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					Citizens Advice Creditor Liaison Policy Officer

Please find in this document:
    Role Profile
    Person Specification
    Terms and Conditions
                                Role Profile

Job title: Creditor Liaison Policy Officer
Date: March 2012

Fixed term contract until 31 May 2013
Band:                Professional/Specialist

Proficient salary:   Up to £34,031 plus £3,520 London Allowance

Location:            London

Reporting to:        Head of Consumer Policy

Role purpose:           To influence and improve practices which impact on
                         vulnerable consumers by working with the credit industry, the
                         wider creditor sector and free advice agencies.
                        To contribute to the development of social policy work related
                         to credit, mortgages, banking and debt within the CAB service
                         and other free advice agencies.
                        To promote Citizens Advice policies on banking, credit,
                         mortgages and debt to the financial services and creditor
                        To act as a central point of contact between the CAB service
                         and the wider creditor sector.
Key                Elements/Tasks                                              % time
1. Liaison with    Liaise with individual banks, other creditors and debt        30
companies in the   collection agencies using evidence from bureaux and
banking and        free advice agencies to influence best practice
credit industry    procedures that have a detrimental impact on
                   vulnerable consumers.

                   Work with the credit industry to develop strategies for
                   taking forward best practice in debt collection.

                   Develop and maintain effective relationships with policy
                   makers and key players in the credit industry in order to
                   influence policy and practice and achieve change.

                   Organise at least one event per year aimed at the
                   banking and financial services sector to discuss best
                   practice procedures or to promote the money work of
                   Citizens Advice Bureaux and the free advice sector.

                   Maintain knowledge and awareness of external policy
                   developments particularly related to the banking and
                   credit industry and maintain effective contacts with and
                   knowledge about the concerns or other organisations.

                   Help creditors understand the work and practices of the
                   free-to-client debt advice sector.

                   Represent Citizens Advice at relevant working groups
                   involving the credit industry and relevant policymakers.

                   Attend meetings of the Money Advice Liaison Group
                   and adviser/creditor discussion forums, where
Key                  Elements/Tasks                                               % time
2. National policy   Identify and analyse creditor and debt collection              20
work                 problems experienced by clients of bureaux and other
                     free advice agencies through analysis of evidence on a
                     rolling basis and individual surveys of bureaux and
                     other advice agencies and their clients.

                     Promote Citizens Advice policy in order to achieve
                     change, representing Citizens Advice to a wide variety
                     of external bodies and key players and by a variety of

                     Identify and take opportunities for promoting Citizens
                     Advice policy concerns.

                     Form effective alliances and work with other
                     organisations where it is in the best interests of clients
                     and Citizens Advice policy to do so.

3. Production of     Produce high quality, high impact, best practice guides        20
reports, briefings   on credit, debt collection, banking and financial
and responses to     services.
papers               Produce high quality, high impact, briefings and reports
                     for a variety of internal and external audiences,
                     including senior managers, Directors and Trustees.

                     Draft responses to appropriate external consultation

                     Contribute articles to Evidence journal as required.
Key                 Elements/Tasks                                            % time
4. Development      Provide regular contributions to the Social Policy          10
of social policy    Bulletin, Arian, IMA News and CAB Money.
and debt advice
within the CAB      Attend regular meetings of Regional Social Policy and
service and other   Money Advice Groups to brief them on Citizens Advice
free advice         policy work.
                    Liaise with representatives of other advice networks on
                    work with creditors.

                    Attend national liaison meetings of Area Team

                    Liaise with Specialist Support Officers - Money Advice
                    Team to inform groups of advisers about best practice

                    Use creditor feedback to contribute to the work of the
                    Money Advice Development Group.

                    Contribute to the planning and organisation of the
                    Annual Conference and organise meetings and events
                    at the Annual Conference aimed at promoting and
                    developing social policy and debt advice work within
                    the service.

 5. Contribute to   Contribute to planning of and participate in Citizens       5
the achievement     Advice events designed to promote the CAB service.
of corporate
objectives and      Prepare reports on Citizens Advice policy for internal
corporate           committees, Trustees and other groups as required by
objectives and      senior managers.
planning            Contribute to the development of statistical and case
                    recording methods within the CAB service.

                    Contribute to the development of corporate, divisional
                    and departmental business plans.

6. Equality and     Ensure policy is developed which incorporates Citizens      5
diversity           Advice equality and diversity policies and challenges

                    Keep informed about and maintain liaison with special
                    interest groups within the CAB service.
Key                Elements/Tasks                                            % time
7. Team working    Attend and participate in departmental and Divisional       5

                   Maintain effective liaison with colleagues in Wales,
                   Scotland and Northern Ireland.

8. General         Deputise for senior managers on request.                    5

                   Supervise administrative staff and volunteers
                   undertaking specific tasks relating to policy projects.
                          Person Specification


   1. Knowledge and understanding of current policy issues in the banking,
      creditor and debt collection industries which affect UK consumers in
      unmanageable debt.

   2. A sound understanding of the debt advice process and best practice in
      face-to-face debt advice, as used by the free-to-client debt advice

   3. Ability to plan and implement social policy which influences best
      practice in the credit industry and financial services sector.

   4. Ability to communicate clearly, concisely and persuasively both orally
      and in writing, with a variety of audiences.

   5. Proven ability to network proactively and promote collaboration.

   6. Ability to undertake qualitative and quantitative research and policy
      analysis and analyse, interpret and present statistical evidence.

   7. Proven ability to use IT packages, including word processing,
      spreadsheets and database packages and the ability to use email and
      maintain an electronic diary.

   8. Willingness and ability to undertake regular travel throughout the UK
      and to work occasional unsocial hours, sometimes involving overnight

   9. Good team working skills: Ability to work within and across other

   10. Willingness to undertake radio and TV interviews.

   11. Track record of commitment to equality and the positive value of
       diversity and its application to the work of social policy.

   12. Ability to commit to and work within the aims, principles and policies of
       the CAB service.
                          TERMS AND CONDITIONS

1.    PROFICIENT SALARY:           Up to £34,031 plus £3,520 London
Appointment may be at an initial salary level (90 or 95% of the proficient
salary) or at the proficient salary, depending upon skills and abilities as
assessed during the recruitment process.

If you are a designated essential car user, you will receive an Essential Car
User Allowance payment in addition to your salary.


Annual leave is 26 days pro rata per annum from 1st January to 31st
December, plus 4 fixed days (normally over Christmas and New Year).
Additionally, there is Long Service Leave of 1-5 days after 3-7 years service.


Citizens Advice provides a Group Stakeholder scheme. Further details of this
scheme will be provided to the successful applicant at offer and contract


Citizens Advice has a co-ordinated staff training and development strategy.
This will mean that training for your current job, and future career
developments relevant to Citizens Advice will be provided and you will be
encouraged to take an active role.


Interest-free loans are available to purchase season tickets for travel, and for
career development purposes. If you are a designated essential car user,
interest-free car loans are also available.

Citizens Advice offers childcare vouchers and operates a Cycle to Work
scheme which provide a tax-efficient method for employees to pay for
childcare or purchase a bicycle for commuting to work.


Individuals appointed to permanent posts (i.e. excluding fixed term contracts)
in Citizens Advice are eligible for reimbursement of up to £500 to cover costs
associated with relocation and removal. Please ask for a copy of the full policy
to check your eligibility.


Some Citizens Advice positions may require the successful candidate to
undergo a CRB check. Further details can be obtained by contacting Human
Resources on 0207 833 7021.


Citizens Advice recognises the positive value of diversity, promotes equality
and challenges unfair discrimination. We recognise people with different
backgrounds, skills, attitudes and experiences bring fresh ideas and
perceptions, and we wish to encourage and harness these differences to
make our services more relevant and approachable. Citizens Advice will not
discriminate or tolerate discriminatory behaviour on the grounds of race,
colour, sex, transgender, disability, nationality, national or ethnic origin,
religion or belief, marital/partnership or family status, sexual orientation, age,
social class, educational background, employment status, working pattern,
trade union membership or any other irrelevant factor in any aspect of

Our values include a commitment to equality and fairness, and to valuing each
other. All our employees are expected to have read and understood our
Equality and Diversity Policy and to ensure they behave in accordance with its
principles. Breaches of the policy may lead to disciplinary action.


Citizens Advice is committed to providing a culture in which all staff value
each other and are able to work together to their full potential in an inclusive
environment free from harassment, bullying and other unacceptable forms of
behaviour. Unacceptable behaviour in the workplace will be actively dealt
with, all complaints will be taken seriously, confidentiality will be respected
and victimisation of those that raise complaints will not be tolerated.

Our values include commitments to work together and value each other - all
our employees are expected to have read and understood our Dignity at Work
Policy and to ensure they behave in accordance with its principles. All staff
are responsible for helping to create and maintain a positive and inclusive
working environment free from bullying and harassment. All managers have a
particular responsibility for ensuring a supportive and inclusive working
environment in which dignity at work is actively promoted.


New appointments are subject to a six months probationary period.
Performance is reviewed after three months and again after six months. At
the end of the probationary period the outcome of the assessment may be
confirmation of post; notice of dismissal; or at Citizens Advice’s discretion, an
extension of the probationary period by a further three months.


An important part of the principle of impartiality is that Citizens Advice staff are
seen to be upholding the principle of party political impartiality. To avoid
possible misunderstanding or possible conflicts of interest guidelines have
been established on staff taking part in party political activities. More
information on this and a copy of the guidelines is available from the HR
Division, telephone 0207 833 7021. If you currently hold, or are intending to
stand for local or national party political office, we will expect you to tell us
about this if shortlisted for interview.


London office – N1


Fixed term contract until 31 May 2013


Our roles are open to discussion about flexible working, which may include
arrangements such as part-time working, formalised flexitime, fixed (non-
standard) working hours, working from home and job-sharing.


If you are contracted to work from home, you will be required to provide a
suitable work area which is available for long term use and which can
accommodate a standard size workstation, plus any other work equipment
likely to be required to do your job.


36.25 hours per week
Citizens Advice is an operating name of The National Association of the
Citizens Advice Bureaux.

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