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Transportation Transportation by huangyuarong


									                                                              Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
                                                                    Career Cluster Pathway
                                                              This website is a guide and in no way should replace                              Indiana Departma
                                                             meeting with your high school guidance counsoler as a
                                                            means for planning your career future. Also keep in mind
                                                                        college admission requirements.

                               Requirements for Core 40                                                                  Course Sequences Core 40 + technical honors

                                 English/                                Social            Other
                                Language       Math        Science       Studies/          courses                                 Course Sequence for This Pathway
                                  Arts                                   PE                required

                                English 9/                 Earth Space                       Computer
                                              Algebra I                                                        SRT/       Personal Finance                            Busines
                                English 9                   Science/          *PE          Apps. w/ Digital

                                             *Algebra II                                                      Elective                         Foundations
                                 Honors                     Biology I                         Comm.

                                                                           * Modern
                               English 10/                                World Civ/
                                                            Biology I/                                         SRT/         Accounting                                Natural

                               English 10 Algebra II                      World Geo./         Health                                          Resource Mgt.
                                                            Chemistry    World History &                      Elective

                               English 11/                                                                                               Business Mgt. & Finance
                                                    Chemistry/                                                 SRT/

                               English 11 Geometry                        U.S. History        Elective                                      Auto Body Repair
                                                   Physics/ ICP                                               Elective                      Diesel Mechanics

                               English 12/                                   US                                                          Business Mgt. & Finance
                                              Core 40        Core 40                                           SRT/

                               English 12                                Government /         Elective                                      Auto Body Repair
                                               Math          Science      Economics                           Elective                      Diesel Mechanics

                                   Students interested in completing requirements for Core 40 with Academic Honors must:
                               1.) Complete all requirements for Core 40.
Core 40 with Academic Honors

                               2.) Earn 2 additional Core 40 math credits
                               3.) Earn 6-8 core 40 world language credits
                               4.) Earn 2 Core 40 Fine Arts credits
                               5.) Complete one of the following:
                                          a.) 2 Advanced Placement courses and corresponding AP exams
                                          b.) Academic, transferable dual high school/ college courses resulting in 6 college credits
                                          c.) One Advanced Placement course and corresponding AP exam and academic transferable dual hig
                                               college courses resulting in 3 college credits.
                                        d.) Score 1200 or higher combined SAT math and critical reading*
                                        e.) Score a 26 composite ACT
                                        f.) International Baccalaureate Diploma
                               * SAT requirements will be modified with the addition of the writing section.
        ical Honors
                                           Students interested in completing the requiremetns for Core 40 with Technical Honors must:
                                1.) Complete all requirements for Core 40.
Core 40 with Technical Honors

                                2.) Complete a career-technical program (related sequence of 8-10 career-technical credits)
                                3.) Earn a “C” or above in courses that will count toward the diploma
                                4.) Have a grade point average of a “B” or above
                                5.) Complete a state recognized certification requirements * by completing two of the options below, one of wh
                                           A. Take a WorkKeys, an industry-driven assessment, and score at or above a designated level on eac
                                               subject areas (mathematics reasoning, reading for information, and locating information)
                                          B. Technical, transferable dual credit/ college credit courses resulting in 6 college credits
                                          C. Professional career internship or cooperative education
                                          D. Complete an industry-based work experience as part of a 2 year technical program (minimum 140
                                            E. A state approved industry recognized certification
                          Career & Technical Education
            Indiana Departmant of Education

quences Core 40 + technical honors

Course Sequence for This Pathway                        Occupations for
                                                         This Pathway

                                                ►Car, Truck and Ship Loader
nance                              Business     ►First-Line Supervisor/ Manager of
          Foundations                           Helpers
                                                ►First-Line Supervisor/ Manager of
                                                Transportation and Material-Moving
g                                  Natural      Machine and Vehicle Operators
          Resource Mgt.                         ►Industrial and Packaging
                                                ►Laborer and Material Mover-
    Business Mgt. & Finance                     ►Packer and Packager-Handler
       Auto Body Repair                         ►Production, Planning, Expediting
       Diesel Mechanics                         Clerk
                                                ►Storage and Distribution Manager
                                                ►Traffic, Shipping and Receiving
                                                ►Warehouse Manager
    Business Mgt. & Finance                     ►Department of Transportation
       Auto Body Repair                         (DOT) Inspector
       Diesel Mechanics                         ►Environmental Compliance
                                                ►Environmental Compliance
                                                ►Environmental Engineer
                                                ►Environmental Manager
                                                ►Environmental Protection
                                                ►Environmental Scientist
                                                ►First Responder
                                                ►Hazardous Materials Manager
 g in 6 college credits                         ►Health and Safety Manager
 d academic transferable dual high              ►Industrial
                                              school/ Health and Safety
                                                ►Industrial Hygienist
                                                ►Risk Manager
                                                ►Safety Analyst
Technical Honors must:

 of the options below, one of which must be A or B:
r above a designated level on each of the three core readiness
cating information)
g in 6 college credits

echnical program (minimum 140 hours)

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