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december scavenger hunt


									      December Scavenger Hunt
Using the internet, try to find the answers to all of the questions. Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Wiki are
 very useful. On questions that have a blue link, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the link, it will
                   take you to a webpage with the information you are looking for!!

  1. What does The Grinch have in his smile? Read the song lyrics to find out.

  2. Which President brought the first Christmas tree to the White House?

  3. How did the Druids use mistletoe?

  4. How are holly trees helpful to wildlife?

  5. What is a dreidel?

  6. What did they feed the horse when it wouldn’t eat latkes? HINT: look in Story #20 under

  7. Name three ingredients to make latkes.

  8. Mount Washington, N.H. has some of the worst weather around. How much snow do they
     have on the ground today?

  9. If the wind speed is 10 MPH and the temperature is –5 Fahrenheit what is the wind chill?

  10. After a visit to Mt. Washington some “wassail” is in order. What ingredients are in Christmas

  11. What are the chances we will have snow for Christmas?

  12. What does Della sell to be able to buy a gift for her husband in O'Henry's "The Gift of the

  13. Name two gifts that cost little to nothing.

  14. What is the winter solstice?

  15. When is the Icelandic Yule/Jól holiday celebrated? (Check it out; you are visiting a computer in

  16. The name Kwanzaa comes from what language?

                  KEEP GOING!! Three more on the next page! 
17. What color are poinsetta flowers? Read carefully!

18. Did Admiral Robert E. Peary reach the North Pole first?

19. Challenge: Suppose you wanted to write a poem about a holiday in December. How many English
    words rhyme with Christmas? Hanukkah? Kwanzaa? Yule? Type the holiday name into the box to find

   You may simply list the number of words that rhyme (for example: banana=167)

20. Put your name on your paper and turn it in to Ms. Wall. Good Job!!

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