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									                                                                                        Mair Downing
                                                                                        10311 Avenham Way
                                                                                        Richmond, VA 23238
                                                                        EM: mair.downing@haydenquinn.com
                                                          LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mairdowning

Copywriting samples
Video: In the segments below, I served as writer, creative director, and in one case (Squirrels) voice
talent. The objective was to create series of short, pre-roll videos that ran before any video launched on
TimesDispatch.com. It needed to be captivating & memorable. The emphasis was on digital elements –
SMS messaging, online databases & mobile. We also did a series emphasizing mobile awareness, of
which I’ve shown one below. All were distributed on-site and the branded YouTube channel.

SMS Pre-roll: The goal was to tease text messages but have it memorable with the humorous ending.

SMS Pre-roll featuring the Flying Squirrels: Concept again was “breaking coverage” but taking a
different tack. In this one, the Flying Squirrels were approached to be involved and they loved it.

Mobile awareness: The concept – to let users know that regardless of where you were, you could access
news and information from your mobile. We chose the river because that is such a pinnacle feature of
Richmond. We wanted the visual to be the message, so we left the text to a minimum.

Restaurant inspection database: The concept of a database is not sexy, so the objective was to “spice”
up the concept. This campaign was extremely successful. For kitchen resources, we used UR.

Radio: I wrote a series of radio spots for the 2007 campaign in Charlottesville. The objective was to
promote our digital features, namely online classifieds. The mission was two-fold: To heighten
awareness and to give a call-to-action. Below is an example of the radio copy.

Banner Ads: When Media General launched the portal brand inRich.com, we ran a holiday campaign
that stretched into the New Year that emphasized brand awareness and call-to-action. These ran on
digital billboards in Richmond and the Southside. In the campaigns below, I wrote the copy and served
as creative director for the presentation.

Pets: http://haydenquinn.com/work/samples/inRich%20billboard%20-%20Pets.jpg
Weather: http://haydenquinn.com/work/samples/inRich%20billboard%20-%20Weather.jpg
Jobs: The New Year is the best time to emphasize jobs. Our goal was to capitalize on the mindset.
Advertising campaigns: In 2006, our company launched a website, VirginiaBrides.com, which was an
online enhanced directory of wedding businesses tailored to brides planning weddings. In January, the
focus was to get the message to potential clients to advertise their services. Below are two ads targeted
to advertisers, and below that is the print campaign for user awareness (in this case, the brides). In each,
I wrote the copy and served as creative director.
Advertisers (digital): http://haydenquinn.com/work/samples/120X300-virginiabrides-adve.jpg
Advertisers (print): http://haydenquinn.com/work/samples/12x16-poster-vabrides-eyes.pdf
Brides (print): http://haydenquinn.com/work/samples/21x13-poster-vabrides-ring.pdf

Racing Champions: In 2003 – 2004, I had the privilege to work as a freelance writer for Racing
Champions, a company that makes NASCAR trading cards. My job was to provide targeted trading card
copy that was featured on the back of every card as limited-edition collectibles. The text must be
succinct and short, no more than 2 or 3 sentences. My work always accepted as submitted and never
needed revision.
2004 drivers: http://haydenquinn.com/work/samples/Racing_champions_2DriversCopy-Mair.doc

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