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Credit Recovery is a course-specific, skill-based learning opportunity for students who have
previously been unsuccessful in mastering content/skills required to receive course credit or earn
promotion. The goal of Credit Recovery is to give high school students the opportunity to
graduate in a timely manner. This program has policies and procedures that allow students who
have failed core courses (courses required for graduation) an opportunity to make-up non-
mastered standards without repeating the entire course.

South Pike High School students may participate in Credit Recovery by adhering to the
guidelines outlined below. Any student failing one or more core courses in Grades 9-12 may
apply for admission to the Credit Recovery program. Credit Recovery coursework and
assessments are provided through a software program purchased by the South Pike School
District. The content in the software package is aligned to the Mississippi Curriculum
Framework provided by the Mississippi State Department of Education. Students who apply for
admission and who are accepted into Credit Recovery must adhere to a contract that is
collaboratively reviewed and signed by the student, parent/guardian, counselor, and principal.
The contract outlines the guidelines for participation in Credit Recovery.

Student Eligibility, Admission, and Removal

      Students who earned a final grade between 50 and 59 in a core course are eligible for
       Credit Recovery. Students in Grades 9-12 are given the opportunity to earn a maximum
       of two (2) credits per academic year (unless the student is a senior).
      Exceptions for 12th graders may be granted by the Superintendent or Chief Academic
      Students must complete the Credit Recovery Contract form. Parent/guardian and student
       signatures on the form signify agreement with the terms of Credit Recovery.
      The parent/guardian and student must participate in an interview with the counselor in
       order to review the program goals and requirements.
      Early dismissal from Credit Recovery is not allowed. Excessive absences (more than
       three) or tardies, disruptive behaviors, and/or abuse of technology privileges as outlined
       in the Acceptable Internet Use Policy will result in removal from Credit Recovery.

Awarding of Grades and Credits

      Recovered credit will only be awarded when students have satisfactorily completed all
       work and met the attendance requirements set forth by the Credit Recovery procedures.
      A grade of “D” (60) is the highest grade awarded through Credit Recovery. In order to
       receive the “D” the student must master 70% of skills while adhering to all attendance
       and other policies.
      Students who are caught cheating will receive a zero (0) for their final grade. A second
       incident of cheating will lead to the student’s removal from the program. No refund will
       be given, if applicable.
      Teachers will not distribute grades to the students but will communicate in terms of
       mastery and non-mastery of assignments. The school will communicate final grades to
       students and parents for those students who master the Credit Recovery course.
      Any student who does not complete requirements or earn scores required to receive a
       letter grade, or is removed from the program for contract violations, will not receive a
       grade for the Credit Recovery course; therefore, the final grade of “F” will remain on the
       transcript. If fees are required for enrollment in a Credit Recovery Course, no refund will
       be given.

Program Policies

      Students must sign in upon entering the class and sign out if leaving for more than 5
      Students will be enrolled in one course at a time.
      During the school year, students have a maximum of one (1) semester to complete a
       Credit Recovery course, three (3) hours per week; four (4) weeks during the summer, 16
       hours per hours per week.
      Students will be billed for any non-returned or damaged textbooks.
      In order for a student to be enrolled in a Credit Recovery course, the student must have
       previously failed the course; the course cannot be taken for first time credit.

Credit Recovery Curriculum

      The Credit Recovery curriculum will be delivered by appropriate software modules, all of
       which have been correlated to the Mississippi Curriculum Framework.
      All Credit Recovery courses are mastery based; this means that students will pre-assess at
       the beginning of each unit, and this pre-assessment will help teachers to determine which
       assignments from that unit are required for the student to complete for mastery. All
       courses are designed and taught by highly qualified classroom teachers.
      Once a student masters an assignment, the student will move on to the next assignment. If
       a student does not master an assignment, the student will remediate the concepts and/or
       be given another assignment that assesses the material in a different way by his or her

Student Benefits of Participation
    Immediately able to re-take a course
    Able to “catch up” quickly to their graduating class
    Able to take classes on-site

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