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									                                           Daegu Metropolitan City International Trade Magazine

                                                  May 2010 / Vol. 3, No. 3

Daegu Shaping Up Global
Green Energy Leadership
 Daegu to Be Home of World’s Foremost
 Hair Transplant Center

 Daegu Int'l School to Open Aug. 2010

 ‘Daegu Fusion R&D Center’ Opened

                        Daegu Metropolitan City
                        KITA Daegu & Gyeongbuk Center

           Green & Smart Economy --The Future of Daegu
           With the arrival of a wetter than usual spring, the peninsula is embroidered with fresh green hue,
           generating a feeling of new vigor and vibrancy. Along with the greening of the countryside, Daegu
           has embarked on several green global projects including Green Energy Expo Korea and a full-dress
           kickoff of preparations for the 2013 WEC Congress.

           As the de facto green capital of Korea, Daegu is poised to offer solutions in the global drive for
           sustainable growth. In particular, Korea’s green growth strategy has already produced several
           successful initiatives to overcome the worldwide economic recession.

           Green pump-priming policies have also contributed significantly to job creation on the road to
           achieving balanced and inclusive growth.

           Furthermore, Daegu’s green leadership has come to the fore with the development and
           implementation of a smart innovation strategy and related projects. Combining IT with traditional
           industries, these smart concepts are expected to fulfill the promise of sustainable green growth.

                                Responding exquisitely to the needs of stakeholders and citizens, Daegu’s
                                  smart policy administration has launched a landmark project to support the
                                    commercialization of intelligent automobiles after securing financial and
                                     technical support from the central government.

                                                      Moreover, leveraging the advantages of the existing
                                                      high-tech medical complex, Daegu plans to become
                                                      the home of the world’s foremost hair transplant
                                                     center after enlisting the support of the Ministry of
                                                   Health and Welfare.

                                              Our smart initiatives are being undertaken from a global
                                           perspective. In this respect, we intend to open Daegu
                                         International School in August as part of our ceaseless efforts to
                                        build Global Daegu.

           Keyed to the innovations that will secure the future prosperity of Daegu as well as for all the
           peoples around the world, Daegu will continue to advance into the 21st century with an endless
           smart, green spirit.


                                                                                    Daegu Metropolitan City
CONTENTS                                                                                              May 2010 / Vol. 3, No. 3

04   Daegu Focus
      Daegu Shaping Up Global Green Energy Leadership

06   Trade Daegu
      March Exports Continued Upward March
      ‘Star Company Cultivation Project’ Harvesting Fruit

07   Star Enterprises
      Unrivalled Specialist in Micro Motor Handpieces
      New ‘Speedy & Perfect’ Glass Technology Leader

08   Industry Daegu
      Commercialization of Intelligent Automobiles
      Daegu to Be Home of World's Foremost Hair Transplant
                                                                      04 Daegu Shaping Up Global Green Energy
      Center                                                                   Daegu Metropolitan City launched its full-fledged preparation
      Daegu to Nurture Touch Industries in Full Swing                          program for the 2013 Daegu WEC Congress with the '1st
      Daegu City, LG Electronics to Jointly Develop Medical                    International Symposium on Energy' held at Daegu EXCO
      Industry                                                                 during the '7th International

11   Invest Daegu
      DGFEZ Introduces Investment Opportunities
      Daegu Signs Investment MOU With Daekyung Industry

12   Daegu SOC
      Daegu Int'l School to Open Aug. 2010
      ‘Daegu Fusion R&D Center’ Opened

14   Daegu Tourism
      Daegu to Attract 2 Mil. Tourists in 2011
      '2010 Collection of Daegu Tourism Information' Published
                                                                 09 Daegu to Be Home of World's Foremost
                                                                    Hair Transplant Center
15   Daegu KITA Bulletin
                                                                      The ‘Daegu Hair Transplant Center Establishment Project,’
      Explanatory Session on Reduction of Logistics Expenses
                                                                      which Daegu Metropolitan City and Kyungpook National
      Trade Mission to Eastern Europe                                 University Hospital (KNUH) are promoting after organizing a
      Trade Mission to ASEAN                                          consortium, has been selected as a regional lead excellent
                                                                      medical tech cultivation support project by the Ministry of
                                                                      Health and Welfare.

                         Cover Description:
                         Daegu is shaping up global green
                                                                      13 ‘Daegu Fusion R&D Center’ Opened
                                                                               The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) held
                         energy leadership with launch of
                                                                               the opening ceremony for 'Daegu Fusion R&D Center' with
                         its full-fledged preparation
                         program for the 2013 Daegu
                                                                               MEST Vice Minister Kim Jung Hyun, Daegu Mayor KIM Bum-il
                         WEC Congress.                                         and related industry-academia-research institute officials

International Affairs & Trade Division                                KITA Daegu & Gyeongbuk Center
Daegu Metropolitan City, Korea                                        Tel: (82-53) 753-7531 Fax: (82-53) 753-7530
Tel: (82-53) 803-3294 Fax: (82-53) 803-3259                           E-mail:
Daegu Focus

                                     Daegu Shaping Up
                                     Global Green
                                     Energy Leadership
                                      Warm-up Event for 2013 World Energy Congress

                                            Daegu Metropolitan City launched its full-fledged preparation
                                          program for the 2013 Daegu WEC Congress with the '1st
                                         International Symposium on Energy' held at Daegu EXCO during the
                                      '7th International Green Energy Expo Korea 2010' period (April 7~9)
                              and the conclusion of an MOU with '2013 Daegu WEC Organizing
                   Committee' as the start.

                    1st International Symposium on Energy

                     The 2013 Daegu WEC Organizing Committee hosted the international energy
                   symposium with invitation of about 150 government representatives, domestic and
                   overseas energy experts, energy enterprise CEOs, etc., preparing a venue for the exchange
                   of information among energy experts and related business officials at home and abroad
                   while taking the opportunity to pre-verify and publicize the 2013 WEC Congress as well.

 4 I TRADE Daegu
                                                                                                           Daegu Focus

  This international energy symposium, which
has the characteristic of being a pre-conference
forum for 2013 Daegu WEC Congress, will be
held every year until 2012. This year's
symposium was the first such event.

 Daegu City - 2013 Daegu WEC Organizing
Committee MOU

  At 11:00am on April 8, Daegu City concluded
an MOU with the 2013 Daegu WEC Organizing
Committee to establish an active mutual
cooperation relationship for publicity,
construction and operation of infrastructure and
inducement of participants for the successful
                                                   ‘Green Energy Expo’ Ends Successfully
hosting of the 2013 Daegu WEC Congress.             The “7th International Green Energy Expo Korea 2010,” held
                                                   April 7~9 at Daegu EXCO, ended after harvesting record high
  Participants in the MOU conclusion ceremony      achievements. A total of 335 companies from 23 countries
included Daegu Mayor KIM Bum-il, Daegu WEC         participated in the expo on a 1,000-booth scale with overseas
Organizing Committee Chairman Shin Heon-           companies accounting for 41% of the participating firms.
Cheol, WEC Secretary General Christopher Frei
and WEC Vice Chairman Kim Younghoon.                 To accommodate the large number of participating firms,
                                                   furthermore, EXCO organized the expo on the largest scale since
 WEC Secretary General's Press Conference          its opening, preparing outdoor exhibition areas in addition to its
                                                   indoor exhibition facility. During the event period, about 35,000
  After his participation in the MOU signing       domestic and foreign visitors filled the exhibition & convention
ceremony, WEC Secretary General Frei, who was      center, an increase of 6% compared with last year.
visiting Korea for the first time, held a press
conference to publicize the WEC Montreal            In terms of achievements, the Green Energy Expo 2010 realized
Congress 2010 and express his opinions on the      US$1.75 billion in business discussions and US$260 million in
prospects of the Asian energy market from          expected contract amounts, breaking previous records.
WEC's perspective as well as opportunities for
cooperation with Asian countries.                     Among the 335 participating companies, 291 firms (87%)
                                                   expressed their intent to participate again in the future and 193
  During the press conference, 2013 Daegu          firms also filed applications for 624 booths (62%) in 2011. The
WEC Organizing Committee Chairman Shin             response from overseas participating companies was also strong.
explained the expected effects from the hosting    A considerable number of related officials from the participating
of 2013 Daegu WEC Congress, and Daegu              firms said, “It seems that all the buyers whom we wanted to meet
Mayor KIM also described the city's preparation    came. High-level business discussions were achieved, so our
status, plans, etc. for the international energy   expectations for next year’s event are also high.”
                                                     The “Green Energy Business Conference,” which was
                                                   designated as a “star brand convention” by the Ministry of
                                                   Culture, Sports and Tourism, also proceeded successfully,
                                                   recording about 90% of the pre-registration rate and a rush of
                                                   inquiries for participation with on-site registration.

                                                                                                      TRADE Daegu I 5
Trade Daegu

  March Exports Continues ‘Star Company
      Upward March        Cultivation Project’
                          Harvesting Fruit
    Daegu's exports and imports reached US$416 million
  and US$245 million, respectively, whopping increases
  of 37.4% and 53.5% over the same month of last year.                                                         On March 23, Daegu City held 'Report Session on the
  The city's trade surplus amounted to US$171 million                                                        Promotion Status of the Star Company Cultivation Project'
  for the month.                                                                                             at the conference room of the Daegu New Technology
                                                                                                             Support Center. About 40 related officials, including Daegu
    Indicating the continued vigor of Daegu's                                                                Vice Mayor for Political Affairs Nam Dong-Kyun and star
  international trade activities, the EBSI (Export Business                                                  company CEOs, participated in the session and discussed
  Survey Index) for the 2nd quarter of 2010 reached                                                          the results of the project to date, areas requiring
  116.7. The EBSI, tabulated by KITA Daegu &                                                                 improvement and future promotional directions.
  Gyeongbuk Center, exceeded 100 for the fourth
  consecutive quarter since the third quarter of last year                                                     Daegu City has thus far selected 67 star companies and
  (109.3).                                                                                                   provided indirect support from policy funds and links with
                                                                                                             the government's R&D businesses as well as direct support
                             Trade Daegu in March                                                            for commercialization of developed technologies, domestic
                US$416                                                                                       and overseas marketing, improvement of corporate
                Million                       US$245                                                         environment, etc. As a result, despite the serious economic
                                              Million                      US$171                            situation at home and abroad caused by the global financial
                                                                           Million                           crisis, sales of star enterprises in 2009 grew 23.8%
                                                                                                             compared with 2007.

                  Export                           Import               Trade Surplus                          Observers analyzed that such a remarkable achievement is
                                                                                                             attributed to the self-confidence of the CEOs and enhanced
                                                                                                             corporate image following the star company designations
        140                                133.1
                                                                                     136.4                   and Daegu City’s software-centric, comprehensive and
        120                        132.2
                                                                                                     116.7   intensive support that has been unprecedented nationwide.
                           121.0                                                             118.8
              112.4 117
        100                                               91.0                  109.3
                                                                                                               During the session, excellent success practices were
        60                                                                                                   highlighted - Bogwang Corp. developed high-function,
        40                                                                                                   high value-added ultra-lightweight fabric owing to active
        20                                                       32.4
                                                                                                             support from the Korea Textile Development Institute
                                                                                                             (KTDI) in Daegu; and Avaco Co., Ltd. and 3B System jointly
              07.2/4 3/4   4/4 08.11/4 2/4         3/4    4/4 09.1/4 2/4       3/4      4/4 10.1/4 2/4
                                                                                                             commercialized technology through cooperation between
                                                                                                             star companies and developed an automatic display
    When the EBSI is higher than 100, it means that                                                          inspection system utilizing an air flatting method.
  there are more companies projecting brisk business
  than a decline. Of particular note, the second-quarter                                                       To support IPOs (initial public offerings) and creation of
  EBSI exceeded 100 for the fourth consecutive quarter                                                       enterprises achieving 100 billion won (US$91.6 milion) in
  since the third quarter of last year (109.3). Therefore,                                                   sales, Daegu City plans to intensively support about 50~60 star
  observers analyzed that the business sentiment of                                                          companies annually in the future. When selecting and
  regional trading companies is strong. EBSIs by item                                                        assessing star companies, the city plans to increase job creation
  were 140.3 for export business discussions, 135.7 for                                                      effect indices and select them on condition that private firms
  export contracts, 115.9 for financial conditions and                                                       be converted into corporations and actively participate in
  135.8 for facility operating rate.                                                                         support programs, along with an evaluation of CEO resolve.

 6 I TRADE Daegu
                                                                                                           Star Enterprises

Saeshin Precision Co., Ltd.

Unrivalled Specialist
in Micro Motor
  Since its establishment in 1976, Saeshin Precision Co.,
Ltd. has manufactured micro motor handpieces and
supplied its products to the domestic market, accounting      Saeshin Precision has also won commendations from the
for the largest market share, and to about 100 countries      Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy and the Prime
around the world, gaining a strong reputation for its         Minister. These results are attributed to the company's
product quality.                                              motto - 'New Creation of High Technology Through Never-
                                                              Ending R&D.'
 Furthermore, Saeshin Precision was the first Korean dental
product manufacturer to obtain ISO 9002/13488, CE 0120          Applications for Saeshin's micro motor handpieces range
and EN46002 certifications.                                   from ever-expanding dental laboratory uses (brands: Oz,
                                                              Oz-Plus, Forte series, Strong series) and dental surgical uses
  Designated by Korean government organizations as            in clinics (X-Cube dental IMPLANT Engine and angled
Promising SME, Venture Company and INNO-BIZ, and              handpieces, E-Cube dental ENDO engine and angled
with its quality management of medical instruments            handpieces, etc.) to nail, jewelry and other industries.
certified by the Korean Food & Drug Administration,           (Homepage :

ShinAn SNP Co., Ltd

New ‘Speedy &
Perfect’ Glass
Technology Leader
  ShinAn SNP specializes in FPD (Flat Panel Display) glass
substrates and is renowned particularly for its FPD glass
substrate polishing technologies for various kinds of glass   Filter' used for camera modules as well as other digital
substrates such as TFT-LCD, STN LCD, OLED, PDP and            applications. This multi-layer coated glass filter is expected
FED.                                                          to become one of the future seeding businesses for the
  SNP started mass production of ITO & metal-coated glass
substrates for OLED in September 2005 in line with its          SNP was designated a Venture Company in 2000 and
projection that OLED would be the main next-generation        acquired ISO 9001 in 2001. The company was selected as
display in the world market. The company's OLED coating       a sole R&D company for OLED by the Ministry of Science
equipment adopts the 'iron plating' method using plasma,      & Technology in 2001 and as 'Part, Substrate Corporation'
the optimal technology, which is more advanced than the       by the Ministry of Commerce Industry & Energy in 2002
sputtering method.                                            and 2004, in addition to its R&D center being selected as
                                                              an ATC (Advanced Technology Center) by the Korean
 Furthermore, SNP achieved development of 'IR Cut-Off         government.

                                                                                                          TRADE Daegu I 7
Industry Daegu

  of Intelligent
  Daegu city and the central government will combine to
 conduct a commercialization project for intelligent

  This mega project, scaled at 169.1 bill won (US$153.1
 million), aims to establish infrastructure for intelligent
 automobiles, meeting the demand for high-safety, high-
 convenience and safety regulations in advanced countries.        Intelligent Automobile Commercialization R&D
                                                                  Infrastructure Establishment Project
   To promote the intelligent automobile commercialization
                                                                   Project Period: 2010~1014 (five years)
 R&D infrastructure establishment project, the Ministry of
                                                                   Budget: 169.1 billion won (national budget 96.8 bil. won, city
 Knowledge Economy, Daegu Metropolitan City, Korea                 budget 47.5 bil. won and private capital 24.8 bil. won)
 Evaluation of Industrial Technology (KEIT) and Korea              Background of the Project:
 Automotive Technology Institute (KATECH) conducted a             - The importance of the intelligent automobile industry emerged as
 demand survey in November 2009 among automotive                    the ratio of electrical & electronic parts in total automobile
                                                                    manufacturing cost increased to 40%; and
 parts companies regarding technical development tasks,
                                                                  - There is a need to encourage the SME-centered automotive parts
 and completed establishment of ways to promote the                 industry to upgrade its constitution with high value addition.
 project and selection of tasks from among those identified        Expected Effects:
 in the survey from December '09 to March '10,                    - Production Inducement: 250.5 billion won
                                                                  - Inducement of Added Value: 138.2 billion won
   Selected this time were intelligent automobile essential       - Creation of Jobs: 2,388 for the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Region
                                                                   Project Details for 2010:
 core parts technology (15 tasks), intelligent automobile
                                                                  - Total Investment: 29.5 billion won comprised of 23.5 billion won
 parts module & system technology (2 tasks) and                     for expansion of testing centers; one billion won for establishment
 infrastructure, including expansion of automotive testing          of KATECH Daegu-Gyeongbuk R&D Center; 3.3 billion won for
 centers (2 tasks).                                                 essential core technology development; and 1.4 billion won for
                                                                    module and system technology development (*private capital and
                                                                    task management expenses are not included).
   In terms of essential core parts technology, the
 government will issue notification of 15 tasks in safety,
 convenience and information fields and select about 12           The project period and budget scale will be within three
 excellent tasks after a competitive analysis. The government   years and within 500 million-won (US$452,858) national
 plans to promote this project through a nationwide public      budget/task annually for essential core parts technology
 solicitation and support the companies in Daegu-               development and within five years and within two billion-
 Gyeongbuk region with priority if they are supervising or      won national budget/task annually for module and system
 participating organizations. As for tasks where there are no   technology development.
 participating regional enterprises, it plans to allow
 participation by enterprises from other regions.                 The government plans to promote establishment of
                                                                intelligent automobile infrastructure in designated
   Regarding intelligent automobile module and system           solicitations simultaneously when publicly announcing the
 technology development, the government intends to              ‘ITS-based Intelligent Automobile Parts Testing Center
 promote them in a nationwide public solicitation project       Expansion Project’ and ‘KATECH Daegu-Gyeongbuk R&D
 centering on two specifically planned tasks.                   Center Establishment Project.’

 8 I TRADE Daegu
                                                                                                                       Industry Daegu

Daegu to Be Home of
World's Foremost Hair
Transplant Center
 The ‘Daegu Hair Transplant Center Establishment Project,’
which Daegu Metropolitan City and Kyungpook National
University Hospital (KNUH) are promoting after organizing a
consortium, has been selected as a regional lead excellent
medical tech cultivation support project by the Ministry of
Health and Welfare.

  The ministry’s project is designed to identify specialized         Hair Transplant Center Project Overview
medical technologies of respective regions nationwide,
provide support from the national budget for improvement             - Investment Amount: 6 Billion Won (US$5.4 million)
                                                                     - Project Manager: Daegu Metropolitan City and Kyungpook
of infrastructures and reinforcement of marketing and
                                                                       National University Hospital (KNUH)
prepare a foundation to activate the international medical           - Supporter: The Ministry of Health and Welfare.
service industry, including inducement of overseas patients,         - Location: 6F, Novotel Ambassador Daegu, 11-1, Munhwa-dong,
etc. by region.                                                        Jung-gu, Daegu 700-753, Korea
                                                                     - Center Area: 3,000 square meters by 2012
  For promotion of the project, Daegu City plans to invest a         - Neighborhood Linkage: The Center to link with plastic surgery,
                                                                       dermatology, dental clinic and ophthalmology hospitals in the
total of six billion won for establishment of a hair transplant
                                                                       neighboring Dongseong-ro area and pursue the creation of a
center on the sixth floor of the Hotel Novotel Daegu City              'Medical Street,' including establishment of a medical tourism
located in the heart of the city with KNUP Prof. Kim Jung-             information center enabling foreign patients to conduct medical
Cheol’s team, which has secured the world’s foremost                   shopping more conveniently.
follicular unit transplantation surgery technology, as the
main axis, and to develop the center into a global hair               At the KNUH Hair Transplant Center, which is recognized
transplant hub.                                                    as the world’s foremost authority in the hair transplantation
                                                                   field since it developed follicular unit transplantation surgery
  In 2010, the first year of the project, Daegu City plans to      for the first time in the world, there are so many patients on
open the 1,500-square-meter hair transplant center, lay the        standby that it takes one year to receive an examination and
foundation for its growth into a global hair transplant hub        three years to receive transplant surgery.
and promote related businesses, including marketing, to
activate inducement of foreign patients and cultivation of           As the Hair Transplant Center will have a larger scale than
specialized manpower, such as separators of follicular units.      existing centers, Daegu City expects the center to meet the
                                                                   time demands of domestic and foreign patients more
  In 2011, the second year of the project, Daegu City              rapidly and also to prevent domestic patients from seeking
intends to promote commercialization of technologies and           treatment overseas.
development of products utilizing depilation-related
research results, de-hairing prevention agents, shampoos,            Meanwhile, Daegu City has established a medical tourism
etc. In addition, the city plans to expand the center’s facility   marketing support center at EXCO and is providing a one-
scale to the whole sixth floor of the Daegu City Center, an        stop guide service for foreign patients who visit the city
area of 3,000 square meters, and make the center a                 starting this year. It has also decided to add the Arabian
renowned medical tourism site representing the city                language to the city’s medical tourism homepage, which
through installation of a hair transplant publicity hall, etc.     has been operated in English, Japanese and Chinese.

                                                                                                                    TRADE Daegu I 9
Industry Daegu

  Daegu to Nurture Touch Industries in Full Swing
   Reflecting the latest trends in the rapid development and
 expansion of touch sensor industries, smartphones, iPad,
 etc., Daegu Metropolitan City hosted an ‘Emotion Touch &
 Smart Sensor Interface Industry Workshop’ on April 13.

   The workshop was held as part of the city’s project to
 strengthen its foundation for global competitiveness in
 emotion touch & smart sensor-centric IT-fusion specialized
 industries, an area selected for promotion in the city’s pre-
 feasibility study for the first half of this year.

   About 1,000 experts from 70 enterprises, universities and
 research institutes engaged in all fields ranging from parts,
 materials and equipment to devices, including LG Display,       become the world’s 2nd-ranked emotion touch & smart
 Kolon, Avaco and DigiTech Systems, and related officials        sensor industry nation by 2015 through localization of core
 from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and Daegu City           technologies as a foothold.
 participated in the workshop.
                                                                   Accordingly, Daegu-Gyeongbuk is expected to upgrade
   If positive results are induced from the pre-feasibility      its regional economy one stage further by assuming the
 study with the present workshop as a start and the project      role of an outpost in parts, materials and equipment for the
 proceeds successfully, Daegu City expects Korea to              global emotion touch & smart sensor industry.

   Daegu City, LG Electronics to Jointly Develop Medical Industry
     On March 30, Daegu Metropolitan City concluded an
    MOU with LG Electronics, the lead agency of the model
    smart care service project, for cooperation in the
    successful promotion of the model project and
    cultivation of the regional medical industry.

      Conclusion of the MOU is a noteworthy event from
    the perspective of a tie-up between LG Electronics, a
    global enterprise representing Korea, and Daegu City,
    which intends to nurture the regional medical industry
    centering on its projected ‘High-Tech Medical
    Complex.’ The MOU also delivers a promising message
    to regional enterprises and residents regarding              that our city’s position as a medical center is elevated
    development of the region, including inducement of           through the efforts thus far made to nurture the
    substantial achievements through promotion of the            regional medical industry, including inducement of the
    project.                                                     High-Tech Medical Complex.”

     Lee Sang-Gil, head of the Daegu High-Tech Medical             Lee expects Daegu’s regional infrastructure and LG
    Complex Promotion Corps, said, “The conclusion of the        Electronics’ healthcare solutions and abundant business
    MOU with a large enterprise, LG Electronics, is evidence     experience to produce diverse synergy effects.

 10 I TRADE Daegu
                                                                                               Invest Daegu

DGFEZ Introduces Investment Opportunities
  The Daegu-Gyeongbuk
Free Economic Zone
(DGFEZ) participated in
‘2010 Economic Trends
and Prospects’ conference
held on March 18 at the
Novotel      Ambassador
Gangnam Hotel in Seoul,
organized by the French
Korean Chamber of
Commerce and Industry (FKCCI), and staged              ‘Korea Market Trends by Industry.’ DGFEZ
investment inducement activities for French-           introduced ‘DGFEZ Investment Opportunities’ and
invested enterprise CEOs.                              asked for active investment.

  About 70 CEOs of French companies operating in        Through the event, DGFEZ raised the recognition
Korea, including French Embassy Economic and           and interest regarding its free economic zone
Trade Counselor Antoine Chery and Chairman Jean-       among French company CEOs and introduced its
Marie Hurtiger, attended the conference and gave       excellent environment and incentives to those
theme presentations on key issues of interest to       companies planning investment.
enterprises, such as ‘2010 Economic Outlook’ and

Daegu Signs Investment MOU With Daekyung Industry
  On March 16, Daegu City concluded an MOU
with Daekyung Industry Co., Ltd. at the city's
situation room to facilitate the company's
investment for establishment of medical equipment
R&D and production facilities, including medical
robots, Daegu High-Tech Medical Complex.

  Daekyung is a Korea's leading company specializing
in health and well-being electrical and electronic
home appliances.

  According to its investment plan, Daekyung will
initially move part of its medical equipment and       company plans to set up a medical equipment R&D
medical robot manufacturing facilities to Daegu and    center within the Daegu High-Tech Medical
establish a separate corporation. In the future, the   Complex.

                                                                                          TRADE Daegu I 11
Daegu SOC

                                       Infrastructure to Boost Global Daegu

    Daegu Int’l School to Open Aug. 2010
   Bruce Lindberg, Headmaster of Lee Academy, which will         the sessions and many questions.
 operate the Daegu International School (DIS), visited
 Daegu City March 18~26 and began full-fledged activities          DIS, ground for which was broken in April last year inside
 for the successful opening of DIS in August this year.          the Daegu Esiapolis, is the first school in Korea invested and
                                                                 operated by a foreign school corporation to be established
   After visiting the DIS construction site and checking the     within a free economic zone, differentiating it from the 46
 progress of construction, Headmaster Lindberg directly          other existing foreign schools nationwide in terms of
 visited foreign-invested enterprises in the region, including   establishment and operation. Therefore, the general public
 TaeguTec Ltd. and Valeo Pyeong Hwa, starting March 24,          has greater interest in the opening of DIS in August this year.
 and listened to recommendations that their CEOs had
 regarding DIS for reflection in the operation of the school.      Establishment of DIS is expected to accelerate foreign
                                                                 investment due to improvement in the management
   DIS, approved by the Ministry of Education, Science and       environment for foreign-invested companies and the living
 Technology as of April 30, is recruiting students with          environment for foreigners and to expand Daegu's
 publicity explanatory sessions in Daegu, Busan, and Seoul.      infrastructure further for a take-off toward a global city. If
 Both Korean and foreign parents have shown strong               you have any questions, please visit the school's website,
 interest in the school with a large number of participants at

 12 I TRADE Daegu
                                                                                                                 Daegu SOC

                                  Reinforce Regional & Nat'l R&D Capabilities

  ‘Daegu Fusion R&D Center’ Opened
  The Ministry of Education, Science and
Technology (MEST) held the opening
ceremony for 'Daegu Fusion R&D Center'
with MEST Vice Minister Kim Jung Hyun,
Daegu Mayor KIM Bum-il and related
industry-academia-research institute
officials participating.

  The Daegu Fusion R&D Center was
built within the Daegu Science Research
Complex in order to upgrade the Daegu
region's R&D infrastructure.

  The ministry constructed the Daegu
Fusion R&D Center as part of its regional
science cultivation project that has been
underway since 2004 after establishment
of R&D centers within science research
complexes so that industry, academia
and research institutes can accelerate
their cooperative research activities and carry out regional
R&D hub roles.

  With a floor area of more than 15,000 square meters and
after a total investment of 30 billion won (US$27.2 million)
starting in 2007, the Daegu Fusion R&D Center consists of
one underground level and 13 floors above ground and is
equipped with such facilities as research rooms and space
for exchanges by science & technology officials and for
related activities. To date, 26 enterprise research institutes
are locating in the building.
                                                                 exchanges of information among industries, academia and
  The R&D center plans to actively induce national policy        research institutes within the Daegu Science Research
research institutes and private corporate research institutes,   Complex, support research in basic and source technology
reinforce regional R&D capabilities and also support basic       fields of relevant industries and enhance regional science
and source technology research.                                  and technology innovation.

  Vice Minister Kim noted that the Daegu Fusion R&D               In addition, targeting preparations for future R&D-based
center would strengthen the technological competitiveness        new growth engines together with Daegu Metropolitan
of the Daegu region's specialized industries and next-           City, the ministry also plans to further upgrade the Daegu
generation growth engine industries through brisk                Science Research Complex.

                                                                                                         TRADE Daegu I 13
Daegu Tourism

           Daegu to Attract 2 Mil. Tourists in 2011
      On the occasion of 'Visit Daegu Year 2011,' Daegu
    Metropolitan City has rolled up its sleeves to induce two
    million tourists. To nurture tourism into a representative
    growth engine industry in the 21st century together with
    the successful hosting of the IAAF World Championships
    in Athletics, Daegu 2011, Daegu City organized a 'Visit
    Daegu Year 2011 Promotion Committee' and held its
    launch ceremony on April 2 at city hall.

      Daegu Mayor KIM Bum-Il assumed the chairmanship
    of the Promotion Committee, which is composed of 44
    members from Daegu Metropolitan Council, related
    organizations, academia, the press, citizens, etc. The         Temple and decided to promote a millennium
    Committee will carry out advisory functions regarding          commemoration project for Daejanggyeong (Tripitaka
    discussions about establishment of tourism policies and        Koreana) at Mt. Palgong's Booinsa Temple as part of its
    the attraction of foreign tourists as well as publicity        strategy to attract foreign tourists.
    activities linked to 2011 IAAF World Championships.
                                                                     To induce foreign tourists, in particular, Daegu City
      Setting next year's tourist inducement goal at two           plans to prepare specific product strategies in line with
    million (1.7 million domestic nationals, 300,000               the characteristics of Southeast Asian markets, including
    foreigners), Daegu City plans to pursue diverse                Japan, and the Chinese market. While moving to
    strategies, including extending stay periods by                implement joint inducement strategies with outbound
    converting stopover-type Busan and Gyeongbuk tourist           and inbound regional travel agencies, the city intends to
    sites into sojourn-type Daegu tourist sites. In February,      induce foreign tourists through a sports-fan target
    Daegu City concluded an MOU with Donghwasa                     strategy, etc.

  ‘2010 Collection of Daegu Tourism Information’ Published
      Ahead of the upcoming '2011 Daegu IAAF World
    Championships in Athletics' and 'Visit Daegu Year 2011,'
    Daegu Metropolitan City has published '2010 Collection
    of Daegu Tourism Information & Data' in several
    languages (Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese) to
    publicize Daegu's attractions worldwide.

      The 32-page '2010 Collection of Daegu Tourism
    Information & Data' consists of content to attract foreign
    tourists with provision of substantial information, not just
    simple general tourism information.

      The collection introduces Daegu's tourist festivals that
    are of interest to foreign visitors, international events,     discounts on admission fees for foreign tourists,
    famous tourist sites, Daegu's specialty tourist products       incentives for group tourists in 2010, etc. Daegu City
    (Daegu Fashion Beauty Tour, Daegu Oriental Medicine            plans to distribute the collection to 17 overseas offices of
    Beauty Tour, Daegu Oriental Medicine Well-Being Tour),         Korea Tourism Organization (KTO).

 14 I TRADE Daegu
                                                                            Daegu KITA Bulletin

                     On April 29, KITA Daegu & Gyeongbuk Center, jointly with the Ministry
                   of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs (MLTM), held an explanatory
 Explanatory       session for exporting companies in the Daegu-Gyeongbuk region on ways
                   to reduce logistics expenses.
  Session on
 Reduction of        During the session, which was held at the Conference Room of the KITA
                   Daegu & Gyeongbuk Center, presentations were made on such themes as
   Logistics       'Understanding & Necessity of 3rd Party Logistics' by KITA, 'Consulting
                   Support Businesses for Utilization of 3rd Party Logistics' by MLTM and
  Expenses         'Success Practices of Reduction in Logistics Expenses' by two logistics

                     KITA plans to dispatch a market exploitation mission to three countries in
                   Eastern Europe - Bulgaria, Slovenia and Croatia - June 13~18.

                    The mission will consist of about 20 export & import companies and
                   others desiring to advance into those countries. KITA intends to give
Trade Mission to   preferential treatment to companies having business experience in Eastern
                   Europe in selecting the participating firms.
Eastern Europe
                    Items associated with the mission dispatch are automotive parts, medical
                   equipment, small & medium-size machinery, IT products, nuclear power
                   generation, etc.

                    KITA plans to dispatch a market exploitation mission to three ASEAN
                   countries, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, June 6~12, to support
                   domestic enterprises' advance into new markets and expansion of exports,
                   utilizing the conclusion of the Korea-ASEAN FTA and Korea-EU FTA as
Trade Mission to
    ASEAN            The scale of the mission will be about 20 companies that desire to initiate
                   trade with and advance into the three ASEAN countries.

                    Promising items related to the mission are medical equipment, beauty
                   products & cosmetics, plastic resins, security equipment, power generation
                   & plant equipment and materials (Indonesia), etc.

                                                                             TRADE Daegu I 15
                              Trusted Company WebSeal
                              Approved by DCCI

Internet Certification for Exporting Companies
As an Internet certification for exporters, ‘WebSeal’ provides external
recognition and proof of reliable reputation.

WebSeal Mark

Organizations for Internet Certification
  Managing Organization: Daegu Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  Participating Organizations: Korea Export Insurance Corporation,
                               Korea International Trade Association

  Supporting Organization: Daegu Metropolitan City

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