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									                                                  LET'S GO CAMPING CHECKLIST
DONE   BEFORE YOU GO                                                  NOTES

       Reserve your campsite                                          Never Assume they have Room!
DONE   SHELTER-BEDDING-SEATING                                        NOTES

       Tent                                                           Silly! Of coarse you need a tent

       Sleeping Bags                                                  Make sure you have one for everyone
       Air Mattress                                                   Don't Forget the INFLATOR

       Ground Sheet/Tarp
       Pillows and Blankets

       Lanters-More then one is always a good decision                Battery operated are safer then gas ones
       Folding Chairs

DONE   CLOTHES AND STUFF                                              NOTES

       Hat                                                            Helps protect your face from the sun

       Rain Pancho                                                    Very Fashionable :)
       Sandels or Flip Flops                                          Awesome to use @ the showers

       Sneakers or Running Shoes                                      For your outdoor activities (hiking,biking etc)

DONE   Personal and Health                                            NOTES

          Toothbrush and Toothpaste                                   Bad Breathe is not a good thing

          Mini Mirror                                                 Check out how you look
          Hair Comb or Brush

          Sunscreen                                                   Sooooo Important
          Insect Repellant                                            You'll regret it, if you forget it!
          tweezers                                                    Great for pulling out splinters or glass

          Toilet Paper                                                Are there any bathrooms nearby?
          Lip Balm                                                    Check to make sure it has U.V. Protection
          Deoderant                                                   BO is a big NO

          Lotion                                                      Good for after the sun and keeps skin hydrated

DONE   MAINTANANCE AND MISCELANEOUS                                   NOTES

       Lighters                                                       Wetfire-from ultimate survivol technologies
       Flashlights                                                    To see the bears at night
       Cell phone charger
       camera                                                         savor the memories
       Power Inverter
       Mini Tool Kit

       Battery or Solar operated radio                                Great for weather forcast and conditions
       Power Cord                                                     Trust me you'll need it for something
DONE   FIRST AID AND EMERGENCY                                 NOTES

       First Aid Kit                                           I can list everything but just buy the kit!

       Anti-Bacterial                                          Kills Germs!
       Heating and Ice Packs
       Jumper Cables                                           For a dead battery in your car or RV

       Medications                                             Allergy meds, Asthma meds,etc

DONE   LET'S CLEAN UP                                          NOTES

       Broom and dust pan                                      Sweep away unwanted sand in your tent
       Bucket, Soap and Sponge                                 For washing stuff

       Paper Towels                                            Bounty has cute travel size ones
       Towels                                                  Definetly need for your showers

DONE   WHAT'S COOKIN' BIN                                      NOTES

       Cutting board and a sharp knive
       Paper plates, cups,glasses                              Bring a mug or your own bottle- Be Green

       Can Opener
       Silverware - forks, knives and spoons
       Cooking Utencils- tongs, large serving spoon, spatula
       Frying Pan                                              LGC TV prefers cast iron
       Cooking Oil
       Something to cook on-stove, grill or BBQ                Don't forget the Charcoal!!

       Oh yeah! THE FOOD!                                      Go to the grocery store and bring what you like!
       Smore Ingrediants is a must!                            marshmellows, chocolate and gram crackers

       Water, Drinks, Joice, Coffee or Teat                    Bring Plenty of WATER!! Gatorade is good too!
       Sandwhiches                                             Get lunch meat from the deli
       Condiments                                              Mustard, Mayo, Ketchup, Salt and Pepper

       Cheese, Burgers and Hot Dogs                            Hot dog buns and hamburger buns too!
       Lettace, Tomato and onions
       Cereal                                                  Easy for a breakfast meal every morning

       Peanut Butter, Jelly and Bread                          Quick and Easy!

DONE   NOW DON'T FORGET                                        NOTES

       Your Drivers License
       Wallet and Money                                        Leave the hundred dollar bills at home please

       Maps, Compass or GPS                                    GPS- you can go geocashing with too!
       Registration and insurance                              For your Car and/or RV!

       Medical insurance                                       It's good to have and be safe

DONE   X-TRA FUN STUFF TO BRING ALONG                          NOTES


       Binoculars                                              Bird Watching is Fun!

       Guitar                                                  Only if your good
       Campfire Stories                                        When your sitting around the fire pit!
       Bicycles and Skateboards
       Boogy Boards, floats and noodles
       Lots of Friends!!!

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