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					                       Support HYP with Grocery Cards!
Kroger, Marsh/O’Malia’s, and Bloomingfoods support the Hoosier Youth Philharmonic by
allowing us to participate in a discount gift card program. We sell grocery gift cards at face
value, the purchaser receives face value in goods and services, and the HYP receives 5% of the
value of all gift cards sold through the program. Please support HYP as you do your grocery
shopping throughout the year.

                        Buy a gift card for only $5 from the HYP that can be reloaded every
                        time you shop with any amount you intend to spend. This gift cards will
                        continue to support the HYP with each reload. When you buy your
                        initial gift cards from the HYP, Kroger tracks the serial number of the
                        cards and credits the HYP with 5% of each reload. You will receive the
                        full value of each reload to spend at any of the stores listed below.
                        Kroger gift cards can also be used at the Kroger pharmacy and Kroger
                        gas stations. Cards with a zero balance expire after 90 days.
   Cards can be used at other locations. These may change. ( Owen’s, Hilander, Pay Less, Scott’s)

                          The HYP sells Marsh grocery gift cards in $50 and $100
                          denominations. The gift cards can be used at both Marsh and
                          O’Malia’s grocery stores. Marsh donates 5% of the value of the gift
                          cards to the HYP, while the purchaser still gets the full face value of
                          the card in goods or services. These cards are not reloadable. Only
                          those gift card purchases made from the HYP will provide the 5%
                          donation to the HYP.

                                           Bloomingfoods also provides a 5% donation to the
                                           HYP for each gift card purchased through this
                                           program. The HYP sells Bloomingfoods gift cards in
                                           $25 and $100 denominations. Reloads of these gift
cards will not benefit the HYP. When the funds on these cards have been spent, please surrender
the gift card to Bloomingfoods so the card can be reused, or return to the HYP when purchasing
new cards.

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