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  1      Introduction

  2      Synopsis

  3      Company profile

  4      Product information

  5      My Stint at NISA

  6      Training

  7      Annexures

Sports & Games have a very important role to play in the growth and development of mind and
body. Indian history of sports dates back to the Vedic times when physical exercises were
considered to be a mandatory part of religious rituals. There were some well-defined values
like the mantra in the Atharva-Veda, saying," Duty is in my right hand and the fruits of
victory in my left". In terms of an ideal, these words hold the same sentiments as the
traditional Olympic oath: ".......For the Honour of my Country and the Glory of Sport."

Sports & games can be classified into two main categories: outdoor and indoor. In India outdoor
sporting activities have a greater mass appeal as compared to indoor ones.

Though hockey is the national sport of India, cricket is by far the most popular sport in our
country. India is a cricket crazy nation. This game is like a religion and every Indian be it a rich,
poor, big, small etc is glued to their television, radio, transistor, mobile etc to know the score

Apart from cricket India has a global identity in other sports like hockey, chess, lawn tennis,
table tennis, formula one racing, badminton, billiards and snooker and to some extent, in
football. Relatively recent introduction to the world of virtual intelligence has triggered off a
wave of crazy fanaticism especially among the younger generation and subsequently, the
popularity of online gaming has been increasing by leaps and bounds.
NISA is an Indian face of AISA (Australia India Sports Academy Pty Ltd) dedicated to making
India a sporting Nation. NISA aims to promote the game of golf to the masses of India. Through
the concept of OPTI GOLF, NISA aims to make the game of golf accessible and affordable. In
order to make this possible, NISA has created a unique INDOOR GOLF ACADEMY called
THE OZ GOLF ACADEMY in the heart of the city of MUMBAI at ANDHERI. This golf
academy will have a golf simulator which will be used by the coaches to teach the game of golf.
The objective of our team was to create awareness and sales plan for the OZ GOLF ACADEMY.

The main product of this indoor golf concept is the GOLF SIMULATOR. The simulator is one
of the best found the world over and yet it applies a very simple concept. The simulator occupies
500 sq. feet area and is assembled using a synthetic cloth supported by few rods. The projector is
used to project the real golf course images on the screen. The simulator has an infra red camera
which captures the swing of the club and the motion and trajectory of the ball. There is also a
sound sensor which records the sound of the club when it hits the ball. Both these devices are
used to calculate and project the shot on the screen. And the end result is astonishing as it
simulates the shot on the screen with over 95% similarity. Also the club and the ball used to
play on the simulator are the actual ones used on the real golf course.


Golf is an emerging sport in India. It is especially popular sport among the wealthier classes and
has not yet caught on with middle class and poor people due to the fact that it is expensive. The
most successful Indian golfer is JEEV MILKHA SINGH who has won titles all over the world.
Other Indians who have won the Asian tour order of merit are Jyoti Randhawa in 2002 (the first
Indian to achieve this) and Arjun Atwal. There are numerous golf courses all over India.
This concept of OPTI GOLF is something new and no such concept has been launched ever
before in Indian market. It makes the game of golf accessible to all the masses and not just the
few privileged.

Golf is said to be a rich man’s game and involves life skills and values. Keeping this in mind the
OZ GOLF ACADEMY created a JUNIOR GOLF PROGRAMME for school kids. The idea is to
inculcate these core values and life skills into kids at an early stage along with teaching them a
completely new game.


   1. The conceptual designing has been done.
   2. Our team prepared the sales plan and a sales tool.
   3. The concept has been sold to schools and our task was to sell the concept to the parents of
       the children studying in that school. This was done successfully over a period of 4 days.
   4. The dates and schedule of the JUNIOR GOLF PROGRAMME for a particular school is
       being finalized and will be ready by the end of JULY.

This concept is innovative and something never heard of, hence it has a good first movers
advantage. The game of golf was out of reach for the masses until now, through the OZ GOLF
ACADEMY people of Mumbai will be exposed to the game of golf.

This project is aimed at school kids and it provides some certification along with various
valuable learning. As a result it has created a buzz in the schools we targeted so far. This has
given the academy a good and sustainable competitive advantage.

However, selling the concept of golf was the biggest task for the summer trainees, as the concept
is totally new and the game of golf is alien to most of people.

            NISA an Indian face of AISA (Australia India Sports Academy Pty
            Ltd) is dedicated to make India a sporting Nation. AISA is an
            Australian sporting organization with scientific sporting expertise
            available in various sports, which hold a comparative and absolute
            advantage over the rest of the world not only in number of sports but
            also sports science.

NISA, came into existence with a Vision of helping children to take up sports as a career and
also mould champions in various sports. NISA has customized sources in Sports Training,
Marketing, Management administration and biomechanics. It has been successful sporting
organization for a number of years. NISA has multiple modules customized for various needs
catering to Schools, Corporate and Individuals.,such as INDOOR SPORTS ARENAS which also
has indoor cricket, indoor golf that is virtual golf, international sports tours, sports
coaching                           and                        many                           more.

To be the first choice and ensure a growing presence through setting leadership standards of
performance and customer satisfaction in the field of sports, education and management.

To identify, nurture and sharpen the skills inside you for a sport. To give your skills the cutting
edge through international exposure. To mould your performance into a winning streak. To make
winning a habit.


The Advisory Board of NISA comprises of the following:

Mr. Kapil Dev (Brand Ambassador)

Mr. Tony Dell (CEO- AISA Pty Ltd )

Mr. Peter Evans ( Chairman- AISA Pty Ltd)

Mr. Dean Jones

Mr. Eddo Brandes

Mr. Harish Mehta (Gen Sect. Commonwealth Youth Sports Development Council

Mr. Lip Ooi (Golf Training and Development Consultant)

Mr. Mohinder Singh Khalsa (Gen Sect. Indoor Cricket Federation)


    State of the art golf training infrastructure.

    Inflow of Australian expertise.

    Work with government to develop effective sports policy.

    Providing pathway for young golfers and non golfers as well.
    Providing pathway for young students in the growing golf industry.


The product information can be divided into two parts. The first one being our main product
offering i.e. the OZ GOLF ACADEMY and the second one is called the JUNIOR GOLF
PROGRAMME which is already being provided as part of the main product.


The OZ GOLF ACDEMY is scheduled to come up by the end of July in the heart of Mumbai
city near Andheri (W), shoppers stop. The purpose of this academy is to make the game of golf
accessible to the masses. This is a completely new concept as this is going to be an indoor golf
academy where people will be taught to play golf on a golf simulator.

                                    The indoor golf simulator system ensures a 95% close to real golf.
                                    It allows users to use real golf clubs (from driver to putter) practice,
                                    work on the swing fault and play a complete round of golf. The
                                    views of the golf course can be either projected onto a large screen
                                    set in front of the player or just viewed on the computer monitor
                                    set to the side.

The simulator provides people with the facility to choose from 30 different golf courses across
the globe to play their game. The system allows one to drive off the tee, hit fairway shots, pitch,
chip and putt the ball into the hole. After every shot, the system automatically flies along the
ball's trajectory to where the ball lies, ready for the next shot. The software on which the
simulator works allows the players to analyze their complete game. A shot by shot analysis is
also possible.
Apart from this the academy will
also have putting maps where
everyone can practice their shots.
There is also going to bean LCD
screen and a coffee bar in the

NISA has come up with this innovative concept of introducing golf as part of the school
curriculum. The schools already targeted by NISA are UTPAL SANHGVI-Vile Parle,
BILLABONG HIGH- Malad. It is also in talks with RYAN INTERNATIONAL,
AMERICAN BOMBAY SCHOOL and many others in and around ANDHERI.

                                     THE SCHOOL SETUP
     26 weeks program

     78 sessions

     Three times a week

     2 sessions at the school and 1 session at the centre(in the process of coming up within
      three weeks)

     Age group—5-16yrs

At NISA their aim is not only to teach children golf but also imbibe in them the ten core values
and the ten life skills which are the basic essentials of the game of golf.

Golf teaches children the art of visualization, etiquettes of life, to be disciplined etc. It also helps
develop the qualities of honesty, integrity, sportsmanship etc. it helps the child to take his/her
own decisions, control his emotions and develop his overall personality.

Coaching to all the children will be by a panel trained under the supervision and guidance of
PGAI certified National head coach Mrs. Sanam merchant who ranks fifth among women golfers
in india

The golfing equipment will be provided to the children by NISA.

There are 3 certification levels in the following order:-

      Discover golf
      Explore golf
      Perform with golf

After this there will be Carnival-which will comprise of Intra School, inter school, zonal, and
AISA India Indoor Golf championship.

Following are details of tasks assigned on a daily basis in order to evaluate various strategies to
penetrate into the market to launch the innovative concept of OPTI GOLF.

Task 1
First day at work was known as the product day. NISA was already running a 7 day golf
workshop at Utpal Sanghvi school, Vile Parle where children were being trained to play golf on
the simulator.

The task required us to understand the technicalities of the simulator and to observe the behavior
of the students who had enrolled themselves for the program.

Following observations were made:-

      Children were excited to play the game and were getting better and better with every
      Children were bonding amongst themselves while playing as they were applauding each
        other for playing a good shot .
      The parents of the students accompanied them.
      There was an urge in each of the students to perform better than their friends.
    There was an excitement among them to compete at the school level and intra-school

This task familiarized me with the product i.e. simulator and helped me understand the
acceptability factor of the product amongst the students at the training camp.

Task 2
Under this task I was asked to make a detailed study of the website The
purpose behind this was to help me make the strategies followed by first tee to sell their
product as it was on similar lines to the simulator.

The World Golf Foundation created The First Tee in November of 1997 as a way to bring golf to
youngsters that otherwise would not be exposed to the game and its positive values Through
research it was determined that the primary reason more children, and especially economically
disadvantaged children, did not play golf was because of the lack of places that welcomed them,
places they could physically get to, and places that they could afford..

The First Tee realized that there existed a larger opportunity than just teaching the game of golf.
The primary objectives began to evolve around providing young people of all backgrounds an
opportunity to develop, through golf

This concept of thefirsttee is similar to NISA’s as such a detailed study of thefirsttee was made
in order to get a clearer view of their offering (in terms of programs offered) and draw
similarities between the offerings of both organizations.

After making a thorough analysis of the website we made a presentation on the contents of the
website to bring out the similarities and differences between thefirsttee and NISA in terms of the
product offering

Following are my FINDINGS AND OBSERVATIONS from the above mentioned task:-

    History and background
    Objectives
    Allied organizations
    Program offered

National School Program V/S Junior Golf Program


    Promote golf
    Make golf amenities accessible and affordable
    Introduce golf as a part of school curriculum
    Provide equipments
    Design curriculum
    Impart Ten life enhancing core values
    Learning with fun

Not for profit                                   For profit
Sponsorships funded                              Not sponsorship funded
National level                                   On local level
WGA recognized                                   In process of getting PGAI recognition
Coach training of curriculum designed is given   Training given to students through
to Physical Education teachers                   CERTIFIED coaches
Equipments provided are plastic made             Equipments provided are real
No golf simulators                               Teaching and playing on golf simulator
Field trips to actual golf course                In process of tying up with golf courses for
                                                 arranging field trips
Task 3

I was shown the prototype of OZ GOLF ACADEMY .The prototype included
        simulator
        practicing nets (as golf camps will be conducted at the academy)
        lounge area
        LCD screen, (airing movies on golf so that in turn would educate people on golf and
           make them more interested in the game)

My task here was to create awareness strategies and a plan to attract the target to the academy.
These are few of the strategies we as a team came up with. We devised different strategies for
parents and children.
                          STRATEGIES FOR CHILDREN
            HOBBY     AL                                                           SCHOOL
Strategie   CLASSE    PROGRA       SPORTS                          ACCESSOR        JOURNA
s           S         M            DAY               PLAYGROUNDS   IES             LS
                                                                   Erasers &
                                                                   sharpeners in
                                                                   shape of golf
                                                                   with Oz         Publish
                                   demonstration/                  logo,peel on    ads in
                                   inter house                     with info on    school
What        Brochures Reference    competitions      Brochures     golf and OZ     journals

            Create    Word of                                      Create          buzz/intere
Why         buzz      mouth        Create interest   Create buzz   buzz/interest   st
                                   As per                          (Late May,      As per
When        Summer    Throughout   schedule          Throughout    June)           schedule
                                                  STRATEGIES FOR PARENTS
                                                                                                                                        Just Dial
                                               Tie-ups with tsp       Distribute brochures at                 Tying up with sports      Services (10
Strategies   Demo at housing societies         for offers on bills    sports(Golf) equipment stores           clubs                     sec advt)
                                               Discounts on a                                                                           message for
             Demonstration of Virtual Golf     round of                                                                                 10 -15 sec
             at various Housing Societies in   golf/discounts on                                              Tying up with Clubs       before the
             and around Andheri on             bills on a bill of     Distribute brochures at sports(Golf)    for promotional           call is
What         Weekends                          TSP.                   equipment stores                        activities/memberships    connected

                                                                                                              To leverage on
                                                                                                              customer base of clubs
                                                                                                              and attract them to the
             Presence of Parents and                                  To create an awareness to the people    benefits offered at the
             children on Weekends,                                    who play/want to play golf about a      OZ.For them it is a
             Awareness about the Concept       create mass            place where they can go and             value add that they can
             of Indoor Golf, Firsthand         awareness, firsthand   practice golf(if going to course is     pitch in to their new
Why          experience.                       experience             not possible)                           customers.                Awareness

             Target: Parents, Children,
             Teachers in high end
             complexes. To be done by                                 Target: First Timers, Amateurs,
             Coaches and company                                      Professionals, Regular players. What
Who          representatives.                  Cellular users         benefit to retailers?                   Parents, Children.        Masses
                                               Within 30 days of
             ,Bank                             Bill receipt and
             Holidays,Weekends,Afternnoon      predetermined time                                             Weekends, Bank            ongoing
When         to Night                          slots                  Ongoing process                         Holidays                  process

                                                                                                              Two Step approach
                                               Approach Telecom                                               :a)Meeting with Club
             Two Step approach a)Meeting       companies to put       Approach the retailer to distribute a   officials to get the      Register our
             with society to get the           the advert on their    brochure along with Golf                permission                business
             permission b)Conducting the       bills sent to          Accessories. Again benefits to the      b)Conducting the          with just
How          Demonstration                     customers.             retailer?                               Demonstration             dial.
Task 4
This task was a continuation of the previous one. Out of the various strategies devised earlier,
one of the ideas i.e. to prepare an interactive CD and distribute it to students was zeroed in upon

The CD idea was considered the most effective one mainly for the reason that it would be cost
effective and it would not only reach the students but also their parents. Also another reason was
that the simulator being a complex product to set up everywhere distribution of the CD would act
as an aid in providing information about the simulator with the help of various audio visual

The CD was designed in such a way that it must have interesting content to appeal both parents
and their children. The best way to make the CD interesting and attractive for both was to not
only have information as that may not be read by children with as much enthusiasm but also
have stories and games and downloads related to the game to get them hooked on.

    Our most important and appreciated work during the
    course of designing this interactive CD was creating a
    MASCOT called OZEE. We created the mascot to
  distribute the CD to the kids and also to act as an added
   attraction for the kids to come and visit the OZ GOLF


The process of designing the CD
This was the task on which we worked the maximum number of days during our internship. The
task took 10-15 days as we worked and reworked upon the CD to get the final outcome. As
mentioned above the CD was created to serve a dual purpose. It was not only meant for the
students to get acquainted with the game of golf but also for the parents to go through and
register their children for our JUNIOR GOLF PROGRAMME and thus become a member of our
Step 1- We as a team did brain storming and decided the various heads which would form the
contents of the CD.

Step 2- We were 15 people in all and divided ourselves in teams of 3 each to work upon
different headings.

Step 3- After working separately we then combined our work to create the CD. This was like a
rough draft of the final requirement.

Step 4- the same process continued for about 6-7 days. We reworked on the contents and look of
the CD as per requirements.

Step 5- As per the suggestions and requirements of our boss we decided to have voice over’s for
all the contents of the CD. For this we divided ourselves in 2 teams namely the communication
team and the creative team. The communication team worked on the scripts for the content and
the voice over’s and the creative team on the look and appearance of the CD.

Step 6- The above process carried on for another 5-6 days and the final outcome was perfect as
per the requirements.

Contents of CD:
1) Why Golf?
2) What’s In It for Your Child?

3) About AISA

4) Hall of Fame

5) Junior Golf Program

6) Testimonials

7) Fun Zone

8) Ozee Cubs Club

9) Ozee Tales
Why golf?

Golf being a game played by a few, this tab was created with an intention to make the customer
aware of the game of golf, and its benefits. Golf is an individual sport which helps to develop
oneself as a team player. Golf is not about competing against other people but is about
competing against you.

What’s in it for your child?

This would be the very first question every parent would ask. In order to answer this question we
subdivided this tab into two.

       The perfect 10
               The 10 core values
               The 10 life skills
       Foundations of business

The perfect 10 was further subdivided into 10 core values and 10 life skills which the game of
golf would help imbibe in a child.

Foundations of business talks about how the game of golf is played by CEO’S and how a child
can become build a social circle with highly reputed kids. This section was created to inspire the
children to think and achieve big in life.

About Aisa:
The company came into existence with a Vision of helping children to take Sports as a Career
and also Mould Champions in various sports. AISA has customized sources in Sports Training,
Marketing, Management administration and biomechanics. It has been successful sporting
organization for a number of years. This tab gives comprehensive information about AISA and

vision for the future.
Hall Of Fame:

Game of golf has produced many champions and role models for many people. This tab is
divided into two the wizards of golf and the junior champs and thus gives information about
the past and present legends of golf .It also give information about their life and struggle they
went through to reach the pinnacle of success.

Junior Golf Program

This tab contained all the information about the program in the form of an audio visual clipping.


Under this tab there were 3 testimonials one each by KAPIL DEV, KUNAL BHASIN AND

Fun zone

This tab had two main things downloads and games. This was specially created to attract the
children. The section was created on a golf based theme in order to generate interest and create

Ozee Cub’s Club:

Ozee Cub’s Club was designed with an intention of creating an interface between the company
and children through its mascot Ozee. The cub’s club is a medium for kids to interact with
mascot at the venue i.e. OZ golf academy and spend an entire day with mascot engaging in
different activities.

Ozee Tales:

Tales are fascinating way to imbibe morals & ethics in children .Ozee tales are set of short
stories which inculcate the morals of life in children.

The outcome of this task was very positive. We learnt a lot about the game of golf then we knew
before the task started. We developed the skill to work effectively in a team. Our understanding
of how to design a product according to customer needs enhanced. On the whole we went
through the entire process of putting down an idea on paper and executing and implementing the
idea to generate the final product.

Task 5
With this next task we moved on to actual on field sales. All the earlier tasks were related to
marketing and strategizing, but from now on we were going to do deal directly with the

The task involved on field sales of JUNIOR GOLF PROGRAMME .NISA had tied up with the
school BILLABONG HIGH at Malad to introduce the PROGRAMME which will ensure that
children the game of golf and are ready enough to play on a golf course .

Mock sales training was given in order to make sure that there is thoroughness in terms of
product knowledge and confidence while selling to the parents.

At the school , the simulator was set up in the stilt area of the school .The simulator was used
as POINT OF PURCHASE while selling the JUNIOR GOLF PROGRAMME to parents and
their children .NISA had arranged a feel of golf session in school for 5 days during which time it
was decided to pitch to the parents .

The task was to convince people to get contact detail forms filled and come along with their
children for the feel of golf sessions of 1 hour each to be conducted in the school during school
hours. Filled contact detail forms were used to fix up confirmed appointments with the parent
.Demo sessions were held as an invitation to join the junior golf program specially designed to
teach golf to children in the age group 5-16yrs.

As a part of this task I also made STANDEES or what we call in simple language banners
to be put around the stilt area of BILLABONG HIGH.
                                     THE STANDEES
Response encountered (for feel golf sessions)

    Parents were extremely receptive towards this concept of introducing JUNIOR GOLF
      PROGRAMME in the school as part of curriculum\

    Some parents were of the view that during their school days they never had such concepts
      and that they really appreciated this whole new concept and would definitely like to
      enroll their child for the JUNIOR GOLF PROGRAMME

    Parents themselves tried to convince their children to try a few shots on the simulator
    Parents also enquired about having program where they could also get to learn to play

    One of the prime concerns for parents remained that their children should get interested
       in playing golf

    Parents also had concerns about whether their child would be able to hold the heavy clubs


        Children were extremely excited to play golf on the simulator

        Children even encouraged their friends to come along with them and play golf on the

        Some children were not at all interested in playing on the simulator even after much
           cajoling by their parents

The second part of the task was to pitch the parents for enrolling to the JUNIOR GOLF
PROGRAMME during the feel of golf sessions. The 5 day feel golf sessions had the simulator
set up at the stilt area along with putting mats. The prototype of OZ golf academy where the
simulator will be placed and prototype of set up at the school was also put up. The last two days
of the feel golf sessions were the most important as most appointments were fixed on those two
days. The last day of the feel of golf session coincided with the PTA meeting where most parents
were to be present .We were asked to create excitement among children coming to play on the
putting mats and get their parents to watch them play and enjoy learning golf which in turn
would help them make up their minds faster and enroll their children to the JUNIOR GOLF
Responses encountered during the last two days of the feel of golf sessions

Responses encountered

Day before last

    The response from the parents was cold as most parents did not come as per the
       appointment fixed.

    Out of 7 parents who came only 2 parents enrolled their child to the JUNIOR GOLF

Last day

The response from parents and children on the last day was good

    Out of 50 parents whom came in that day 33 parents got converted.

    Many parents came in to know more about the program and get their child enrolled for it

    Some parents were turned out because children below 5 yrs of age could not be a part of
       the program


It is said that marketing is incomplete without sales experience involved. The on field sales made
it a wholesome learning experience .Interaction with the end user i.e. parents and children and
their positive response helped shed my inhibitions and be able to deliver without fear .The two
most important things I learnt from this experience is as follows

    LISTENING: it is of utmost importance to listen to what the prospect buyer has to say
    COMMUNICATION: the second most important thing is to be able to communicate with
       confidence and conviction, which in turn would help to convert the prospect to actual
Task 7
The task that followed was to design a print advertisement of JUNIOR GOLF PROGRAMME in
a magazine called Education World.

The advertisement already designed for the magazine was dull, boring and an informative one
.So the challenge here was how to make the advertisement more attractive and appealing to the

Suggestions that were considered while designing the advertisement go as follows:

    The advertisement should be eye catching, colorful and yet at the same time informative

    The highlights should be CARNIVAL, CERTIFICATION, and the perfect ten i.e. ten
         core values and ten life skills.

    The advertisement should highlight unique points about the JUNIOR GOLF
         PROGRAMME such as
            Schedule
            Certification levels
            Coaching by national Head coach

    The advertisement should also have a picture of the mascot and the simulator to showcase
         the product.

    The colors used for the background should be sober and bright.
                                      THE PRINT AD

This task of designing the advertisement brought out the best of each one’s creativity, however
the most feasible ideas were taken and given shape. This task was quiet a refreshing exercise as it
was different from other tasks since it involved visually communicating value to the prospective
customer in the most effective manner. It also brought forward the fact that colors, background
make a great impact on the mind to stimulate interest.
Task 8
This task was given so as to target the housing socities and complexes around andheri and malad,
so as to create awareness among then about the centre and get memberships from these areas,
since the setup was based at billabong school, malad.

   3 step process was agreed upon:

       1. Meet the Manager.
       2. Pitching it to the committee members & getting approval.
       3. Setting up the simulator /putting mats in the building complex during weekend.
          Inviting people to billabong school where simulator is put up.

Task 9
This was the last task of my summer internship. It was about drafting the letters. The first letter
was drafted addressing to the secretaries/chairman of various societies in and around Billabong
High Malad. The purpose of this letter was to ask the secretary/chairman for his permission to
organize the golf competitions in their society premises.

The second letter was drafted addressing the member residents of respective buildings and
societies where we were supposed to organize the golf competitions. This letter was drafted by
our company on behalf of the secretary/chairman of the respective societies to their members.

The final letter drafted was addressed to the supermarkets like DMart, Hypercity, etc. This letter
was drafted in order to gather sponsorship from these supermarkets for our competitions in

This task helped me develop my communication skills and it enhanced my non-verbal skills.
Even here the creativity was required as all the three letters were aimed at 3 different audiences.

After having done all the above mentioned tasks we as a team came up with a few
recommendations which are as follows

    Promote golf as life enhancing game

    Conduct Aptitude testing of participant children before and after joining the JGP
    Publish testimonials of school principals and parents whose children are enrolled to the

    Use golf simulator as POP(point of purchase)

    Make the program PGAI (professional golf association of India) recognized

    Arrange field trips to actual golf course

    Assist in creating a career path for participants interested in considering golf as a

After completing our TASK 4 i.e. designing a cd as the marketing tool for Junior Golf
Programme, sales was the next crucial step to follow. In order to explore and employ the summer
trainees as a sales team, the management of NISA provided a sales training to all the summer
trainees. This training was a carved up into 3 sessions:-

          HOW TO SELL?

Introduction to Golf

This was the 1st of the 3 enlightening sessions after which there was a sea change in the way I
perceived sales. The session was conducted by Miss Sanam Merchant, the head coach of the
Junior Golf Programme. Miss Merchant a pro golfer herself was assigned to introduce us to the
world of golf.

The 2 hour session taught us the minute details of the game of golf. The session was the
foundation for our next project i.e. to sell the Junior Golf Programme. It gave us a deep insight
about the game of golf, its pro’s, terminologies, rules, regulations, learning’s and the current
scenario in India. This was extremely important for us the summer trainees to be able enough to
answer any query put forth by the prospects.

The zeal with which Miss Sanam Merchant delivered the knowledge was the perfect example of
our learning of the following sessions, “it’s passion that sells and not the product”.


The Director of NISA, Mr. Harish Sharma also a professional trainer, spoke about the general
etiquettes of a salesman and the do’s and don’ts of sales he took us through the 4 step process of
sales starting from

          Preparation
          Presentation
          FAQ’S
          Closing

. The teachings provided by Mr. Sharma hold a great value for the future corporate executives
like us. The session included use of simple theories to listen, to observe, to think and to act.
Another very important thing we learned from this session was the importance of rapport
building with the customers during sales. Simple yet effective, such was the marathon session of
4 hours conducted by Mr. Sharma.


The final session was the most important one as it dealt with sales techniques. This session was
conducted by the project manager himself, Mr. Santosh Bagkar. He holds the title of being ones
of the successful sales personnel at the Hindustan Unilever and a certified trainer for the Stephen
Covey’s Seven Habits.

Learning from his expertise and knowledge was a great experience for us. The session included
simple techniques of sales.
My boss always gave an opportunity to lead and give my best at all times. He made me learn
things by making me understand where I lack.

He also gave us examples and taught us how the real corporate world functions. He used to ask
to present our work daily and later have discussion as to what should be the modifications. This
made me grow and improvise.

His main purpose was to explain to us that only when an individual gets knocks i.e. when one
sees the face of failure can one realize the secret of success. He gave us the following 5

    IPA-income producing activity
          I have learned that every task or activity one does should be with the purpose of
          generating income.
    Productivity not activity
    If u think u can, if u think u cant, either ways you are right.
    Never be complacent. i.e. don’t celebrate success or moan for a failure for more than 24
    Anything you say before but, is a lie.

This was not all. Apart from the above mentioned learning’s, I personally learned a lot more

I was alien to the game of golf and found this game boring, but after working for NISA and
devising the sales tool (CD to target children) I have not only learnt a lot about this game but
also feel privileged that I got an opportunity to play this game which is not easily accessible.

I realized that working in team does not only mean working with 10 people together but to
understand each ones strengths and weakness and then to get the right work done from the right
person. We used to have brain storming sessions each day and select the best ideas amongst all.

Another important take away for me definitely is the process of developing a business idea. At
NISA I went through the entire process of how to work on an idea from scratch till its very end,
right from thinking of different ideas, to short listing the most appropriate one, working on the
nitty grit ties of the selected idea, keeping alternatives in mind, strategizing each and every
minute detail of the idea to ultimately converting it into a finished product

On the whole the experience has shown me the true realities of corporate world and has
definitely helped me recognize and improve upon my talents.
VIII.            ANNEXURES

                      1. LETTER TO SOCIETIES

Ozee golf academy

June 25, 2009


The secretary,

Royal Classic CHS,

Andheri west,

Mumbai – 53

Subject:-Entertainment cum Golf competition for your CHS.

Oz golf Academy with the intention of promoting the elite sport of Golf brings Golf in your

                             GOLF IN YOUR SOCIETY

We are offering your society and its members an exciting opportunity to play GOLF, compete
and win exciting prizes. Golf is considered to be very prestigious and royal game played by an
elite class.

Our Mission as a company is to be dedicated to impacting the lives of youth by developing
affordable and accessible golf facilities to serve those who have not previously had exposure to
the game and its positive values.

We will be appreciating your gesture of allowing us to introduce and host the competition FREE
for the resident of your society.

VENUE: Your Society

Cost: Complimentary

Time: 4hrs
To discuss the matters further, Kindly let us know the appropriate date and time of our

Looking forward to meet you in person.


Sachin Jagtap

                     2. LETTER TO MEMBERS

Dear members,
Monsoon has set in and it’s that time of year where our society wants its
members to experience this monsoon in a different way. So I on the
behalf of all the committee members proudly announce the unique and
never ever experienced event in any of the societies before and that
exciting event is “GOLF IN BHOOMI PARK”.
Oz Golf Academy has come up with an intention of promoting the elite
sport i.e. the game of Golf in our society. The event will comprise of
various competitions for children as well as parents and the winners will
be awarded with cool and exciting prizes. Golf is the game which is for
everyone and anyone.
So let’s take full advantage of this event and be the first privileged
society to host this event in Mumbai.
Looking for the best co-operation from everyone.
Enliven the chance with your family. Let’s start this monsoon with a

Venue: Society auditorium
Date and Time: Sunday, 6th July 2009, 9:00 – 1:00

                 3. LETTER OF SPONSORSHIP
Hypercity Pvt. Ltd.,Mumbai

Subject: - Opportunity for local promotion with Oz Golf Academy in Mumbai

Dear Sir/ Madam

Australia India Sports Academy has taken the initiative of promoting sports between Australia
and India. OZ Golf Academy which is a part of AISA is into promoting the elite game of Golf.
The mission of OZ Golf Academy is to be dedicated to impacting the lives of youth by
developing affordable and accessible golf facilities to serve those who have not previously had
exposure to the game and its positive values.

OZ Golf Academy has launched the Junior Golf Programme and for the same has setup the
golf academy at Andheri. As a part of the programme the children will be given coaching for 6
months. We have tied up with some of the prestigious schools like Billabong, NES etc. The
schools are allowing us to conduct these events which will be managed by professional event
management companies which will attract hundreds of students and parents to our academy.
Along with the tie-ups with schools we are also planning to conduct promotional events to
residential complexes in and around these schools i.e. in Malad. For our promotional activities in
the residential complexes we are going to conduct the competition wherein winners will be
awarded with gift vouchers. Here we are expecting to be interacting with more than 1000
affluent families of Malad.

We would like to give this opportunity to Hypercity to get associated with us by providing Gift
vouchers of your stores. It is a golden opportunity for your company to get a customer base of so
many affluent families. We provide you with this platform to grow your customer base and allow
you to promote your brand.

 We are also associated with Adidas which is considered to be one of the best sporting brands in
the world which would be providing all our sporting accessories. There are many banners, passes
and advertising campaigns created by us which can feature Hypercity’s name.

This is a win-win situation for both the companies as Hypercity is getting a chance to promote its
brands in Mumbai through our events and we are getting the sponsorships in the form of gift

Looking forward to your affirmative response.

Thanking you,

                          Sachin Jagtap

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