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									Range Rover Evoque 2012

Yet another stunning model from Land Rover named Range Rover Evoque has many new
feathers to its cap. As compared to the previous luxury cars, Freelander 2002 model has faster
speed. Freelander model was considered to be slower and was priced at $26,000.

In the markets like Europe where brand name is the utilitarian defender Freelander gained
outstanding recognition. Its sales surpassed to other respective models from various auto
companies. Newly released this model LR2 is equipped with all new features. It is rather
more powerful than previous models. It is much quicker with slow speed, rather pretty.
Besides with base sticker of 10 grand higher than Freelander it is now accessible to less
people. Land Rover kept its business high with newly launched model of LR3 and LR4.

Range Rover Evoque as it is named is yet again small offering from Land Rover. Its price
starts for just $43,995. With this model Land Rover is boosting its sales again. Another model
viz. Prestive Premium from Land Rover, however, costs a bit more at $52395. With 19-inch
wheels, 17 speaker stereo set, navigation, 5-video cameras Range Rover Evoque is the all
new incarnation from expert engineers. In this model Land Rover has improved upon various
shortcomings. The letters selected for its name has the same pronunciation to that of word:

In Case Range Rover Evoque is stolen
All that style the Evoque contains is it’s righteous. Range Rover Evoque has a dead ringer for
LRX concept. Its plunging roofline appears to be meeting with its beltine just after its back
glass. Its grills and headlights are pinched aggressively. Besides, its huge wheels just appear
like that they have been hiked-up above the knee. Furthermore Range Rover Evoque is
available with three doors. With all its designs, styles and appearance this car appears more
like that of a concept car rather than any other things which can be availed at something less
than $100,000. You are more glued to its beauty when you see Range Rover Evoque in
person that you actually did in a photo.

Gorgeous wooden material and texture of brushed aluminium this model stands tall. It has
special features of HV AC bezel with centrally consoled runners. Well, if you ask the off-
road abilities of Range Rover Evoque then your answer lies in the fact that Evoque treads
the path where other dare not to.

How Range Rover Evoque Deserves More Points
With its dynamic engine room has two cylinders; Evoque levels the field with the
turbocharger. Torque of 250 lb-ft propels the Range Rover Evoque jump straight from 0 to
60 mp in just 6 seconds.

Customers Enjoy
Hope the Customers Enjoy Range Rover Evoque
Customer have the best vehicle in their hand to carry over 2 tons with just two litters. With its
high calibre capacity customers have many reasons to cheer.

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