Baratza G385 Black Maestro Plus Coffee Grinder by baladina


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Baratza G385 Black Maestro Plus Coffee Grinder
                                                                 List Price :   $169.00

                                                                     Price :

                                                                Average Customer Rating

                                                                                 3.5 out of 5

                                                            Product Feature
                                                            q   Anti Static Design
                                                            q   Grind Coffee For Any Brewing Method
                                                            q   Automatic & Manual Operation
                                                            q   Swiss Made Grinding Wheels
                                                            q   Easy to Clean
                                                            q   Read more

Product Description
The Solis Maestro PLUS is based on the original and very popular Solis Maestro coffee grinder. The Maestro Plus
includes all the winning features of the original Maestro grinder, plus some extras that increase its versatility
and ease of use. These improvements contribute to more than a doubling of the weight over the Maestro and
give the Maestro Plus a rock-solid feel and increased stability. The range of grind is 30% greater than the
original Maestro. This increase is on the coarsest settings making it easier to get the perfect grind for drip and
French press brewers. The number of grind settings has been increased by over 100% to 40 levels, resulting in
a huge range of grinds. The key advantage of the increased settings is precision fine-tuning of your espresso
grind settings. The Maestro is designed and assembled in the USA with lots of innovative features built in. Read

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