Recognize phishing scams Education by tie6658


									                                 Recognize phishing scams Education

Any particular day, when you check your e-mail phishing emails almost guaranteed 3:57 in the list.
Learn to recognize them and report them can be harmful to the end of one sometimes.

Phishing attacks are prevalent today, as a rule, not the United States, making it difficult to pursue. It
depends on the users e-mail to learn how to avoid fraud. Unreasonable expectations of their people,
which                        they                         consider                           vulnerable.

Slipped ten dollars from a bank account does not sound like much, but if the account is 11 dollars for
a             meal,              ten            dollars            is             a               lot.

The most important thing to remember when you receive an email that looks legitimate at first it will
not click on links in e-mail. Go to the website they claim to represent and find messages or
information related to the case, as stated in the letter. If not, than to ignore e-mail and report it as

They not only want the username and password, they want you to reference in the letter, and of
these, they can track everything you do online. They can destroy your bank account, destroy your
credit and more. They can make your life miserable and it may take many years for you to recover.

If they infect your computer with a virus can infect unkowingly 10000. Spyware and malicious
software, they use such a severe slowdown in the system that you are not able to solve simple tasks.

No bank in the United States will send an email with a clickable link in it. Pay Pal, E-Bay and all the
banks and other financial institutions is a means to reach the goal. Their target innocent hard
working             new               people              trying               to              survive.

No matter how realistic is the e-mail, do not click on links in e-mail and do not open the letter if you
do not know the sender. One of the main method to send a letter, which has the sender's name is
similar to someone on your contact list or e-mail even if your name. Look carefully, and do not fall for
it. Use a spam blocker. If someone had tried to contact you, and they will be blocked, they will
contact you otherwise.

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