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Data Entry Jobs - Earn Money Online


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									First of all let me clear one thing. On the internet, the only way to
make money is via doing one or another kind of a job. Without work, no
one can make any money. Money is not for free. That is; no person or site
will give away money to other people for free. Why will any body do that?

People on the internet can make legitimate money if they choose the right
way. Do not look for online money making opportunities where you are
suppose to be paid for doing no work. In order to make money, you will
need to do an online job.

There are many legitimate cash making opportunities on the internet and
on the other hand, there are many scams too. So the simplest formula to
avoid online money scams is to not pay any thing from your pocket to any
one. This also includes not giving any personal information like your
credit card info.

The legitimate way to make money online is via doing jobs at freelancing
sites. Freelancing sites are like a market place where buyers post
different kinds of jobs and job seekers place bids on these projects. The
buyer chooses one or more winners among all bidders. This is how
freelancing sites work.

There are two types of freelancing sites. One is where you can join and
work for free. That is, you can place bids on projects without paying any
membership fee. But when you won a project and you get paid after the
completion of the project; the site charge a small fee. Dont worry; you
dont have to pay this fee from your pocket.

This fee will be deducted from the money you will earn at the freelance
sties. For example; if you won a project worth $300, and complete it in
the given time period. After that, the buyer will pay you the $300 and
you will be able to see the money in the freelance sites account.

But instead of $300, you will get something like $285 after the site
charge their fees. The other type of freelance site is where you need to
pay a membership fee before you can start bidding on projects. I suggest
you only work at free freelance sites

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