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Small businesses get so caught up in today's fast paced business society, we forget to look into

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									Technology - Why Every Small Business Needs It
Small businesses get so caught up in today's fast paced business society, we forget to look into
expansion of the business through technology. The technology revolution is changing the way we do
business and live more than the Industrial Revolution did for those in that era. Accounting software
such as quickbooks has made accounting much simpler and efficient. Voice over IP communications
can save lots of money for local and long distance calls and reduce your phone expenses. Customer
Contact Management software can greatly improve your customers experience by reducing your
errors, simplify processes for you and the customer, enhance collaboration between employees, and
keep the customer satisfied for repeat business. Microsoft provides cheap affordable solutions, and
for a more unique and complex solution look towards Oracle.
Network's are becoming huge for any business to stay competitive. If you are suffering from issues
such as slow load time on web pages and software, this is costing you time and time is money. You
need to upgrade to a broadband or T1 connection, to have faster load times and be able to get into
wireless solutions, VOiP, and videoconferencing. If you are not already looking into wireless
solutions, you need to. They are very cheap and provide you with mobility that can not be quantified
into a ROI, but it will greatly reduce your time spent traveling back and forth to the office if you set up
an effective wireless solution with a VPN. Wireless networks and wired allow all computers on the
network to share one printer, share files between each other, and communicate more effectively.
Servers are next on the to do list. A server is a centralized storage unit for all the machines on your
network. This can be used to store all files in one collective place, enabling easy access from any
users, or hosting email applications such as Microsoft exchange. This enables your company to
communicate to each others and others through the Microsoft outlook client. Outlook is a very basic
and simple form of customer contact management software, as well a great email application.
There are thousands of technology solutions available to greatly enhance any small business and
help provide sustainable growth. If you are not a technical guru i would recommend contacting an IT
consultant or talking with your IT department about solutions that could directly benefit you. Every
business is different, and I am not a believer in one size fits all. You need a custom tailored solution in
order for it to be effective, and increase your profitability.

Technology For A Small Business

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