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									Objectives: The students will be able to give advice using the English Language.

Topic/skills: Reading authentic material from the English Language and comprehension of that material.

Students: Intermediate Young Adults

1. White board and markers
2. Reading materials: A copy of the emails for all of the students
3. Worksheets with the comprehension/gist questions

Potential Problems: 1. The email conversation was written by me. I tried to write as I would discuss an
authentic situation with a friend while making sure to not use too advanced vocabulary. If the email
turns out to be too advanced, I will have to formulate the lesson to focus on vocabulary building through
the emails words. Then, the following lesson, we will work more on comprehension of the email.
2. The email involves two girls. I am hoping that the boys are not too bored with the lesson. I made the
follow-up activity to involve both sports and clothes. I hope this gets some interest from the boys. I
could let the students have a choice on if they want to write about the gift or the clothes.
3. I am a bit worried that the comprehension questions may take a while to answer. If I see that the
students are taking a while to answer the questions, I may decide to allow them to simply work on the
worksheet for the rest of class and as homework. Then, the students and I will do the follow-up activity
as a warm-up activity for the students the following day. They would complete it in their journals.
Total Time: 70 minutes
(Warm-up activity) : The warm-up activity will involve the students reflecting on a time when they
needed advice. They will write about what it was they needed advice in in their writing journals. The
writing journals are something they would have used often to practice their writing skills. Today, they
will write a new entry. (10 minutes)

I will instruct them by saying:

"Students. Please take out your journals and a pencil. (As the students take out their journals, I will write
the instructions on the board. The instructions on the board will be the same as what I speak out loud to
them.) For ten minutes, write in your journal. Write about a time you needed help and asked for advice.
Write what the advice was and if it helped."

Presentation : Today's lesson will focus on reading an authentic conversation between two friends. One
of the friends was invited to a Christmas party with her boyfriend and is asking for advice from her
friend. They are having this conversation through their emails. The text the students will receive is listed

Dramachick asks for advice from Bestfriendever
12/20/2011 7:49 a.m. dramachick wrote:
Hey girl! How is your day? Guess what?!? I get to hang out with Robert on Christmas! He invited me to
spend Christmas with his family. I am really excited. I am really nervous too. I have not bought him a
Christmas present. I have not bought his family a Christmas present. Do I need to buy his family a
present, or just Robert? Hope your day is going well!
12/20/2011 8:30 a.m. bestfriendever wrote:
I am glad to hear the good news! You and Robert are starting to get serious! My day is going well. I have
a big paper to write today, but this conversation is more interesting than writing my paper. Has he told
you what he wants for Christmas? Men are hard to buy presents for..
12/20/2011 8:45 a.m. dramachick wrote:
He has not told me what he wants for Christmas. Maybe I will by him a watch..or a movie...or a belt.
Maybe I will buy him a gift card to a restaurant. If I buy a gift card, he can use it to take me out to eat!
Do you think I should buy a present for his family?
12/20/2011 9:05 a.m. bestfriendever wrote:
I think the gift card idea sounds good, but it might be better to buy something more personal. I think if
you bring food for the family that would be okay. It might be hard to find a gift for everyone in his family.
12/20/2011 10:35 a.m. dramachick wrote:
You are right. I need to think of a better present. He really likes sports. I will find him something that
involves sports. What should I wear to the party?
12/20/2011 1:05 p.m. bestfriendever wrote:
Sorry I have not emailed you back for a long time. I am really busy at work. My boss is watching me to
make sure I am working and not emailing. I am eating lunch right now so I can email you. I think you
should wear something cute, but not too attention-getting. Robert will like whatever you choose to wear.
He will also like whatever give you buy. He loves you. Good luck and see you tonight for dinner!
12/20/2011 1:35 p.m. dramachick wrote:
Thanks for the advice. I am going shopping right now for a gift and clothes to wear. See you at 6 for
The above emails are what the lesson will be shaped around. I will set up the day's reading by giving a
background on the two friends. I will tell the students:

"Dramachick and bestfriendever are girls who are friends. Dramachick and Robert are in a relationship.
The relationship is going well. Something just happened with the relationship and dramachick needs
advice. She emails bestfriendever for advice. The paper I am giving you has the emails between
dramachick and bestfriendever."

I will now hand out the reading to the students. (5 minutes) Teacher to Student talking time.

Activity 1: The students will be completing a pre-reading activity with me. The pre-reading activities we
will be doing come from the Module 5 reading assignment. I will write down the answers the students
give to the following questions on the board as they respond to the questions. The activity will go as
"Students. Please look at the paper I gave to you. Lets answer some pre-reading questions together. 1.
Read the title. Now quickly scan the passage and circle all the words that have a connection with the
title. (will discuss some of the circled words as a class) 2. After looking at the title, make up some
questions you think the passage might answer. Examples are: What kind of passage is this? Why would
somebody read this? (Have some of the students say their questions) 3. Choose 2 words from the
passage that you do not understand and write them on the board. (Look at the words the students
wrote and give definitions for the five most common words that students wrote. I will teach the words
that they do not understand through giving the definitions of the words they place on the board.
Because the words that they write on the board will not be known until they actually write them on
their, I will not have a worksheet necessarily prepared. We will do a follow-up the following day on the
new vocabulary words with a fill in the blank worksheet.)"
(20 minutes) Student and Teaching talking time

Activity 2: Students will now be asked to read the passage for comprehension of what is occurring in the
emails. They will have independent reading time to go through the emails and understand the
conversation that is taking place. While they are reading, I will hand out the comprehension and gist
questions they are to answer based on the reading.

The worksheet will have the following questions:

1. Who is asking for advice?
2. Who is giving advice?
3. What is the date that the friends are emailing each other? The time of day?
4. What event was dramachick invited to? Does she want to go?
5. Is bestfriendever happy that dramachick was invited to an event? How do you know?
6. What ideas does dramachick have to buy for her boyfriend? Does bestfriendever agree?
7. Why does bestfriendever not respond for a couple of hours? What is she supposed to be doing?
8. Have the girls been friends for a while? How can you tell?
9. Does dramachick decide to buy a gift for Robert's family? Why not?
10. How long do you think dramachick has been in a relationship with Robert? Why do you think that?
11. What were the plans the friends made for the evening? Do you think they will continue to talk about
the party?

(35 minutes) Student reading/work time. If the students do not finish the worksheet in class, it will be

Production :

Activity: The production part of this reading will involve the students writing an email to dramachick
giving advice as to what she should buy for her boyfriend. I will say:
"For homework. Please write an email in your notebook to dramachick. Tell her what she should buy for
her boyfriend. Also, tell her what she should wear to the Christmas party. Please write your emails using
this format (point to the board)"
The board will have the following written on it:
From: (Create a email name)
(Write the date and time) You write:
Write 10 sentences of advice. Tell dramachick what she should buy Robert and what she should wear to
the Christmas party.

(5 minutes) Teacher talking time.

(Follow-up) : We will go back over the emails together to and pick out the parts where dramachick is
wondering what to buy Robert and what to wear to the Christmas party. This will help us reflect on what
the students worked on during the day's lesson and help them on their homework for the evening. (10
minutes) Student and teacher talking time. (10 minutes)

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