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    Starting with Empower Network -PART1

    by americano | on April 15, 2012

    Just started with Empower Network.
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    Just started with Empower Network.
    So far everything seems to be pretty easy.
         Here is some tips for you, if you just Starting to Work
         with Empower Network.

         Starting to Work with Empower Network – Autoresponder.
    Autoresponder is the software that help you to follow up with your newly created customers,
    there is good autoresponders, and bad autoresponders) Easy. Bad – is the one, that take all
    your time just to figure out how it works. Good, is the one that you can set and go. There is
    web based, and self – hosted autoresponders. If you are not a geek (I’m personally not), then
    don’t bother with self -hosted. Even though they are free (since they are yours), you might
    end up spending hours and hours just to find out, why tha heck it is not working the way you

    First of all – recommend you to get yourself an Aweber. This will save you from a lot of

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     headache later on.

          Find out more about it on this video:

     Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for $1

     You might think that this is a bit pricey, but once you start generating serious amount of
     leads, you will quickly change your mind.
     1. Having an ability to segregate customers, who read your emails from the one who didn’t
     open it, means that you can follow up each one of them with different email sequence, or
     even new broadcast message.
     2. Aweber is way more easy to use and understand than any other email responders. It
     might look hard to do in the beginning, but after you watch my tutorial video, you will
     understand that this is probably the easiest one to use.
     I’ve used Mailchamp, and GetResponse before, and believe me, even thought they have a
     free plans.. you don’t want to use them as your autoresponders after you get a first 100 sign
     ups.. And, if you decide to transfer your leads to Aweber it would be a whole different task,
     than setting up a brand new account.
     Also, they runs a pretty good offer – where you can get a month of their service for just
     1$ (go to Pricing tab), so you can try it, and compare with all other services.
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         Starting to Work with Empower Network – Domain
    After you get an autoresponder, I’d recommend you to get a sounding domain name. (You
    still can use the links, that was provided to you by Empower network, but, I have 2 reasons,
    why I prefer not to do that:
    1. You have no control over the links they provide to you.. In case something will change, link
    structure, domain name or anything else, all your linkbuilding efforts will go down the drain
    (let’s say you have 1000 links, that you are getting 50 visitors a month from, and if all these
    links become invalid, you will lose 50000 visitors instantly, I don’t think you want to do that,
    2. The links you’ve supplied with.. are plain ugly) Honestly.. Try to dictate the link to the
    person on the phone….
    How long you thing it will get to make it happend???
    What if the person having troubles hearing you, and he is 69 years old, typing with one
    finger.. Now, I think you understand what I’m talking about!)

    You can get a domain pretty cheap nowadays – with all the discounts that different domain
    companies offers, you can probably get one for as low as $1 (if you decide to go after .info).
    Thought, if you are really serious, and planning to keep this domain.. I don’t recommend to
    use any other domain, than .com (which you still can get for just a $7-8)

          And if you decide to get one from Godaddy, you can use this link, to get .com for $7.99

    Several reasons, why I prefer to use .coms most of the time:

    1. .com are more trustful.. Since the .info are so cheap, they been compromised by
    spammers, fishers, scammers, and all the others, who want your money, without giving
    anything in return (Troyans don’t count)
    2. .com ranks much easier. Even if you don’t plan to put a blog on this domain, or your
    company page, you might do that later. And if you decide to do that – it will be a bit harder to
    rank for the keywords, that have higher competition.

    I’m personally using 2 domain name companies, that I like the most – Godaddy (25 off till end

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    of April) , and
    I’ve been using 1and1 while they run a promotion – $1 domains for .com, but then, after
    finding out how long it takes to transfer domain, or change a nameservers, I switch to the
    named earlier companies.

         Starting with Empower Network – Hosting
    Next logical step would be to get yourself a nice hosting. There is alot of rumors, of which
    hostings are the best (since everyone gets a commission from the hosting they promote, that
    gets ever more complicating!)

    So far, I’ve used a lot of different hostings, bit still can’t find the one that fits my needs the
    best. One of them lucks a good backup service, another speed, and others customer
    The one I found, is the best combination of a speed/support/price value – which is my lovely
    Hostmonster account. Even though I got in some troubles with them (After I’ve tried to host
    over 30 WordPress blogs on my “unlimited” shared hosting), they are always been the
    easiest to use, best to talk, and had most uptime (which is VERY important in online
    business) As well as customer support, which with some hosts can consist of people who
    don’t know what SSH is)

    As far as others – I’ve used (and using now as well) NameCheap – which is probably the
    fastest hosting I have by far (for my 10 websites), but they are not only cost more, but also
    have more downtime.. I had to cope with it to get the speed I want, since some of my blogs
    are using lots of resources.

    Don’t ever recommend anyone to use HostZilla.. I can probably shoot a horror movie from
    the story that happend with me, while been their customer.

    Setting up hosting is pretty easy – just choose the plan you want, pay for it, and you will get
    all the login information delivered to your email within 20 minutes (again Hostmonster was the
    best – they set up an account for me within 15 minutes or so, while others might take you
    from 20 minutes to 12 hours to get your welcome email).

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    In the welcome email you will get a nameservers. Write them down.
    Go to your Godaddy panel, choose the domain you just bought, find “change nameservers”
    tab, and switch nameservers to the one you just got. (Remind me in comments to make a
    video, explaining it in details!)

    Once you get the domain name up and running, set it up on a hosting, you will need to set up
    some redirects. (you still need to get visitors to the links you promote, right?)
    Redirects are pretty easy to do by yourself, or with use of the hosting panel.
    I use em both ways, but for the empower, I got a good advice to set up subdomains for each
    of the links I have, so I used hosting panel.

    Here is a video I made, explaining how to set up one redirect (others are done totally the
    same way, and I believe you can make it!)

    By the end of this post you should have:

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    Domain, to send traffic to, set up with 5 urls, that you can use for different Ad campaigns.
    Hosting, that hosts this domain, so you can add or remove pages, content, or subdomains for
    it. Autoresponder, ready to capture your visitors emails, loaded with follow up emails (If you
    didn’t get it with an PDF File, I’ve sent to you, let me know, I will explain you how to do it).

    Ok, now, once you done with all that, you can start generating traffic, and make some $$$$!

    (At least That What I’m planning to do, lol). Will give you an update, with all the work done
    tomorrow evening!

    Hope you liked my post - Starting with Empower Network -PART1.
    Don’t hesitate to add a comment, like or share this post with others.

    To your Success.

    Igor Sentchenko

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