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									Pinterest For Business: What Is Pinterest And How Can I Use It To
Promote My Business?
Pinterest is a new and emerging social media platform, that has also established itself as a
respectable and intelligent medium for sharing ideas and images that people are passionate about.
The concept of Pinterest can be found in the name of the site. Your profile is like a 'pinboard', where
you can collect, arrange and display items for your friends and followers to see.
Also, Pinterest is about sharing your unique interests, not just your latest products and services.
The success of Pinterest, and yes, the rapidly growing site that frequently competes with both
Google+ and Facebook, relies on the concept that we all have unique interests and personalities, and
the Internet is the perfect medium for bringing like-minded people together from around the world.
When you involve your business in social media, it is worth remembering why and how it works in the
first place. The Internet surpasses geographical boundaries, time-zones and social restrictions. The
Internet, and social media for business, connects people with similar ideas and values, that otherwise
may never have the opportunity.
Develop a plan to promote your business on Pinterest If you are considering following the crowds,
and launching your business on the Pinterest platform, the first thing you need to decide, is why?
Don't just go there because everyone else is, or you've heard a few too many success stories. The
success of this platform for business, is generated when business owners are smart, genuinely
inspired, and actually know how to use it.
You can start with the foundations of your own business. What does it do? What do you sell? How
can these concepts inspire other people, because real inspiration and delight, is the foundation of
Pinterest as a social media platform.
There is no point simply pinning up items that fail to engage, because if you don't engage, how can
you sell?
Most often than not, Pinterest users aren't there to buy, they are there to be motivated and intrigued.
They are there to obtain a fresh new look on the world, and if your products or services don't do that,
they will instantly move on.
What are you interested in? (Other than making money!)
Quite often, the real intrigue of a business doesn't come directly from their products or services, but
the morals and beliefs that surround these. If you can identify the interests and principals of your
business, other than making money, you will be a step ahead of the rest in determining how Pinterest
can provide you with success.
As an example, if you are selling biodegradable cleaning products, the images and product packaging
of these my not be inspiring enough to add to a Pinterest pin board.
However, your general business philosophy should extend beyond the concept of 'cleaning', and
include many inspiring ideas, such as wild life, environmental protection, beautiful waterways, tiny
and self-sufficient communities, and individuals who strive to make a difference in the world.
Your Pinterest profile can include images, news stories, videos, quirky objects, and products from
other companies that are visually intriguing, yet share the same philosophy as you and your business.
Inspire people with your interests
Inspire people with your interests, and they will want to know who you are and what you do. You may
not be directly promoting your own products or services on Pinterest, but generating a following of
people who share, and are impressed by your own interests and values, can be beneficial for your
If you are constantly pinning up items that intrigue and make them wonder, they will want to know
who you are, what you do, and what makes you so special.
This intrigue will lead them to your business, and the products or services you are choosing to
promote. They will feel as though they already know you, and a trusting and valued relationship will
have already been formed, marking the pathway to a long-term, and profitable business relationship.
Yes, you can still promote yourself!
Pinterest for business, still offers great ways to directly showcase yourself and your business. If you
are selling items that are naturally appealing to Pinterest users, such as handmade clothes, vintage
jewellery, artworks or one-of-a-kind pieces, it would be recommended that your business stand out
proudly and boldly.
Deciding the prominence of your products and services as a focal point, will depend on what you do,
and what you sell. Also check out other businesses on there. Learn from their strategies and success,
and read up on the Pinterest rules and protocol.
There are some guidelines you will need to follow, to keep Pinterest friendly and fun for all, but once
you get started and implement some social media etiquette and common sense, you might find that
Pinterest is your new area of online addiction.

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