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Internally Stiffened Composite Panels And Methods For Their Manufacture - PDF by Patents-316


The following disclosure relates generally to composite panels and, more particularly, to composite panels having internal stiffeners that can engage fasteners for attaching parts to the composite panels.BACKGROUND Composite materials are often used in the construction of aerospace and other structures because of their high strength-to-weight ratios. Many aircraft, for example, utilize composite materials for both internal airframe components and externalskin panels. Composite materials are often used in the form of a panel that can include a core material sandwiched between two opposing face sheets. The face sheets can include one or more plies of a composite fabric material, and the core can includea lightweight material such as a foam or honeycomb material. The resulting combination provides a lightweight panel having relatively high strength and stiffness. The panel can be fastened or otherwise attached to frames or other parts as required tocomplete a particular assembly. FIGS. 1A-C are cross-sectional views of portions of composite panel assemblies 100a-c having composite panels 101a-c configured in accordance with the prior art. Referring to FIG. 1A, the prior art composite panel 101a includes a first facesheet 102a, a second face sheet 104a offset from the first face sheet 102a, and a core 106a sandwiched between and bonded to the first and second face sheets 102a and 104a. A fastener 120a extends through the composite panel 101a and attaches a part 110to the composite panel 101a. One feature of the prior art composite panel 101a is that the fastener 120a extends through holes in both the first and second face sheets 102a and 104a. A disadvantage of this feature is that water or other fluids can leak through the fastenerhole if one side of the composite panel 101a is exposed to these fluids. This shortcoming makes the composite panel 101a a poor choice in those applications where a leak-proof panel is desired. In addition, fluids leaking into the

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