the first
See table opposite.
                                                         Diamond Orchid                   Five separate legs with a qualifying
                                                                                          Orchid. This need not be on the first

Qualification at a particular level automatically qualifies a distributor for the bonuses at a lower level. For example an Amaranth Orchid
would qualify as a Pearl Orchid, a Golden Orchid would qualify as a Pearl, and Amaranth Orchid, and a Diamond Orchid would qualify
for all four bonuses.

Monthly Bonus Pool                                                                                 4% of the global turnover
                                                                         Pearl Orchid
Each month a bonus pool is created for each Orchid level
based on a percentage of the global turnover points.                     Amaranth Orchid           1.5% of the global turnover
For the purposes of calculating the bonuses each point is
given a notional value of 17.5p. Actual calculations may vary            Golden Orchid             1.5% of the global turnover
slightly due to exchange rate variations.                                                          points

Each bonus pool is shared between all qualifying distributors            Diamond Orchid            1.5% of the global turnover
at each level in proportion to the performance of their group.                                     points

Sharing the Bonus Pool                                                     Total     Individual                   Total           Individual
Each qualifying distributor is allocated “orchid                          Orchid        Orchid                    Bonus            Bonus
points” according to the structure and performance                                                  Share
of their group in the month. All orchid points are                        Points         Points                    Pool            Earned
totalled, and the Orchid bonus is shared out in
proportion to the distributor’s share of the orchid                      10832932       207435.2     1.91%     £ 53990.53      £ 1033.84
                                                            Amaranth     9183118        523425.6     5.70%     £ 20246.45      £ 1154.02
 The example opposite is based on the total turnover
points, and “orchid points” allocated for April 2007,
but is not based on any individual distributors share.                   8332929        873421.9    10.48% £ 20246.45          £ 2122.15

                                                                         3372739        841386.4    24.95% £ 20246.45          £ 5050.82

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