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					                                 2008-2009 Graduate Financial Aid Guide

  Student Financial Services Guide to Affording a Marist Education

      The Investment of a Lifetime
Note: Information subject to change. Refer to our Web site for updated information regarding
institutional, state and federal student aid programs.
Dear Student,

Thank you for your interest in Marist Col-
lege. Finding the best way to finance a col-
lege education is a matter of great concern
for all students. At Marist, providing finan-
cial aid assistance is a priority. The College
is committed to making a Marist education
available to all qualified students by
assisting them in meeting their
educational expenses.

Marist College offers payment plans and
financing options to enable you to more
comfortably manage college costs. This
guide discusses the various aid programs
and student financial services offered by the College, explains the process by which you
apply for financial aid, and reviews the types of aid available for graduate students.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required for financial aid
consideration. Complete details on the aid application process can be found on page 9.

On behalf of the Office of Student Financial Services, we look forward to working with
you to make Marist an affordable option for you.


Joseph R. Weglarz
Executive Director, Student Financial Services

                        Helpful Web Site Addresses         Marist College Office of Student Financial Services    Marist Office of Graduate & Adult Enrollment      Federal Student Aid Programs           Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)               New York State TAP (Tuition Assistance Program)                Hope and Lifetime Learning Tax Credits
the Value                            of an Education
A graduate education is an investment that                    most advanced technologies and applica-
requires patience, planning—and perhaps                       tions in the world, and be introduced to the
some sacrifice. But it is an investment that                  companies and people who are making
will reward you with a lifetime of intelligent                their mark on today’s workplace.
living, responsible citizenship, and a higher
standard of opportunity for career and                        Marist offers graduate programs designed
social success.                                               with professionals in mind that build skills,
                                                              increase earning potential, and strengthen
Individuals with a graduate education have                    your marketability. Marist College has a
better job opportunities, earn more money                     longstanding commitment to providing
and develop skills and knowledge that are                     educational opportunities that accommo-
in high demand.                                               date the unique needs of working profes-
                                                              sionals including schedules, flexibility,
A Marist education unlocks doors to eco-                      online and on campus delivery as well as
nomic and career opportunities. Marist                        various locations.
College has developed extensive research
partnerships with leaders in today’s sci-                     Students must carefully consider the com-
ence, information technology and business                     mitment it demands, but a Marist College
industries, meaning you’ll have the oppor-                    education is the investment of a lifetime.
tunity to work hands-on with some of the

                      Median Income by Education Level

              Professional Degree

                 Doctoral Degree

                 Master's Degree

               Bachelor's Degree

                Associate Degree

        Some College, No Degree

           High School Graduate

      Not a High School Graduate

                                    $0   $20,000            $40,000            $60,000            $80,000           $100,000
                                         Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, 2006; Internal Revenue Service, 2006 McIntyre et al., 2003

the   Marist                  Graduate Degree
The Princeton Review named Marist one of    Marist takes great pride in the quality of its
the best 368 colleges in the country, one   academic programs and is equally proud
of the 25 most connected campuses,             of the value-oriented educational envi-
and the School of Management                           ronment that supplements the
one of the best 290 in the                                  formal classroom experi-
world. U.S. News & World                                       ence. The Marist College
Report consistently                                              degree is increasingly
places Marist in its top                                           recognized throughout
tier. Barron’s calls us                                             the country and the
one of the nation’s                                                  world, and with good
247 best buys in                                                     reason: the academic
college education.                                                   profile of the student
Yahoo! Internet Life                                                 body is one of the
magazine selected                                                    most competitive in
Marist for its list of the                                          higher education.
100 most wired cam-                                               The employment rate,
puses in the nation. The                                        starting salaries, level of
John Templeton Founda-                                        community service, lead-
tion placed Marist on its elite                           ership roles, and long list of
honor roll of only 100 academic             successful careers enjoyed by the majority
institutions noted for teaching             of Marist’s alumni all provide evidence of
character development.                      the value of the Marist degree.

Located on a scenic stretch of the Hudson River that continues
to play a vital role in the history, culture, and economy of
our country, Marist College offers opportunities that exist
at no other campus in America.

Financial Aid        Programs
Financing is a major concern for many people, but there are several options avail-

able. In addition to traditional sources, including personal income, savings, and fam-

ily/employer assistance, several programs are available to assist both full and part

time students in meeting the cost of their education. For eligibility, students must be

matriculated in a program at Marist College and maintain Satisfactory Academic

Progress each semester. For information on the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy,

please refer to

Marist College also awards assistance based on demonstrated financial need. To

apply for need based financial assistance, full-time and part-time students must

complete the FAFSA. The Marist College preferred deadline for FAFSA completion is

May 15 for returning graduate students, August 15 for new fall students, and January

15 for new spring students.

Annual renewal of financial aid requires completion of the FAFSA, Satisfactory

Academic Progress, and a completed registration. Students can access their financial

aid information online at

GRAduAtE GRAntS                                cumulative grade-point average. Returning
Marist Graduate Grant                          students must complete a FAFSA renewal
There are a limited number of grants           by May 15.
for part-time or full-time graduate study.
These are awarded each year to students        StAtE GRAntS
who have completed the FAFSA and who           new York State tuition Assistance
receive no other form of tuition assis-        Program (tAP)
tance. The award amount varies in ac-          Students who are New York State residents
cordance with need and academic merit          (for at least the past 12 months) may be
and students must re-apply each year as        eligible for this state grant. Full-time (12
it is not automatically renewed. To qualify,   credits), matriculated graduate students
recipients must maintain a 3.0 or higher       may receive TAP awards ranging from $75

to $550 per academic year. Awards are           Graduate Assistants work with faculty and
based upon student’s and/or spouse’s            staff to perform administrative and re-
NYS Net Taxable Income and satisfactory         search tasks as well as other duties such
academic standing. TAP is a grant and           as monitoring labs, tutoring, and assisting
does not have to be paid back. To apply,        with student activities. Assistantships are
students should file for TAP on the Web         comprised of a partial tuition waiver and
Application at or the Ex-          stipend. The assistantship value and nature
press TAP Application with the NYS Higher       of work involved varies by program. For
Education Services Corporation.                 more detailed information, contact the Di-
                                                rector of the respective graduate program.
                                                Private Scholarships
ASSIStAntSHIPS                                  Websites for private scholarship searches
McCann Fellowship                               are found on the Internet. Many of these
Marist College provides McCann Fellow-          sites offer legitimate free search opportuni-
ship awards for individuals employed by         ties for students seeking additional finan-
public sector and non-for-profit organiza-      cial resources to meet their educational
tions that are interested in pursuing gradu-    costs. We support student use of these
ate studies in Public Administration. Fellow-   services; however, there are a few items
ship awards are available to both new and       you should be aware of when completing
returning students. Applications should be      private scholarship searches:
obtained from and submitted to the School       1. The private scholarship may not replace
of Management.                                      the opportunities a student receives by
                                                    completing the regular financial aid
In order to be eligible, students must be           application process in a timely manner.
employed by a public sector or not-for-
profit agency in the Mid-Hudson region;         2. Outside scholarships may affect other
be a part-time student in the MPA program          types of financial aid, due to various
at Marist College; and not receive full            program requirements and private
tuition assistance from their employer. In         donor specifications. If a private
order to retain the award, McCann Fellows          scholarship is received, contact the
must maintain academic progress toward             Office of Student Financial Services as
their degree and re-file a McCann Fel-             early as possible to help maximize what
lowship application each year. Awards are          is received from all sources.
based on availability of funds.
                                                The Marist College Office of Student Fi-
Graduate Assistantships                         nancial Services web page (www.marist.
Graduate Assistantships are awarded on          edu.sfs) has links to various legitimate
a competitive basis to full-time students.      scholarship search pages.

AddItIonAL SouRCES                              Marist Graduate and
                                                Graduate International Student
oF AId                                          Employment Program
tuition Employer deferment
                                                College student employment is funded
Students eligible for tuition deferment from
                                                through Marist College’s Campus Employ-
their employers may, with the appropriate
                                                ment Program. There are opportunities for
documentation, defer payment until after
                                                employment with various academic and
the conclusion of the semester. Students
                                                administrative offices within the college.
must supply the Office of Student Financial
                                                Students are not allowed to work more
Services with documentation from their
                                                than 20 hours per week during the regular
employers verifying deferment eligibility.
                                                academic term and 40 hours per week
Upon completion of an Employer Tuition
                                                during vacation periods. Visit our website
Deferment Application, students are re-
quired to pay the greater of $300 or the
                                                for additional information regarding
balance of tuition not covered by the em-
                                                student employment.
ployer. Returning students have the option
of full tuition deferment if the employer is
covering the total balance. Any charge not
covered by the employer must be paid by
the student. Applications are required
each semester.

                            things to Remember...

    It is important to keep the following points in mind as you familiarize yourself with
    the financial aid process:
    •	 	t	is	recommended	that	you	file	for	aid	before	you	are	accepted	by	Marist.
    •	 	 ile	the	necessary	forms:	do	not	assume	you	are	ineligible.
    •	 	 ile	the	FAFSA	as	early	as	you	can	(but	not	before	January	1),	even	if	you	must	
        estimate your income (use prior year if similar, or current pay stubs).
    •	 	 end	written	documentation	to	the	Office	of	Student	Financial	Services	if	there
        are unusual financial circumstances.
    •	 	 eet	all	deadlines.

Applying                                for Financial Aid
1. FAFSA:                                         3. Financial Aid Award and Aid Eligibility:
The first step to applying for financial aid is   The Office of Student Financial Services
to fill out the Free Application for Federal      will send an award notification to each
Student Aid (FAFSA), which is available           student based on his/her eligibility and
online at Please                anticipated enrollment. Marist College
remember to use the Marist College school         determines aid eligibility using the Federal
code. To electronically sign the FAFSA, ap-       Needs Analysis System established by the
ply online for a PIN at           Federal Government. The formula that the
                                                  Federal Government uses to determine
  Marist College’s Federal School                 eligibility is:
          Code is 002765

2. Student Aid Report:                             What is "Financial need"?
Within serveral weeks, the student will
receive a Student Aid Report (SAR). The
SAR will give information regarding eligibil-              College Cost
ity for financial aid based on the Expected
                                                     —     Family Contribution (EFC)
Family Contribution and Cost of Atten-
dance. The SAR will also indicate if there           =     Financial Need
is any additional information that needs to
be submitted. If the Department of Educa-
tion selects the student for verification, the
student and spouse, if applicable must            The Cost of Attendance consists of educa-
provide a signed copy of their prior year         tional expenses such as tuition, fees, living
tax returns and all W-2s. A selected student      expenses, books and supplies, transporta-
is also required to complete a Marist Ap-         tion and other related expenses. The Ex-
plication for Financial Aid. The application      pected Family Contribution is the amount
is available online at            that the government determines the student
SFS under forms.                                  can contribute toward their education.
                                                  This amount is determined with a standard
                                                  formula that uses the financial information
                                                  supplied by the student, and is provided on
                                                  the SAR.

Payment/Loan                                               options
Federal Stafford Loan                            $65,500 of this amount may be in sub-
Federal Stafford Loans (subsidized and           sidized loans. The graduate debt limit
unsubsidized) are low-interest, long-            includes Stafford loans received for under-
term loans available for graduate stu-           graduate study.
dents. Both subsidized and unsubsidized
Federal Stafford loans have the same             Fifth-Year undergraduate Loan
terms and conditions, with one exception:        Program – For Prerequisite under-
Unsubsidized loan borrowers are respon-          graduate Classes
sible for interest that accrues during all in-   A student may apply for a Stafford Loan
school, grace, and deferment periods; for        for up to 12 months of course work taken
subsidized loans, the federal government         in a single consecutive 12-month period
pays the interest on behalf of the borrower.     if the school has documented that the
Additional terms, subject to revision by         course work is necessary in order for stu-
federal law, include:                            dents to enroll in a graduate or profes-
•	Interest	Rate:	Interest	rates	on	new	          sional program. This category of students
   student loans will be set at a fixed rate     may borrow at the fifth-year undergradu-
   of 6.8% for subsidized and unsubsidized.      ate loan level, and the loan limit is not
•	Processing	Fee:	A	1%	origination	fee	          prorated if the program is less than an
   may be deducted from the loan.                academic year.
•	Guarantee	Fee:	A	guarantee	fee	of	up	
   to 1% may be deducted from each loan          Federal GradPLuS Loan
   disbursement, and is paid to the loan         Graduate students who qualify for federal
   guaranty agency.                              financial aid and are creditworthy borrow-
•	For	new	borrowers,	repayment	begins	six	       ers will be eligible to borrow through the
   months after the student graduates or         PLUS loan program. Students are required
   drops below half-time (6 credits)             to complete the FAFSA application. The
   enrollment. The standard repayment            maximum amount a student may bor-
   term is 10 years, although one can get        row on a GradPLUS loan each academic
   access to alternate repayment terms           year is the cost of attendance minus other
   (extended, graduated and income               financial aid received. In addition, stu-
   contingent repayment) by consolidating        dents must have exhausted their annual
   the loans.                                    Stafford Loan eligibility.

The annual Stafford loan limit for gradu-        Up to a 4% origination fee may be
ate students is $20,500. No more than            deducted from loan proceeds prior
$8,500 of this amount may be in subsi-           to disbursement.
dized loans. Annual loans are further lim-
ited by the student’s Cost of Attendance.
The Lifetime loan limit for graduate
students is $138,500. No more than

Master Promissory note (MPn) and             tuItIon PAYSM MontHLY
Entrance Counseling
A first time borrower at Marist College
                                             PAYMEnt PLAn
                                             The Tuition Pay Plan, administered by Sallie
who is interested in applying for federal
                                             Mae, is a convenient alternative to lump-sum
student loans must complete the Stafford
                                             semester payments.
Master Promissory Note (MPN) and
entrance counseling. These documents
                                             •	10	monthly	payments
may be completed online at www.marist.
                                             •	No	interest	charges
edu/sfs. Students who are interested in
                                             •	Low	cost—only	a	$55	application	fee
applying for the Graduate PLUS Loan must
                                             •	No	credit	review
also complete the Graduate PLUS MPN
                                             •	Payment	by	direct	debit,	check	or	
and entrance counseling.
                                               credit card
Please Note: You have the option of
                                             Easy to apply and renew
choosing your own lender. This decision
                                             Both the first-time application and annual
requires you to obtain a loan applica-
                                             renewal are fast, simple and can be easily
tion with the lender’s mailing address for
                                             completed online at
approval and/or guarantee. Refer to the
lender/servicer selected regarding
their benefits.
                                             Any student at Marist College is eligible for
                                             the Tuition Pay Monthly Payment Plan. Upon
Please mail the completed application to
                                             receipt of your application and fee, Sallie
our office at:
                                             Mae will establish your account and notify
Marist College
                                             Marist College of your participation in
Student Financial Services
                                             the plan.
3399 north Rd
Poughkeepsie nY 12601

Students may apply at
sfs/loan to complete the loan process
online and electronically sign the Master
Promissory Note (MPN).

                                 Payment/Loan Summary

 Program        Annual          Aggregate     Fee         In-School     Repayment Grace         Repayment
                Limits          Limit                     Interest      Interest  Period        Period

 Tuition Pay  Full cost of                    $55         0             0            None       10 months
 Monthly      tuition minus                   (Annual)
 Payment Plan student aid

 Subsidized     8,500           $65,500       Up to 2%    0             Fixed rate   6 months   10 years
 Stafford                       (includes     (may be                   6.8%
                                undergradu-   waived)
                                ate loans)

 Unsubsidized   12,000          $138,500       Up to 2%   Fixed rate    Fixed rate   6 months   10 years
 Stafford                       (includes sub- (may be    6.8%          6.8%
                                sidized and    waived)
                                ate loans)

 Graduate       Full cost of                  Up to 4%    Fixed rate    Fixed rate   None       10 years
 PLUS Loan      tuition minus                             8.5%          8.5%
                student aid

         Federal Stafford Loan Suggested Lender List

 Citibank                Citizens              Edamerica               Sallie Mae Education trust


 Please Note: you have the option of selecting your own lender. This decision
 requires you to obtain a loan application with the lender’s mailing address for
 approval and/or guarantee. A Master Promissory Note is also available online.
 Refer to the lender/servicer selected regarding their benefits.

 Please mail the completed application to our office at:
 Marist College
 the office of Student Financial Services
 3399 north Rd
 Poughkeepsie nY 12601

 If you have any questions in selecting your own lender, or with the Stafford Loan
 process, please contact our office or send an email to:

                                 did You Know?

   A key measure of student success, the student loan default rate, is significantly low-
   er for Marist College than the rate for peer institutions. The 2005 cohort-default
   rate, the most recent available, was 0.4% for Marist College, compared with an
   average rate of 2.3% for all private, four-year colleges and universities nationally.

Alternative Loan Programs                      Learning Credit provides a credit of up to
Students seeking to defer the cost of fi-      $1000 per year per student beyond the
nancing their education may choose to          first two years of college attendance. There
pursue student loans. In addition to the       are income limits and limits based on the
Federal Loan programs, there are a num-        actual amount of tuition and fees paid to
ber of alternative loan programs available     the college. Detailed information is avail-
for part-time or full-time students. These     able from the IRS website:
programs are sponsored by private lend-, or from your tax professional.
ing organizations. Loan terms and interest
rates may vary. Students should research       Students who have loans in repayment
the program that best suits their need. For    may be able to deduct their student loan
additional information, please refer to        interest from their income as well. Income Click on the         limitations apply, so students should con-
Alternative Loans link.                        tact the IRS or their tax preparer to see if
                                               they qualify.
PAYMEnt BE?                                    Student debt Management
Did you know that $20,000 in loans can         If you have any concerns, we advise you
be paid off in monthly installments as low     to speak with a financial aid counselor
as $225? To see a loan payment schedule        regarding debt management. If you have
and get an idea of monthly costs, go to        incurred significant debt, please speak with                us before you consider additional borrow-
                                               ing. Loans may be your only choice, but
tax Incentives for Education                   you should clearly understand the total
Students should be aware that there are        aggregate loan limitations and repayment
federal education tax credits available. The   schedules. Call the Office of Student Fi-
Hope Tax Credit provides credits of up to      nancial Services 845.575.3230 to speak
$1500 per year per student for the first two   with a Financial Aid Counselor.
years of college attendance; the Lifetime

The Office of Student Financial Services is
the department responsible for administer-
ing all transactions related to a student’s fi-
nancial account at Marist College. Student
Financial Services issues billing statements,
processes payments, credits, refunds and
charges that students may incur during their
enrollment at Marist.

Marist College provides electronic billing
and payment services. Students may enroll
in eBill at Marist
College accepts payment via ACH (direct
debit) from your checking or savings ac-
count. We also accept American Express,
Discover, and Master Card however a 2%
convenience fee is assessed. The fall se-
mester billing statement is available in mid-
July and payment is due early August; the
spring semester billing statement is avail-
able in December and payment is due early
January. These statements list basic semes-
ter charges for tuition and fees. Additional
statements are issued for miscellaneous
charges during the semester. Currently, in
addition to the eBill, statements are mailed
to the student’s permanent
home address.

Student Financial Services staff members
are available to discuss aid opportunities,
payment options and financing plans. If
you have any questions or would like to
come in for an individual meeting,
just call 845.575.3230 or
800.436.5483 to schedule an appoint-
ment. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00
p.m. Monday through Friday.


Marist College
Student Financial Services
3399 North Rd
Poughkeepsie NY 12601


Web site:

                                      Marist College                              Non-Profit Org.
                                      The Office of Student Financial Services     U.S. Postage
                                      3399 North Road                                 PAID
                                      Poughkeepsie, NY 12601                       Permit No. 34
                                                                                 Poughkeepsie, NY

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