Private Car Insurance - Policy Document by huangyuarong


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02 Definitions                      Section 9
                                 07 Personal Belongings
   Section 1
03 Damage to Your Car               Section 10
                                 08 Medical Expenses
   Section 2
03 Fire and Theft Cover             Section 11
                                 08 Accidental Injury to You or Your
   Section 3
04 Windscreen Cover
                                    Section 12
   Section 4
                                 08 Emergency Treatment
05 Third Party Cover
                                    Section 13
   Section 5
                                 08 No Claim Discount
06 Legal Costs
                                 09 Claims Conditions
   Section 6
06 Car Sharing                   10 Repairs to Your Car
   Section 7                     10 General Exceptions
06 Audio and Visual Equipment
                                 11 General Conditions
   Section 8
                                 13 Endorsements
07 Territorial Limits, Foreign
   Travel and Transit            15 Further Information
Private Car Insurance
Policy Document

Please examine this document and its terms and if found
incorrect return at once.

Insurance has been effected between Us and You, Our Insured, and this
Document is evidence of that Insurance.

The information and statements provided in the proposal form and the
declaration which You have made to Us and signed are the basis of the

We have agreed to insure You subject to the terms, conditions and
exceptions contained in or endorsed upon this Document against such
liability, loss or damage that may occur during the period of Insurance for
which You have paid or agreed to pay the premium or is directly sustained
in connection with Your Car shown in Your Schedule.

Dane Douetil
Chief Executive Officer

                                                                     Private Car Insurance   01
Definitions                                   I
All defined terms appear in italics           Intermediary
throughout this document.                     Your broker/agent.
C                                             M
Car                                           Market Value
Any Car shown in the current Schedule         The cost of replacing Your Car as far as may
or as otherwise described in the current      be practical with one of the same make,
Certificate of Insurance, details of which    model, year, type, mileage and condition.
have been supplied to and accepted by
Us, and for the purposes of Section 4 an
attached trailer if applicable.               Schedule
Certificate of Insurance                      The Schedule containing details of the
Evidence in writing of the existence of       Insured, the premium paid, Your Car and
motor insurance as required by Law and        cover. It will also show any variations in the
forms part of this Document. Any reference    terms of the Insurance and it may be
in such Certificate of Insurance to the       replaced by an amended Schedule when
policy shall mean the Insurance cover         there is a change in any detail of the
provided by this document.                    Insurance.

Cooling Off Period                            U
The period within 14 (fourteen) days from:    United Kingdom
a acceptance of this contract; or             England, Scotland, Wales, Northern
                                              Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel
b the day on which You received Your
  policy documentation;
whichever is the later.                       W
E                                             We/Our/Us
                                              Brit Insurance Limited.
A change in or addition to the terms of the   Y
Insurance, which overrides the standard       You/Your/Yours
insurance wording and is printed on or
issued with Your Schedule.                    The person named as the Insured /
                                              Policyholder in any Certificate of Insurance,
Excess                                        Schedule or renewal notice applying to this
The amount You must personally pay            Insurance.
towards the cost of a claim.

02   Private Car Insurance
Section 1                                     Section 2
Damage to Your Car                            Fire and Theft Cover
If Your Car is damaged it will be Our         If Your Car is lost or damaged by:
decision whether to repair, replace it
                                              1 fire, lightning, self-ignition or
or pay in cash the amount of the
damage. The most We will pay is the
Market Value of Your Car and its fitted          or
accessories (excluding car telephones,
                                              2 theft or any attempted theft
mobile telephones, electronic
navigation aids or any similar                 it will be Our decision whether to repair,
equipment) at the time of the damage           replace it or pay in cash the amount of
not exceeding the last estimated value         the loss or damage. The most We will
You declared to Us.                            pay is the Market Value of Your Car and
                                               its fitted accessories (excluding car
Additional Own Damage Excess                   telephones, mobile telephones,
If Your Car and/or any of its accessories      electronic navigation aids or any
are damaged while the Car is being driven similar equipment) at the time of the
by or in the charge of a person who is         loss or damage not exceeding the last
young or inexperienced as defined below        estimated value You declared to Us. If
You will personally have to pay the first part Your Car is lost by theft We will only
of the cost of the damage as shown. This       make payment if it has not been
is in addition to any other Excess stated in recovered within 42 days of the date
Your Schedule.                                 upon which the theft was reported to

Age of driver            Amount you pay       Audio and visual equipment and
                                              components, cassettes, tapes and discs are
Under 21 years                      £350      not covered under this Section. (Refer to
21 to 22 years                      £200      Section 7 if applicable.)

23 to 24 years                      £150      Fire and Theft Excess
25 years or over and holding               If Your Car and/or its accessories are lost
a provisional licence or full UK           or damaged as described in 1 or 2 above
licence for less than 12 months   £100     You will be required personally to pay the
                                           first £100 towards the cost of any claim
If We pay any of these sums on Your behalf
                                           under this Section. This Excess is in
You will have to repay Us.
                                           addition to any other Excess stated in Your
                                           Schedule. If We pay this sum on Your
                                           behalf You will have to repay Us.

                                                                     Private Car Insurance   03
Conditions Under Sections 1 and 2 6 loss of Your Car by deception by a
                                                   purported purchaser or his/her agent or
If Your Car was purchased new in the               loss of proceeds of sale
United Kingdom by You and during the
period of one year from the date of its first   7 any reduction in the Market Value of
registration it is:                               Your Car as a result of repairs to Your
1 lost by theft and not recovered within 42
    days of the date on which the theft is      8 any fixtures and fittings of a motorised
    first reported to Us                           caravan unless such fixtures and fittings
                                                   were supplied by the manufacturers with
    or                                             the vehicle when new
2 damaged and the estimated cost of             9 any loss or damage directly occasioned
    repairs exceeds 60% of the                     by pressure waves caused by aircraft
    manufacturer’s recommended retail price        and other aerial devices travelling at
    (inclusive of tax) at the time of such         sonic or supersonic speeds
                                                10 any loss or damage arising from theft or
We will at Your request replace Your Car           attempted theft whilst the ignition keys
with a new Car of identical make and               of Your Car have been left in or on Your
model provided such make and identical             Car.
model is still available from stock in the
United Kingdom. Should You not exercise
this option or if the identical make and model
is no longer available We will pay a sum        Section 3
equivalent to the last declared value or Market Windscreen Cover
Value of the Car, whichever is the less.
                                                In the event of a windscreen or
If Your Car is the subject of a hire purchase window (excluding sunroof) being
or leasing agreement, We reserve the right broken from any cause without further
to make any payment to the legal owner,         damage to Your Car, We will pay the
which will be a complete discharge of Our cost of replacement less a £60 Excess
obligations under these Sections.               provided that the replacement is
                                                arranged by Our 24-hour Motor Claims
Exceptions to Sections 1 and 2                  Helpline service or is carried out by
We will not pay for:                            one of Our approved windscreen
                                                suppliers. If the replacement is carried
1 loss of use of Your Car                       out by any other service or garage, the
2 depreciation                                  maximum cover for such replacement
                                                will be £100 less a £60 Excess. Any
3 more than the manufacturer’s last list        payment made under this Section will
    price of any part or accessory              not affect the No Claim Discount, and
4 wear and tear, mechanical, electrical,        the £60 Excess will not be payable if
    electronic or computer breakdowns,          damage to the windscreen or window
    failures and breakages, or breakages of is repaired rather than replaced. If We
    any part directly due to application of     pay this sum on Your behalf You will
    brakes or to road shocks                    have to repay Us.
5 damage to tyres caused by braking,
  punctures, cuts or bursts

04   Private Car Insurance
Section 4                                       Exceptions to Section 4
Third Party Cover                               We will not provide Insurance under this
We will insure You for all amounts You          Section:
may be legally liable to pay in respect         1 in respect of loss of or damage to any
of:                                               Car or trailer which You or any other
a death of or injury to any person                person covered under this Insurance is
                                                  driving or towing
                                                2 in respect of death of or injury to any
b accidental damage to any person’s               person in Your employ or employ of any
  property (including animals) up to a            other person covered under this
  maximum of £20,000,000 in respect of            Insurance arising out of and in the
  one accident or series of accidents             course of his or her employment where
  arising out of one event, involving:            there is compulsory Employers’ Liability
1 Your Car                                        Insurance in force for such death or
2 a Car not belonging to You and not
  hired to You under a hire purchase            3 for damage to property or injury to
  agreement and not leased or loaned to           animals owned or held in the trust,
  You under a leasing or loan agreement,          custody or control of You or any other
  but only if:                                    person covered by this Insurance

   a Your Certificate of Insurance allows       4 if anyone driving Your Car has never
                                                  held a licence to drive it or who is
   b You are using the Car with the               disqualified from holding or obtaining
     owner’s permission                           such a licence
   c You are still in possession of Your        5 to anyone entitled to Insurance under
     Car                                          any other insurance policy
3 a single trailer or caravan or mechanically   6 to anyone who fails to comply with all
  disabled vehicle whilst attached to Your        the terms, exceptions, conditions and
  Car.                                            Endorsements of this Insurance as far
We will also insure:                              as they can apply

1 any other person using or driving Your        7 for loss or damage by pollution or
  Car with Your permission, other than            contamination however caused other
  those persons excluded by Your                  than to meet the requirements of the
  Certificate of Insurance or by                  Road Traffic Act. For the purposes of this
  Endorsement, exception or condition of          exception, pollution or contamination
  this Insurance                                  shall be deemed to mean:

2 at Your request any passenger travelling         a all pollution or contamination of
  in or getting into or out of Your Car              buildings or other structures or of
                                                     water or land or the atmosphere
3 Your employer, while Your Car or any
  other Car covered under this Insurance is        and
  being used by You or any other person            b all death, bodily injury, illness, loss or
  permitted by Your Certificate of Insurance         damage directly or indirectly caused
  for the business purposes of Your                  by such pollution or contamination
  employer but only if the Car is not owned
  by or hired or leased to Your employer.

                                                                         Private Car Insurance   05
8 for any claim arising during or in             1 the Car is not constructed or adapted
  consequence of an act of terrorism               to carry more than eight passengers
  other than to meet the requirements of           plus the driver
  the Road Traffic Act. For the purpose of
                                                 2 the passengers are not being carried in
  this exception, terrorism means an activity
                                                   the course of a business of carriage of
  involving a violent or life threatening act by
                                                   passengers for hire or reward
  an individual or organisation with the
  intention of coercing, intimidating or         3 the total contributions received by You
  influencing either an individual person, the     do not involve any element of profit.
  civilian population, or the government of
  any country, or any act deemed by any
  law enforcement body to be an act of
  terrorism.                                     Section 7
                                               Audio and Visual
Section 5
Legal Costs                                    We will provide cover in respect of loss
                                               of or damage to audio and visual
In dealing with or defending any claim         equipment and components (excluding
under this Section We will pay at Our          car telephones, mobile telephones,
discretion:                                    cassettes, tapes and discs) whilst
1 solicitors’ fees for representation at any   such equipment and components are
  Coroner’s Inquest or Fatal Accident          permanently fitted to Your Car. If the
  Inquiry or for defence of proceedings at     cover stated in Your Schedule is:
  any Court of Summary Jurisdiction            1 Comprehensive – the most We will pay
2 any other legal costs and expenses             is £500
  agreed by Us in writing                      2 Third Party, Fire and Theft – the most
3 reasonable legal costs to defend any           We will pay is £250.
  person covered by this Insurance             You will be required personally to pay the
  against proceedings arising from any         first £100 in respect of any claim under this
  death                                        Section arising from theft or attempted
                                               theft. This Excess is in addition to any
                                               other Excess stated in Your Schedule. If
Section 6                                      We pay this sum on Your behalf You will
                                               have to repay Us.
Car Sharing
                                               Exceptions to Section 7
If You receive a contribution for the
carriage of passengers in Your Car as We will not provide Insurance under this
part of a Car sharing arrangement for    Section if Your Car is an open or
social or other similar purposes We      convertible Car.
will not regard these contributions as
constituting the carriage of passengers
for hire or reward or use of the Car for
hiring provided that:

06   Private Car Insurance
Section 8                                    2 any General Average contribution,
                                               salvage and sue and labour charges
Territorial Limits,                            arising from the transportation of Your
Foreign Travel and                             Car by sea, provided that Your Car is
                                               covered by this Insurance for damage or
Transit                                        loss and such contribution relates to the
Territorial Limits                             Market Value of Your Car.
This Insurance only applies in:              Transit
1 the United Kingdom                         This Insurance applies in respect of
                                             accidents occurring during the course of
2 any other member country of the            transit (including the processes of loading
  European Union and any other country       and unloading) between ports or terminals
  in respect of which the Commission of      in the countries set out in the Green Card
  the European Union is satisfied that       or Travel Document provided the transit is
  arrangements have been made to meet        by a recognised sea or rail route.
  the requirements of any European Union
  Directive on insurance of civil liabilities
  arising from the use of motor vehicles,
  but only so far as is necessary to          Section 9
  comply with the compulsory motor
  insurance legislation of such countries    Personal Belongings
  which does not cover loss of or damage We will pay up to a maximum of £100 in
  to Your Car.                                respect of any loss of or damage to
Foreign Travel                                personal belongings whilst in Your Car.
Without a Green Card or travel document      Exceptions to Section 9
this Insurance will only cover the minimum
compulsory Insurance required to enable      We will not pay for:
You to use Your Car in any country that is a 1 loss of or damage to goods or samples
member of the European Union and any           carried in connection with any business
other country whose arrangements meet          or trade, money, stamps, tickets,
the requirements of and are approved by        documents, securities, jewellery, furs of
the Commission of the European Union.          any description, car telephones, mobile
Subject to Our approval and any additional     telephones, electronic navigation aids or
premium and terms that We may require, a       any similar equipment.
Green Card or travel document will ensure
and be evidence that We are covering You 2 loss or damage to audio and visual
for the benefits covered by this Insurance     equipment and components, cassettes,
for the period stated in the Green Card or     tapes and discs. (Refer to Section 7 if
travel document.                               applicable.)
We will pay:                                 3 theft of any property carried in an open
                                               or convertible car unless stolen from a
1 any Customs Duty which You may have          locked boot.
    to pay after temporary importation of
    Your Car into any country for which
    cover is provided by this Insurance

                                                                    Private Car Insurance   07
Section 10                                    Exceptions to Section 11
Medical Expenses                              We will not pay:
If any person in Your Car is injured in       1 if You or Your spouse has reached the
an accident involving Your Car We will          age of 70
pay the medical expenses incurred up          2 if the injury or death is contributed to or
to £250 for each person injured.                accelerated by suicide or attempted
                                                suicide, alcohol, drugs, intentional self-
                                                injury or natural disease or weakness in
                                                any form
Section 11
                                              3 more than £2,500 in total during any
Accidental Injury to                            one period of Insurance.
You or Your Spouse                            If You or Your spouse hold another motor
If You or Your spouse is injured:             Insurance with Us, payment will be made
                                              under one Insurance only.
1 in direct connection with Your Car
2 while in or getting into or out of any      Section 12
  other private car
                                              Emergency Treatment
We will pay the sums shown below to
each person injured or to that person’s We will pay for emergency medical
estate if within three months of the      treatment as required by the Road
accident the injury is the sole cause of: Traffic Act.
1 death                             £2,500
2 the complete and irrecoverable:
                                              Section 13
     a loss of sight of both eyes or
       loss of two or more limbs or           No Claim Discount
       loss of sight of one eye and         If You do not make a claim under this
       loss of one limb              £1,000 Insurance, Your renewal premium will
     b loss of sight of one eye or          be reduced in accordance with Our
       loss of one limb               £500 scale applicable at such time.
A loss of limb or limbs means loss by physical Your No Claim Discount is not transferable.
separation at or above the wrist or ankle.

08   Private Car Insurance
Claims Conditions                             g We may, at Our discretion, take over
                                                and conduct in Your name or the
1 Notification of Incidents                     name of any other person indemnified
                                                under this Insurance, the defence,
  In the event of an incident occurring         prosecution or settlement of any claim
  which may give rise to a claim under this     for Our own benefit;
  Insurance, the Motor Claims Helpline
  must be contacted immediately using         h We shall have full discretion over the
  one of the following numbers:                 conduct of any proceedings and
                                                settlement of claims;
  a mainland United Kingdom – 0800
    328 9076;                                 i   You or any other person indemnified
                                                  by this Insurance must give Us all the
  b Northern Ireland – 028 9041 0220;             assistance and information possible
  c Republic of Ireland – 048 9041 0220.          and produce a copy of the driver’s
                                                  licence if requested;
  The lines are open 24 hours a day, 365
  days of the year.                           j if Your Car and/or its accessories are
                                                stolen or taken without Your consent
2 Claims Conditions
                                                You must, as soon as possible,
  When an accident, loss or damage              report the same to the police and if
  occurs:                                       required by Us, supply Us with the
                                                crime reference number;
  a You or Your legal representative must
    give notice in writing to Us as soon      k We reserve the right if We or Our
    as possible with full details of the        representative consider any repair
    accident, loss or damage;                   estimate to be unreasonable to enter
                                                into any communication with the
  b You must take all necessary steps to
                                                repairer and failing agreement, to
    ensure the safety of the damaged
                                                arrange for the removal of Your Car
    Car and its accessories;
                                                to another repairer and pay for such
  c We shall not be liable for any              work as may already have been
    increase in damage as a result of           done;
    Your Car being removed by its own
                                              l   in respect of claims under Section 11
    power following an accident;
                                                  Accidental Injury to You or Your
  d any letter, claim, writ, claim form,          Spouse, You or Your spouse shall
    summons or process You receive                allow the medical adviser or advisers
    relating to the accident, loss or             appointed by Us to examine You or
    damage must be sent, unanswered,              Your spouse as often as may be
    to Us immediately;                            deemed necessary by Us;
  e You must advise Us in writing             m written notice shall be given to Us as
    immediately You are aware of any            soon as reasonably possible of any
    intended prosecution, Coroner’s             accident which causes or may cause
    Inquest or Fatal Accident Inquiry in        a claim to be made under this
    connection with the accident;               Insurance;
  f persons including You who are             n claims under this Insurance shall be
    claiming under this Insurance must          payable to You or Your legal personal
    make no admission, offer, payment or        representatives.
    promise without Our written consent
    nor act in any way which might
    prejudice Our position;
                                                                   Private Car Insurance   09
Repairs to Your Car                            5 in respect of any loss, damage,
                                                 expense or legal liability of whatsoever
If this Insurance is Comprehensive the           nature directly or indirectly caused by or
benefits of Our 24-hour Motor Claims             contributed to by or arising from:
Helpline service are available to You. By         a ionising radiations or contamination
using the Motor Claims Helpline You will not        by radioactivity from any irradiated
need to obtain repair estimates and We will         nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste
be able to expedite authorisation of the            from the combustion of nuclear fuel
necessary repairs.
                                                  b the radioactive toxic explosive or
                                                    other hazardous properties of any
                                                    explosive nuclear assembly or
General Exceptions                                  nuclear component thereof
We will not provide Insurance:                 6 for any claim if such claim is in any
1 while Your Car is being:                       respect fraudulent. If any fraudulent
                                                 means or devices are used by You or
     a used for any purpose not permitted        any other person covered under this
       by Your Certificate of Insurance or       Insurance or any person acting on Your
       any Endorsement                           or his or her behalf all benefit under this
     b driven by any person not permitted        Insurance will be forfeited
       to drive by Your Certificate of     7 for any direct or indirect loss or damage
       Insurance or any Endorsement          caused while any Car covered by this
2 for any claim occasioned by or arising     Insurance is in the part of an airport,
  from war, invasion, hostilities (whether   aerodrome, airfield or establishment
  war declared or not), acts of foreign      provided for the take-off and landing of
  enemy, civil war, revolution, rebellion,   aircraft or the movement of aircraft on
  insurrection, military or usurped power    the surface, aircraft parking aprons
  or confiscation or requisition or          including the associated surface roads
  destruction of or damage to property by    and ground equipment parking areas,
  order of any government or public          and those parts of passenger terminals
  authority, except so far as is necessary   of an international airport which come
  to satisfy the Road Traffic Act            within the Customs examination area
3 for any claim arising during or in         8 for any claim occasioned by or arising
  consequence of riot and/or civil             from suicide or attempted suicide,
  commotion occurring anywhere other           except so far as is necessary to satisfy
  than in Great Britain, the Isle of Man and   the Road Traffic Act.
  the Channel Islands. This exception will
  not apply if You can prove that the claim
  was not caused by any of these events
4 in respect of any liability accepted by
  agreement which would not have
  attached in the absence of such

10   Private Car Insurance
General Conditions                              Should You wish to cancel this
                                                Insurance after the Cooling Off Period, a
1 If Your Car is lost or should We elect to     charge for the expired period will be
  treat it as a total loss, the current         calculated from the date We receive
  Certificate of Insurance must be              Your Certificate of Insurance in
  returned to Us before We make any             accordance with the following scale:
  payment in respect of the loss.
                                              Expired                          Charge
2 If You wish this Insurance to continue      Period            (% of Annual Premium)
  following a change of Your Car, You
  must give Us full details of its            Less than 1 month                       10%
  replacement. Before taking possession       1 month                                 25%
  of Your replacement Car You will need
  to obtain a cover note.                     2 months                                35%
3 You are required to take all reasonable     3 months                                50%
  precautions to safeguard Your Car from      4 months                                60%
  loss or damage and maintain Your Car
  in a sound, safe and efficient condition.   5 months                                65%
  We shall have at all times free access to   6 months                                70%
  allow an authorised representative to
  examine Your Car.                           7 months                                80%
4 We will not provide Insurance to anyone 8 months                                  90%
  entitled to Insurance under any other     Over 8 months                   Full Premium
  Insurance policy.
5 We may cancel this Insurance by             If at any time during the current period of
  sending seven days’ notice by certified     insurance a claim is made or an incident
  posting or recorded delivery to You at      occurs which may give rise to a claim, no
  Your address which You last notified to     refund of the premium will be made upon
  Us (and in the case of Northern Ireland     cancellation of this Insurance.
  to the Department of the Environment,
  Northern Ireland).                        6 We will not provide cover under this
                                              Insurance unless You have complied
  We will cancel this Insurance at any time   fully with all terms, provisions,
  if requested to do so by Your               conditions and Endorsements.
  Intermediary provided Your Intermediary
  has first notified You of the intended      The cover provided under this Insurance
  cancellation.                               is subject to receipt by Us of a truthfully
                                              and fully completed proposal and
  You may cancel this Insurance at any        declaration, or statement of fact to Our
  time by returning this Document and         satisfaction.
  Your Certificate of Insurance to Your
  Intermediary.                               Where a proposal or statement of fact in
                                              respect of this Insurance is submitted
  If You cancel this Insurance within the     after inception of this Insurance, We
  Cooling Off Period a full refund of the     reserve the right to withdraw cover and
  premium will be made provided that no       cancel this Insurance or amend the
  claim has been made.                        terms and conditions, including the
                                              premium, after inception, based upon
                                              the information provided in such
                                              proposal or statement of fact.

                                                                    Private Car Insurance   11
7 If We make a payment in accordance
  with the law of any country in which this
  Insurance operates and such payment is
  not covered by this Insurance You will
  have to repay Us.
8 Where We have accepted a claim but
  there is a disagreement over the
  amount payable to You, the matter will
  be passed to an arbitrator appointed
  under current statutory provisions.
  When this happens, an award must be
  made by the arbitrator before legal
  proceedings can be started against Us.
9 We will not provide cover under this
  Insurance to You or any person
  permitted to drive unless the terms,
  conditions and limitations of the driving
  licence are complied with.
10 This Policy Document is a contract
   solely with the Insured and is not
   assignable in any case whatsoever. A
   person who is not party to this
   Insurance has no rights under the
   Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act
   1999 to enforce any term of this
   Insurance but it does not affect any right
   or remedy of a third party which exists
   or is available apart from that Act.
11 Your policy is subject to English law and
   to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English
   Courts, unless We have agreed
   otherwise with You.

12   Private Car Insurance
Endorsements                                  Endorsement No. 03
                                              Excluding Drivers Under 25 or with
The following Endorsements and any other      Less Than 2 Years’ Full Licence
Endorsements will apply when specified in     We will not provide Insurance whilst Your
Your Schedule and if specified more than      Car is being driven by or is in the charge of
once will be considered as separate and       any person (other than any person(s)
additional Endorsements. The                  named against this Endorsement number):
Endorsements are subject otherwise to the
terms, exceptions, limitations and            1 who is under 25 years of age
conditions of this Insurance and are          2 who has not held a full United Kingdom
deemed to be incorporated in and form           driving licence for a period of 2 years.
part of this Insurance.
                                              Endorsement No. 04
Endorsement No. 01                            Excluding Drivers Under 30 or with
Excess – Damage Fire and Theft                Less Than 3 Years’ Full Licence
You will personally have to pay the first     We will not provide Insurance whilst Your
amount as stated in Your Schedule against     Car is being driven by or is in the charge of
this Endorsement number for any claim         any person (other than any person(s)
under Sections 1 and 2 of this Insurance.     named against this Endorsement number):
This Endorsement operates independently       1 who is under 30 years of age
of and in addition to any other Excess or
condition which may be applied or may be      2 who has not held a full United Kingdom
endorsed on this Insurance. Where this          driving licence for a period of 3 years.
Endorsement number is followed by the         Endorsement No. 05
name of any person(s) it shall apply solely   Amendment of Personal Benefits
to such person(s).
                                              Sections 9 and 11 are amended to apply
Endorsement No. 02                            to the person(s) named against this
Excess – Damage                               Endorsement number.
You will personally have to pay the first     Endorsement No. 07
amount as stated in Your Schedule against     Excess – Fire and Theft
this Endorsement number for any claim
under Section 1 of this Insurance.            You will personally have to pay the first
                                              amount as stated in Your Schedule against
This Endorsement operates independently       this Endorsement number for any claim
of and in addition to any other Excess or     under Section 2 of this Insurance.
condition which may be applied or may be
endorsed on this Insurance. Where this        This Endorsement operates independently
Endorsement number is followed by the         of and in addition to any other Excess or
name of any person(s) it shall apply solely   condition which may be applied or may be
to such person(s).                            endorsed on this Insurance. Where this
                                              Endorsement number is followed by the
                                              name of any person(s) it shall apply solely
                                              to such person(s).

                                                                      Private Car Insurance   13
Endorsement No. 08                            Endorsement No. 26
Engine Immobiliser/Tracking Device            Excluding Drivers Under 21
We will not provide Insurance unless Your     We will not provide Insurance whilst Your
Car is fitted with an engine immobiliser or   Car is being driven by or is in the charge of
tracking device, maintained in full working   any person who is under 21 years of age
order, the manufacturer and model of          (other than any person(s) named against
which has been declared to and approved       this Endorsement number).
by Us. Engine immobilisers and tracking
                                              Endorsement No. 27
devices, where fitted, must be activated at
                                              Excluding Drivers Under 25 or with
all times when Your Car is left unattended.
                                              Less Than 12 Months’ Full Licence
Endorsement No. 20
                                              We will not provide Insurance whilst Your
Protected No Claim Discount
                                              Car is being driven by or is in the charge of
Subject to payment by You and                 any person (other than any person(s)
acceptance by Us of the appropriate           named against this Endorsement number):
premium, the maximum level of No Claim
                                              1 who is under 25 years of age
Discount will be preserved provided that
not more than two claims are made or          2 who has not held a full United Kingdom
arise during a period of three consecutive      driving licence for a period of 12
years.                                          months.
Endorsement No. 23                            Endorsement No. 35
Cover Reduced to Third Party Fire and         Excess – Damage Fire and Theft
Theft in Respect of Named Person(s)           (In all)
Whilst Your Car is being driven by or under   You will personally have to pay the first
the control of the person(s) named in Your    amount as stated in Your Schedule against
Schedule against this Endorsement             this Endorsement number for any claim
number, Sections 2,4,5,6,7,8,12 and 13        under Sections 1 and 2 of this Insurance.
only of this Insurance will be operative.
                                              This Endorsement does not operate in
Endorsement No. 25                            addition to any other Excess which may be
Excluding Drivers Under 25                    applied or endorsed on this Insurance.
                                              Where this Endorsement number is followed
We will not provide Insurance whilst Your
                                              by the name of any person(s) it shall apply
Car is being driven by or is in the charge of
                                              solely to such person(s).
any person who is under 25 years of age
(other than any person(s) named against
this Endorsement number).

14   Private Car Insurance
Further Information                                Should You wish to receive a copy of the
                                                   information We hold on You, please
Please remember                                    contact:
The information that You have provided to          Data Protection Officer
Us forms the basis of Your Insurance               Brit Insurance Limited
contract. It is important that You advise Us       55 Bishopsgate
of all material information, and immediately       London EC2N 3AS
of any change in the information. Please           Claims and Underwriting Exchange
note if You are in any doubt whether or not        Register
any information is material, it should be
disclosed. Under the Road Traffic Act, it is       Insurance companies pass information to
an offence to make any false statements or         the Claims and Underwriting Exchange
withhold any material information in order         Register run by the Insurance Database
to obtain a cover note or a Certificate of         Services Limited, and the Motor Insurance
Motor Insurance.                                   Anti-Fraud and Theft Register run by the
                                                   Association of British Insurers. The aim is
Data Protection Act 1998                           to help Us check information provided, and
We may store Your information on a                 also to prevent fraudulent claims. When
computer and use it for administration, risk       We deal with Your request for insurance
assessment, research and statistical               We may search these registers. Under the
purposes, marketing purposes and for               conditions of this Insurance, You must tell
crime prevention (see further details              Us about any incident (such as an accident
below). We will only disclose Your personal        or theft) whether or not it gives rise to a
details to third parties, if it is necessary for   claim. When You tell Us about an incident,
the performance of Your contract with Us.          We will pass information relating to it to the
In order to assess the terms of the
insurance contract or administer claims            Motor Insurance Database
that arise, We may need to collect data            Information relating to Your insurance policy will
that the Data Protection Act defines as            be added to the Motor Insurance Database
sensitive, such as medical history or              (MID), managed by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau
criminal convictions. By proceeding with           (MIB). MID and the data stored on it may be
this contract You will signify Your consent        used by certain statutory and/or authorised
to such information being processed by Us          bodies including the police, the DVLA, the
or Our agents.                                     DVANI, the Insurance Fraud Bureau and other
We will keep Your information secure at all        bodies permitted by law for the purposes not
times. In certain circumstances, for               limited to but including:
example for systems administration                 1 Electronic Licensing
purposes, We may have to transfer Your
information to another country, which may          2 Continuous Insurance Enforcement
be a country outside the European                  3 Law enforcement (prevention, detection,
Economic Area (EEA). By proceeding with              apprehension and or prosecution of
Your insurance application, We will assume           offenders)
You are agreeable for Us to transfer Your
information to a country outside the EEA.          4 the provision of government services and
                                                     or other services aimed at reducing the
                                                     level and incidence of uninsured driving.

                                                                             Private Car Insurance   15
If You are involved in a road traffic accident       Complaints Procedure
(either in the UK, the EEA or certain other
                                                     We are dedicated to providing You with a
territories), insurers and or the MIB may search
                                                     high quality service and We want to ensure
the MID to obtain relevant information.
                                                     that We maintain this at all times. If You feel
Persons (including his or her appointed              We have not offered You a first class service
representatives) pursuing a claim in respect of      please write and tell Us and We will do Our
a road traffic accident (including citizens of       best to resolve the problem.
other countries) may also obtain relevant
                                                     In the first instance please contact Your
information which is held on the MID.
                                                     broker or agent from whom You bought Your
It is vital that the MID holds Your correct          policy of insurance.
registration number. If it is incorrectly shown on
                                                     In the unlikely event You remain dissatisfied,
the MID You are at risk of having Your vehicle
                                                     please contact:
seized by the police. You can check that Your
correct registration number details are shown        Complaints Team
on the MID at                         Brit Insurance Limited
                                                     55 Bishopsgate
Financial Services Compensation
                                                     London EC2N 3AS
                                                     Tel:    020 7098 6509
We are covered by the Financial Services
                                                     Fax:    020 7984 8473
Compensation Scheme (FSCS). You may be
entitled to compensation from the scheme if
We cannot meet Our obligations. This                 In the event You wish to pursue matters
depends on the type of business and the              further You may be able to refer the matter to
circumstances of the claim. Further                  The Financial Ombudsman Service. The
information about compensation scheme                Financial Ombudsman Service can normally
arrangements is available from the FSCS.             deal with complaints from private individuals
                                                     and small organisations; further information is
Financial Services Compensation Scheme
                                                     available from:
7th Floor Lloyds Chambers
Portsoken Street                                     The Financial Ombudsman Service
London E1 8BN                                        South Quay Plaza
                                                     183 Marsh Wall
Tel:    020 7892 7300
                                                     London E14 9SR
Fax:    020 7892 7301
E-mail:                        Helpline:       0845 080 1800
                                                     Switchboard:    020 7964 1000

16   Private Car Insurance
Brit Insurance Limited
55 Bishopsgate
T: 020 7984 8500
F: 020 7984 8501
Registered in England and Wales number 2763688 at 55 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 3AS
Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority
Member of the Association of British Insurers
A member of the Brit Insurance Group

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