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					                                                                             The Daily Record, Monday, January 18, 1054

Insurance Notes                                                                         'Hi-Fi-Etf Is New                                     PTA Health Group                                               Vogt To Pay 20c
                                                                                        S-C Phonograph                                        Schedule Home Talks                        Directors of Vogt Mfg. Co. has de-

     Auto Manual Out                                                                            Newest Stromberg-Carlson model
                                                                                            and a surprise entry in the low-priced
                                                                                                                                                                                      clared the regular quarterly dividend
                                                                                                                                                 The January meeting for health of 20 cents a share on the common
                                                                                                                                              chairmen of all parent-teacher asso- stock, payable Mar. 1 to stockholders
    A NEW APPROACH to the auto New business amounted to $327,-' portable phonograph field is the com-                                         ciations in the city and county, span- of record Feb. 8.
finance insurance problem of dealers, 943,466, a gain of 20 per cent over pany's "Hi-Fi-Et", introduced to dis-                               sored by the Health Assn. of Roches'                    __o—'•           ^
finance companies and banks is dis- 1952, the previous record year for the tributors at a meeting last week in                                ter and Monroe County, will feature a
                                                                                                                                                                                         Our land has a score of towns
played in the Auto Insurance Under- company which was founded in 1846. Chicago, at $98.95.                                                    program on work simplification in
                                                                                                                                                                                      named Waterloo—but it's never met
writers Manual, recently published.! Life insurance protection in force                         The Hi-Fi-Et is designed to meet              the home.
                                                                                                                                                                                      one yet!
     Two letters from prominent auto in the company showed an increase, the demands for top performance in                                       The meeting this month has been
dealers are produced to prove the of $207,559,566, bringing the total musical reproduction and for ready                                      scheduled for Wednesday at 1:30 p. m.
                                                                                                                                                                                              When Ton Arc Thlaklag « t
practical worth of the plans sug- insurance in force to $2,655,263,707. portability, so the "hi fi" enthusiast                                at the Health Assn. headquarters,

gested. The author, Doug Henson, I
                                                               •      • " *
                                                                                            can have music available anytime and              973 East Ave. Program for the meet-
has spent more than 25 years work- j                                                       ' anywhere. Its superior performance                  8 n a s b e e n planned by the heart         BBIGGS * 8TBATTOH
                                                     James S. Cervini, 1020 Buffalo ' results from use of an extended range                    committee of the association.
 ing on finance material damage in-                                                                                                                                                       Consult Us — No Obligation
                                                 Rd., a field representative in the push-pull audio amplifier, with an                           Frances Elizabeth Searles, a staff
 surance problems.                           j                                                                                                                                              THAT'S OUR BUSINESS
                                                 Rochester agency of Continental audio response from 50 to 15,000                             member of the association working
     He is well known for a long history
 of achievement in consumer credit
                                                 American Life Insurance Co.,
                                                 ranked among the company's top
                                                                                            cycles per second, controlled nega-               with the Heart Committee, will speak
 banking and auto dealer problems. '                                                        tive feedback, and an 8-inch Strom-               on the topic, "Ease Your Work", and                   iHHHJSUiSBBviCKi
                                                  10 in 1952 sales, it was reported
 Much of his experience was with the
 finance and insurance divisions of
 General Motors.
                                                 last week.
                                                                                            berg-Carlson concert-type permanent
                                                                                             magnet speaker.
                                                                                                Audio output is listed conservative-
                                                                                                                                              a film, "Heart of the Home", will be
                                                                                                                                              shown.                                                          L
                                                                                                                                                                                          755 ororant *», ow. M M I
                                                                                                                                                                                           Open Evening* by AupolataMati

     The whole history of the auto                                                           ly at 7.5 watts. Separate bass and
 finance business and auto consumer
 credit is reviewed. The gradual de-
                                                    Trade Winds—                           I treble controls provide a wide range
                                                                                           j and complete selectivity of tonal re-                                                                                                                      I
 velopment of the retrospective, profit
 sharing, and contingent commission
                                                      (Continued from Page One)            jsponse, with emphasis on "lows" and
                                                                                             "highs" as desired.
                                                                                                                                                     *€b STYLE-MASTER
  agency agreements and the basic ele-
  ments and use of these agreements consumers.
                                                of adjustment to the real wants of
                                                                                           I ...
                                                                                                                                                                           'STEEL                                              DESKS
  are discussed from the background of                                                       Commodity Prices Up                                                                                             Distinction of design, function sad
                                                   "THE REAL task of readjustment
  personal experience.
                                                after a boom is not performed by                The upward movement in the Dun                                                                               efficiency i i portrayed by this
     The manual sells for $32.50 and is government, but by business itself un-
                                                                                             & Bradstreet daily wholesale commod-                                                                            smartly appointed executive's desk.
  distributed by Northwest Insurance
                                                der the pressure of contracting mar- ity price index was accelerated this                                                                                    Finished la luxurious T mU W
  News, Henry Bldg., Portland 4, Ore-
                                                kets and tightening competition. Dead week. The index closed at 275.65                                                                                       Hemtrs-tom grey, it harmonlxes wish
                                                wood is cut out. Inventories are re- Ian. 12. up from 273.92 a week
                *       *        • *
                                                                                                                                                                                                                i rotor tdheme of \
                                                duced. Unsound .projects are aban- earlier, although slightly below the
       Philip O. Works, general agent doned. Price and cost relationships 278.24 recorded on the corresponding
    here for the Penn Mutual Life In- are realigned. Operating inefficien- date a year ago.                                                                     Vi$it    our ihawroom                    or      phty—   for
    surance Co., attended a three-day cies in labor and management are ,                                        o
    conference to PMtodelpbfa last eliminated or diminished. The qual- j                                                                                          VAWMANANDFftBEMFG.ft).
    week, sponsored joindy by the com- • o f
    psny ant tne national General                      d>
                                                               ^ ^
                                                                    ^    ^ . ^ ^        £
                                                                       values are written I
                                                                                            At the Chamber                                          1089 JAY S T R E E T                                                       GEnesoe 1 7 2 1
    A. scuts Assn                                                                           i
      •                                  — down to realistic levels. Consumers* i The following organizations have
                                                wants are reexamined. The lost art of | -cheduled meetings today in the
                 *         *    *             I
                                                                                              Chamber of Commerce Building                                                                                                     Reserve District N&, 2
     THE ROBERT M. Williamson salesmanship is rediscovered.
  Agency, local representatives for the ' "inflationary shots-in-the-arm ad-                               12:15 p. m.                                                   REPORT OF CONDITION OF
      nn ticut M tual Life Insurance ministered by the government may C of C—Rochester Health Council;
  Co., chalked up a gain of 18 per cent s e e m t o of f er a n e a s y w a y oal
  in the amount of new life insurance flation or reflation, however, is no
                                                                                       In-      Export Marketing; Civic Develop-
                                                                                                ment—Suburban & Executive.                     GENESEE VALLEY TRUST Co.
  protection written during 1953, as substitute for readjustment. It merely J aycees—Executive Committee; Gov-                                                          OF ROCHESTER 14, NEW YORK.
  compared with 1952.                           prolongs the maladjustments and                 ernment Affairs
      The Connecticut Mutual _as a strengthens the forces tending to cause IMC—Mr. Swift; Mr. Toole; Mr. Sut-                                   at the close of business on December 31, 1953, published in aceordsnee
   whole had a record-breaking year. recession. The final outcome must                          ter.                                               with s call made by the Superintendent of Banks pursuant to the
                                                be either a truly disastrous business         Others—Masonic Service Bureau;                           provisions of the Banking Law of the State of New York.
                                                slump or a chronic inflation. And                Monroe Golf Club; Baptist Union;
                                                                                                 Advertising Council — Chest TV;                                                                   ASSETS
             U>ca! S t o c k s                  chronic inflation, as many countries
                                                 have learned to their cost, i s no CSA—Arthritis & Rheumatism; En-
                                                                                      r                                                        Cash, balances with other banking institutions, including re-
      Unofficial prices obtained from Na-                                                        gineers Week; Purchasing Agents;                  serve balances, and cash items in process of collection        $ 7,430,525.90
   tional Association of Security Deal- solution for anything, not even for s                                                                  United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed.. 20382,662.67
   ers.    They do n o t represent actual business recessions."                                  Sons of American Revolution;                  Obligations of States and political, subdivisions                    8,464378.19
   transactions.                                                                                 Art Directors; RAUN — Board;
                BAinc S T O C K S
                                                    lU-itjaned by Consniidatpd    News                                                         Other bonds, notes, and debentures                                     902388.04
                                  Bid  Asked                     Features Inc.                   CSA — Family-Children Division;               Loans and discounts (including $2,527.09 overdrafts)                22,988,008.9*
   Central T r u s t               36% 38 1 *                                                    Rochester Field Club; National Of-            Banking premises owned $1,016,096.25, furniture and fixtures
   Genesee Valley T r u s t . . . 42     45
                                                                                                 fice Management Assn.; Tower                      $32,351.31                                              . . . , %048.447.8fl
   Lincoln Roch. T r u s t . . . 51% 54%                                                                                                       Other assets             .,            .                               293392.88
   Security T r u s t              55    58      Women Meet At YWCA                              Club.
                                                                                                             6 p. m,                               TOTAL* ASSETS                                                                          $57,000302.23
   Bausch & Lomb                   1114 12%          Members of the Rochester Business
   Bausch & Lomb pf                62    63                                                    C of C—SEC—Shirtsleeve Session at
   Capital P l a s t i c s          3%    4      & Professional Women's Club will
   EH Noc                           3%    4% meet for dinner and a business meet- I University Club.                 '                                                                        LIABILITIES
   Fanny Parmer                    20% 22%
                                                 ing at 6 p. m. tomorrow at the              i              6:15 p. m.
   Fashion Park                    12    14                                                                                                    Demand d e p o s i t s of individuals, partnerships, and corporations. $27,777429.71
   Oarlock Packing                 19% 21        Y. W. C. A.                                 I IMC—Superintendents. '
   Genesee B r e w i n g A         16    16%                                                                                                   Time deposits o f individuals, partnerships, and c o r p o r a t i o n s . . . 14344,921.25
   Genesee B r e w i n g B         16    16%
                                                                                               Other—Touchdown Club.                           Deposits of U n i t e d States Government                                        956,880.18
   Gerber                          31    34                                                                  7 p. m.                           Deposits of S t a t e s and political subdivisions                             7,510360.50
   Haloid                          33    35                                                                                                    Deposits of banking institutions                       ...,,,%.*,..,..            383*9.27
   Haloid pfd                      50    63      To Hold Meeting                               Others—American Society of Safety
   Pfaudler                        25    27                                                                                                    Other deposits (certified and officers' checks, e t c )                          48435637
   Kichardson                       i     S%                                                     Engineers; American Institute of
                                                     The Rochester. Needlecraft Club                                                               TOTAL DEPOSITS                                        $51,418397.76
   Rochester B u t t o n           10% 11%                                                       Banking.
   Roch. Oas & Blec. p f d . . .   90% 92                                                                                                      Other liabilities .-.                       t                                    964328.50
   Roch. Gas & Elec. 34.10.        91    92% will hold its regular meeting in the I                         7:30 p. m.
   Roch. Gas & Elec. J4.75. 100         102      craft room of the Rochester Museum Other Basketball Officials.
   Roch. Telephone                 14    15%                                                                                                        T O T A L L I A B I L I T I E S ( n o t including subordinated                    obli-
   Roch. Telephone pfd. . . . 99        103      of Arts & Sciences Thursday at 8 l                           8 p. m.                                    g a t i o n s shown b e l o w )                                                   $52378328.28
   Rochester T r a n s i t          3%    4
    Sibley, Lindsay                25% . .       o'clock.                                      Other—Industrial Rose Society.
  Smith. Hungerford                    81    34
  Stecher T r a u n g                  15    17                                                                                                                                     CAPITAL                   ACCOUNTS
  Stromberg-Carlson                    30   31%
  Stromberg-Carlseii         pf...     72    75                                                                                                Cnpital*                  i f l l i l t i   > • • • • * * •   * t * » i                   .$ 2^00300.00
  Taylor I n s t r u m e n t
  Timely Cloth«s
  Tobln Packing
                                       30   31%
                                       11% 12%
                                       11% 12%
                                                      Rochester Abstract Corporation                                                           Surplus fund
                                                                                                                                               Undivided profits
                                                                                                                                                                          ,.,.,.                                                         . 2,00030830
  Todd Co. A                            8% . .
  Todd Co. B                            8%    9%
  Upson Co                             16    17%                    703 Union Trust Building                                                        TOTAL      CAPITAL             ACCOUNTS                                               $ 4,622,47537
  w m . Simon Brew                     30  1.00
                       BONDS                                              BAker 7183                                                                     ^ L   LIABILITIES                 A N D CAPITAL                  A C C O U N T S . .$57300302.23
  Fashion Park I s '63         70           74
  Hickok                       77                                                                                                              *This Institution's capital consists of common stock w i t h                           total
  Roch. T r a n s i t 4SA 19R8 90                                                                                                                  par value of $2,200,000.00,
  Roch. Transit 4%B 1958 72

                                                          For Safety Call a                                                                                                                  MEMORANDA

                                                                                                                                                Assets p l e d g e d or assigned t o secure liabilities and for other

                                                       TOWN TAXI
                                                                                                                                                    purposes                                                          $ §327495.14
      Minimum chars;*, SOe.                                                                                                                          / , J. W, Jardlm,  President,    of the above-nnmed   inztUvtUm,                         h*r*b$ w r -
      One Insertion, 4c p«r word                                                                                                                tify that the above statement     i* trvs to the best of by knowledge                          and belief.
      Additional   Insertion* te            p»r
     10% Discount for Cash
                                                        Locust 4400
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                J, W. J A R D I N 1 ,

                                                                                                                                                                                           COSJWCT—A-rrarr t              J. S A W Y E R   FITCH,
             omoM           *<*» w n r v                                                                                                                                                                                  W M , S. A D D I S O N ,
                                                                                                  Untitled Document

  P R I V A T E offloa, w a i t i n g room, tele-                                                                                                                                                                         A. V . D U R A N D ,
     phone a n s w e r i n g s#rvlc«> 4 Corners,            CAREFUL             COURTEOUS                             SERVICE
                                                                                                                      Thomas M. Tryniski
                                                                                                                      309 South 4th Street
                                                                                                                      Fulton New York


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