Chapter 4 Application Software-- programs that let you work and play

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					                                                Chapter 4

                      Application Software: Programs That Let You Work and Play

Word Bank

       application software               integrated software                   system requirements
       beta version                       productivity software                 system software
       freeware                           shareware                             templates
       illustration software              software piracy                       Web-based applications
       Image editing software             software suite                        Wizards
       Integrated help                    spreadsheet                           Word processing

Instructions: Fill in the blanks using the words from the Word Bank above. Then repeat your answers

Roxanne is so pumped! Her aunt is upgrading to a newer computer and is giving Roxanne her old one.
Roxanne has just enrolled in college and knows she’s going to need at least (1) a(n)__________________
program to help her write papers and (2) a(n)____________________ program to help her keep track of
expenses while she is at school. Because both of these applications are part of a larger group of
applications called (3)____________________, she knows she can buy them as a group. She’s been told
that it’s cheaper to buy them as (4) a(n)____________________ than to buy them individually. Because
she knows she’ll need the stable, tested versions of the software, she cannot get by using (5) a(n) _______
of the program. Roxanne is also aware of many interesting (6)___________________ that are available
from the Internet and that she can access anywhere she has an Internet connection.

As a graduation present, Roxanne received a new digital camera. She needs to install the (7)__________
that came with her camera to edit and manage her digital pictures. Although she’s used the software a
couple of times on her parents’ computer, she is still gad for the (8)___________________ feature to
assist her with specific feature-related questions and the (9)__________________ that provide systematic
guides to help her do things.

Roxanne especially likes the decorative preformatted (10)___________________ she can use to insert
pictures and make them seem professional. She also knows of some (11)___________________ games
she can download without cost from the Internet and other (12)___________________ programs that she
could try but eventually pay for. She found some really useful utility programs under the category of
(13)____________________ programs, which she can download for no charge and would like to install
and try out. It’s tempting for her to borrow software from her friends, but she knows that it’s considered
(14)___________________. She also knows that before installing any of the programs she must check
with the (15)____________________ to determine if the software is compatible with her system as well
as whether the system has enough resources to support the software.

1._______________       5._______________        9._______________        13. _______________

2. _______________      6. _______________       10. _______________ 14. _______________

3. _______________      7. _______________       11. _______________ 15. _______________

4. _______________      8._______________        12._______________

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