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Do You Really Want Your Ex Back

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If you have ended a relationship recently, it probably still hasnt really sunk in yet, and you still
might be feeling a little numb right now. The best thing to do at this point is to take advantage of
this feeling and just keep moving before any heavy emotions start to set in and cause you to shut
down for a while. The following list of things you need will help you to get through this rough
period, get out some of that pent up aggression, and move on with your life as fast as possible.
You dont need to spend a lot of money but, if youre hurting and you have the extra cash, all of the
items listed are a great idea.

A Large BOX.

Find yourself a nice strong box, and some tape of course, and go around your house or apartment
collecting any items that belong to your ex. Dont throw anything away (at least not right now),
because that would just be mean. Take any pictures, coffee mugs, letters, his baseball glove, and
her extra hairbrush, everything that they either gave you or left behind. This includes his old
sweatshirt that you like to wear around the house, or the panties that she left after that first big
night. Yeah, it might hurt a bit and might even get you all choked up while youre doing it, but
afterwards you will thank yourself. Give the box to a trusted friend who can then deliver it to your
ex for you and maybe collect the box that the now ex, has got together, containing your stuff. If
you dont want to get rid of it, you can ask them to hold onto it for 60 days while your head clears
and you figure things out. A garbage bag also works for this if you cant find a box.

A book of matches, lighter fluid and a fire extinguisher. If your break-up was ugly for whatever
reason, and you have a nice backyard where you can have a fire (legally, of course) a book of
matches and some lighter fluid can help you to burn all of your exs belongings and roast some
marshmallows while youre at it. Invite some friends over to help, and keep a fire extinguisher on
hand just in case all that garbage starts to burn out of control.

A Camera.

Use the camera to take some great pictures of you and your friends burning up all of that sickly-
sweet crap. A Polaroid camera is best so that, as the fires starts to go down, you can throw the
pictures you just took into it and burn them too. (You really dont want to be reminded of your ex in
any way, shape or form.)

Bubble-bath soap and scented candles.

If youre a woman, you'll want these for after the fire so you can take a nice, relaxing bath and get
rid of that stinky fire smell. If youre a guy, get whatever soap and deodorant that she used to hate
and wash with that, knowing that she would hate it and loving that fact.

New Music.
Now is a great time to invest in some new music. Whatever genre you like, whatever style,
anything new will help you to get over your ex more quickly. The last thing you need to do is sit
around listening to that CD mix that she made you or jog around town with those tunes he bought
you on iTunes blaring into your ears. Did you guys listen to country together? Best to switch to
rock for a while. Whatever you do, dont keep playing your song over and over, unless you really
want to go mental.

A good Book or two.

Nothing can take your mind off an ex better than diving into a good book. Whatever the subject,
be it mystery, science fiction, or even a trade journal, if youre reading a great book youll be
spending less time thinking about old whats-their-name. If you dont like books, then get a new
video game, a few new magazines, or buy that TV show collection on DVD that youve always
wanted. Anything to keep your mind occupied with thoughts other than those of your ex.

If youre a health nut, a new punching bag and gloves will help you get in shape and get out some
of that pent up aggression. Not your style? How about some new running shoes, a gym
membership, or a new tennis racket? Any type of sports equipment will do, just as long as you
use it and use it hard.

A new Ice Cream Scoop is a great idea for a little bit of wallowing in self-pity. Just dont use it too
often or wallow too much because self-pity isnt good for the soul. This should be bought at the
same time as you buy some of your favorite ice-cream of course and, at least for right now, it
doesnt have to be the low fat yucky kind that you hate.

For the ladies a gift certificate to the salon is a great idea. Not only will you get out and talk to
other gals but youll get a nice new 'do' and get those nails done and feel good about yourself.

For the guys, a couple of tickets (for you and your best bud) to a concert, monster truck rally, or
anything manly that you can do with a bunch of guys is the best. The more she hated it, the

Of course if you still love them and want them back again, reading this book will help you achieve
just that.

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Do You Really Want Your Ex Back

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